Tunia of the Pleiades: Waves of Light

My dearest brothers and sisters,

This is Tunia speaking. I love you so very much, that it is hard for me to express that in words.

I think you’re incredibly brave for volunteering to come to earth, and incredibly strong that you have managed to keep a good heart, even in times when others have not given you much love. You have all my respect for being a light in the darkness.

From our point of view, receiving love is a soft human need, similar to having your own place to sleep, or feeling safe. Yes, you can survive without these things, but it is hard to thrive without them.

Therefore from a certain perspective, it is logical that many people on Earth are not living their best lives. They do not have their needs met, such as receiving love, and hence they have a hard time living their best life.

Therefore if you give someone else love, you can help them to meet their needs, and that in turn may allow someone else to live their best life.

It is often not very productive to tell people how they should live their lives or what they should think, but giving someone love is very productive, because that may allow them to start their own best lives themselves. Giving someone love is a very good way to empower them.

Giving someone else love may sound dramatic, but this can be done in very small and easy ways. Asking someone how their day was, and then genuinely listening, is a form of love. Giving someone an honest compliment is a form of love. Helping someone in a practical way can be a form of love.

Furthermore, it is not only that if you give someone love, that you help them. Very often if you give someone love, you actually start what I like to call a wave of light. Basically, if you help someone, such as by giving them love, then likely they will be motivated as well as be able to help other people. And those people may then also be more willing and able to help one or more other people. In this way, helping one person creates a wave of light, which helps way more than one person.

Finally, from our point of view, giving someone love is actually a very brave act, because on your world it is often considered to be a weird thing to do. Even though most people crave love. So if you are one of the brave ones who is willing to swim against the tide and give people compliments even in a culture where that is not common, then you are doing a great service to Source indeed.

Plus while giving someone love may be a small thing for you, it can dramatically impact someone else. Some people receive compliments so rarely that when they do, they remember it for years afterwards and can draw strength from that for years afterwards. And if you talk to a lonely old person for five minutes, then you might be able to brighten their whole week.

You don’t need to do anything crazy or commit to huge projects. Even just a small act of love can create a wave of light.

And many of you probably have created many, many waves of light in your life already. Isn’t that a nice thought?

With that thought, I will leave you today. I love you so very much.


For Era of Light

**Channel: A.S.


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4 Replies to “Tunia of the Pleiades: Waves of Light”

  1. William

    Tunia,I love you.Your messages have been so timely and so very well composed in english.I particularly found your comments on sex very helpful and freeing.As I am sure you realize that generally on this planet we are very ignorant on this subject which is a beautiful gift from God.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  2. Raksha

    I would add that giving love also help the one giving love. Because being loving feels good.