Great Quantum Transition: Operations In Jordan Part 1

The Lightwarriors ground team’s operations in Jordan were focused on solving the Earth’s cosmo-energy problems, inherited from the past. These days, they still pose serious obstacles for the Transition to 4D/5D.

Additionally, on the instructions of Co-Creators, Lightwarriors conducted a number of local ops. One of them was the revival of the Jordan’s national egregore.

This task was carried out in Amman, that became a warm-up for more difficult and large-scale ops in different parts of Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.

Lightwarriors spent a lot of time to establish the exact localization of the egregore. It turned out that there were several of them, since it was constantly migrating, as if hiding from something. Later, this was fully confirmed.

Despite the movements of the egregore, Lightwarriors managed to get a good look at it with clairvoyance and study it in detail. Its Subtle structure turned out to be in terrible condition. It resembled an apple eaten from the inside by worms, or a piece of meat torn by piranhas, or iron affected by rust. It became clear that there are problems here, and big ones.

The group have been dealing with national egregores for a long time. This is a very difficult but interesting topic. The study of these Subtle Intelligence info-energy forms provides the key to understanding their impact on the lives of people and countries, politics and economics, natural and man-made disasters, the stability of the currencies and much more.

Jordan’s egregore was seriously ill, and near death. It had almost no Life Energy in self. The reasons lay in the history, geopolitics and interstate relations of the explosive Middle East.

Higher Light Hierarchy tasked the ground team to help restore the egregore. The group chose the Amman Citadel, located on one of the seven oldest hills of the city, as the site of the operation. The backup spot was Al-Hashimiya Square, located nearby.

At the top of the hill there is a fragment of the ancient colonnade of the Temple of Hercules, reminiscent of the Sky Gate. From the 13-meter statue of the Greek hero, only a part of the white marble five, installed at the entrance to the museum, survived.

Previously, the Amman Citadel was a Power Place, a Portal of direct projection of one of the fundamental cosmic energies. Later, it became the main localization of the Jordan egregore.

After the attack on it by another national egregore, who lacked the Life Energy, Co-Creators closed the Portal. This prevented further aggression and attempts to seize from the Jordan egregore a lot of things that others dreamed of having. For example, a part of the Crystal (Logos) of Eden as described below.

According to the Light Hierarchs’ plan, the egregore of Jordan was not only be restored, but transformed into a national Logos. This is a fundamentally different, higher-level collective Intelligence of the country and people.

The Radiant substance of the national Logos is the same as in human Monads, in the cores of which its synthesis, self-luminescence, occurs. The Causal Body core should be the same: not only transmitting Perfect Light, but capable of generating it.

Dipole Monads of the two team’s leaders have all these qualities. Therefore, Co-Creators chose them to cultivate the substance of the future Jordan’s national Logos.

It was a very complicated process. First, Co-Creators implanted into the Lightwarriors’ Causal Bodies the matrices (grains) of Logos. Then, they were brought to maturity by irradiation with Perfect Light from the nuclei of both Monads. A sort of the Solar greenhouse.

Ascended Masters, Higher Light Hierarchs and representatives of the Evolutionary Committee of the Local Universe carefully controlled the entire process. When the formation of the Logos embryo was completed, Lightwarriors went to the Amman Citadel to terminate the operation.

Unexpectedly, the changes had to be made in it, because at the last minute the Pleiadians wanted to assist the op and support the new Logos, especially because one of them was incarnated the ground team’s member. With the consent of the Evolutionary Committee, they linked up to the Matrix of the new Logos and connected it to the Pleiadian’s Logos.

Then, Lightwarriors extracted two halves of the Logos embryo from their Causal Bodies, consisting of primary Masculine and Feminine Foundations, and combined them into a single whole. After that, it was activated by a joint impulse from the hearts of the team leaders and two Crystals – of Earth and the Higher Light Hierarchy.

In conclusion, Co-Creators, using the Radiant Bodies of Lightwarriors, successfully replaced the old Logos with a national one. Such an operation was carried out on Earth for the first time.

Thus, on a Subtle Plane, the viability of an entire people and its State was restored, and began to receive part of the Life Energy from space. But for its full impact, the recipients themselves must emit high vibrations, and this takes time.

The site of the next operation was Mount Nebo (Nevo) to the east of the northern tip of the Dead Sea, 7 km from the city of Madaba.

On the top of the mountain there is a Moses Staff (Snake Cross), believed to be a copy of his walking stick, described in the Bible.

Here is its brief background.

Once, during the rebellion of the Israelites against God, He sent a curse on them: thousands of snakes have spread all over the area, stinging everyone indiscriminately.

They did not spare anyone, neither babies, nor old men, nor women. Only after the Israelites realized their sin, God showed them the way to salvation.

A copper serpent was made, which entangled the Staff of Moses. Immediately, the invasion of reptiles stopped, and anyone stung was enough to look at the Staff to heal.

Its modern replica is installed on Mount Nebo, from where the Israeli people first saw the hills and valleys of the Promised Land.

Such is the legend.

And what does Moses Staff represent on a Subtle Plane? It’s an energy-informational Matrix containing some cosmic energy; and, in addition, is a heart aspect of the one who gave this Staff. It was Absolute.

After the death of Moses and his burial in the Mount Nebo area (the exact place is unknown), the Heart Canal of the Absolute was projected onto the top.

The Moses Staff is not just an allegory or a Healing Rod, but a spectral particle, a fragment of DNA introduced on a Subtle Plane into the wave genome of Moses, so that even after his death, through him, the presence of the Absolute on Earth, especially in this part of the planet.

On Mount Nebo, the Higher Hierarchs instructed the ground team to reboot the Matrix and the Heart Channel of the Absolute. Lightwarriors successfully did this job, thanks to a lot of preliminary preparation for several months. Even regardless of the strongest piercing wind which literally knocked them off their feet on the hill.

During the operation, Lightwarriors anchored a Ray from the Absolute’s Heart in the newly created Causal Matrix of this place. Its localization point coincides with the Staff of Moses. Now, even a short stay on Mount Nebo saturates visitors with incredible vibrations of Love descending along the Ray.

The next op was carried out in the legendary Petra, the wonder of the world, the capital of the ancient Nabataean Kingdom. Despite the many mysteries, it is well described by historians. Co-Creators unlocked some of the secrets to the group when it arrived at the place.

Nabataeans is a space ethnos whose landing party has arrived on our planet to fulfill a specific Higher Mission.

The events developed at the junction of the Old and New Eras, coinciding with the Earthly mission of Christ. At the same time, the main part of the Nabataeans Mission was carried out.

Preparation for it (more precisely, the active phase) began from 30 to 9 BC. During this period, Nabatea flourished, there was a massive construction of temples and the flourishing of culture.

The culmination of their Mission came during the reign of King Aretas IV of Nabatea from 9th BC to 40 AD. One of the key events of this period was the story of his daughter Phasaelis. In Petra, she was the Guardian of the Temple of Dushares (Dushara), the supreme male deity in the Nabataean Kingdom’s pantheon.

She married the ruler of Galilee and Perea Herod Antipas, who was her dipole. Later, he rejected her by marrying Herodias, his brother’s wife. Phasaelis was forced to return to her father in Nabatea.

The offended King Aretas gathered an army and went against Herod, although Phasaelis tried in every way to dissuade him, because she loved her ex-husband. He was saved only by appeals to the Emperor Tiberius, who ordered the governor of Syria to provide Herod with military assistance.

This seemingly insignificant story played a key role in the failure of the Nabataeans’ Mission and marked the beginning of the collapse of their civilization. Why?

Herod and Phasaelis were not only a dipole, but also the main performers of the Higher Mission. But they failed. It was a carefully planned diversion of the powerful Dark Hierarchy at that time, whose insidious plan was brilliantly executed by Herodias, what is well described in the New Testament.

Herod Antipas was to become the second Guardian of the Temple of Dushares. It served not only as the Altar of Nabatea, but also as the Abode of Absolute’s Primary Manifested Masculine Foundation.

The Pleroma patronized the Nabataeans because all further events in our Local Universe depended on the success of their Mission.

Initially, earthlings were born as Divine creations. They inhabited Eden, which was the ideal manifestation of the planetary Logos, the Image and Likeness of the Absolute on Earth. The Eden was a micro-copy of a Pleroma’s Crystal, a Perfect Reality.

After the betrayal of the fallen Co-Creator, the split of the Pleroma’s Core, and the creation of a three-dimensional enclave of the Universe – Gray eons, the Crystal of Eden was broken into many small fragments.

This brought the planet to the brink of death, like a man whose heart has split. It didn’t happen only because the Higher Light Hierarchy urgently sent their Sons and Daughters here. They created the Shambhala Crystal, which works in unison with the Earth’s Crystal, being the second heart of our planet.

Some of the Crystal of Eden’s fragments, like buckshot or multiple splinters, remained in the Earth’s core. Others scattered on the territory of the modern Arabian Peninsula, where Eden was then located.

The third part was hidden in some Higher Light Hierarchs, who specially incarnated on 3D Earth in order to collect all the fragments of the Eden’s Crystal into their Radiant and Causal Bodies, and then evacuate to the Pleroma.

The latter could not be completely redintegrated without restoring its integrity. And for this, it was necessary to assemble the Crystal of Eden on Earth, because our planet was the only one in the Universe carrying the Pleroma’s copy.

The Mission of the Nabataeans, as a collective Intelligence, was to find the fragments and assemble them into a single original Crystal, as far as possible, because the Darks dominated the planet at that time.

To fulfill this mission Nabataeans incarnated on Earth. Wandering around the territory of the former Eden, they collected small fragments of Crystal, placed them in their wave DNA and then put into assembly sites, which were located on the Altars in the Temple of Dushares and the Temple of the Winged Lions in Petra.

Matrices (kind of molds) were placed on the Altars, where the Crystal of Eden’s fragments, collected on a Subtle Plane, were unloaded. These molds consisted of the higher Causal-Monadic aspects of Dushares and Al-Uzza, Goddess of Might, Protection, and Love (Feminine Foundations of Universe) in the Temple of the Winged Lions.

Phasaelis supervised the entire process, and her father, King Aretas IV, carried out preparatory work. A large necropolis was also built in Petra, with a giant statue of Dushares.

The ashes of the deceased Nabataeans were brought to this necropolis from everywhere. Their wave DNA, even after the death of the physical body, was a single whole, which also served as a backup copy of the restored Eden’s Crystal. The necropolis also served as a Portal for their incarnation.

Phasaelis, being the Supreme Priestess of Petra and the Bearer of the Sacred Feminine Foundation, left without the support of the Masculine Foundation, continued to heroically fulfill her Mission. It is to her that the Pleroma owes that the rebirth of the Eden’s Crystal didn’t completely fail.

In many aspects, this story is similar to an earlier attempt by Alexander the Great. His Earthly Mission was also to restore the Crystal of Eden and, on its basis, to offer this world a new model of coexistence, an ideal society (for more information about him, see DNI, Operation In Bulgaria, Part 2, 5 August 2022; and Undisclosed Bucegi, 13 August 2022).

As the incarnated Light Hierarch, Alexander knew where the Crystal fragments were. During his military campaigns, he found them and stored in his Causal DNA. But, unlike the Nabataeans, he did not unload them anywhere; the assembly of the fragments was carried out in himself.

Unfortunately, Alexander the Great was also unable to complete his Mission to the end, as he couldn’t decide on his dipole. And without it (in fact, the Feminine Foundations of the Universe), his efforts were doomed.

Not realizing it, Alexander stubbornly walked towards his goal. He collected a lot of fragments, scattered throughout the modern Mediterranean, Greece, Turkey, Arabia and the Middle East. Including those, which were found by Higher Light Hierarchs, embodied for this purpose on Earth.

Alexander wanted to restore the former Eden on Earth, and introduce the Matrix of its Crystal into the planet’s core. And then, to give an impetus to a new, perfect human evolution. It was a grandiose plan that remained unfulfilled.

After the sudden death of Alexander, the restoration of the Crystal stopped, and he remained the only carrier of fragments, collected during his Earthly life. But after leaving Earth, he couldn’t do anything with them. He could not incarnate again by Karmic Condition, because did not fulfill his commitment and not completed the work he had begun.

His short-term incarnation was supposed to be when the Nabataeans collected their part of the Eden’s Crystal. Then, both parts would be combined into a single whole, and the missing fragments were to be delivered from the Pleroma.

Unfortunately, due to the Dark Forces’ intervention, the Nabataeans were also unable to fulfill their task. Breaking the taboos, they let human vices into their hearts, that quickly began to destroy them. And to assemble the Eden’s Crystal, perfect karmic and field purity was required.

After Aretas IV and Phasaelis, the Nabataean Kingdom quickly faded away. For some unknown reason, after leaving Earth, they did not take the collected part of the Crystal, apparently being sure that their work would be continued. This part of the shrine was located in Petra until the arrival of the Lightwarriors’ ground team there.

According to the decision of the Local Universe’s Evolutionary Committee, Higher Light Hierarchs were tasked to complete the assembly of the Eden’s Crystal, reboot it in the Pleroma, and return to the planet after its Transition to 5D.

In their turn, Hierarchs entrusted this work to Lightwarriors. They had to assemble the fragments, found by Alexander the Great and the Nabataeans, as well as not collected pieces, scattered on a Subtle Plane over different territories.

The group carried out this operation in the Temple of Dushares, at the Altar, where a part of the Crystal, prepared by Phasaelis, was placed. She gave Lightwarriors access to it. With the help of the Higher Hierarchs, the members of the ground team put the fragments into their Radiant and Causal Bodies, and then, did the same with those parts that Alexander the Great could and could not collect. After that, they fully assembled in selves the Eden’s Crystal and delivered it to the Pleroma.

To complete the next task, the group went to the Al-Khazneh Temple, located nearby, which embodies the Egyptian, Roman, Greek and Nabataean cultures.

On the Subtle Plane, through it, worked a steady chronal flow, which is a part of the general planetary structure of the Time energy circulation. Moreover, the center of the Temple is precisely focused on the chronal flux source of the Universe. By this traffic, the Nabataeans planned to deliver the Eden’s Crystal to the Pleroma, but could not.

Over the past epochs, the Temple has not been used for its intended purpose, and the accuracy of its mechanism has decreased. That is, the Nabatian clock was behind.

At the request of the Higher Light Hierarchy, the ground team synchronized the Causal Matrix of the Temple with the Reference Galactic Time. It was like adjusting a computer clock via the Internet. Accuracy has been restored.

Lightwarriors not only carried out fine tuning, but also created a new structure of automatic self-regulation and self-restoring, which monitors the operation of the planetary clock in the Earth’s Crystal and, if necessary, corrects it according to the Universal Reference Chronal Frequency. The main Time Portal is located in Stonehenge.

Their last operation in Petra Lightwarriors carried out on the Street of Facades, where other temples and a large Nabataean necropolis are located. Here they spotted a powerful source of necrotic energy. How it was formed?

Initially, the deceased Nabataeans were buried in the general columbarium, a postmortem DNA Portal. When alive, they, as a single collective mind, fulfilled their Higher Mission, and the necropolis worked for the good. After Nabatea ceased to exist, and its inhabitants left Earth, the gravesite became an ordinary cemetery, where the ashes of everyone were taken.

At the request of Co-Creators, Lightwarriors closed the DNA Portal, then, helped the remaining Souls to ascend, and completed the operation by intensively cleaning the entire place by Perfect Light.

After that, the ground team went to the Dead Sea to conduct the next and most important op in Jordan.

**By Lev


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  1. Valérie

    Dear Lev,
    You made the following statement : « After the death of Moses and his burial in the Mount Nebo area (the exact place is unknown)[…] ». Please note that Moses has not died that is why nobody has found his grave until today. Real and extremely reliable source of wisdom mentions the fact that Moses converted / transformed his body into a whole energy. He went through a transformation of his body to an energy.
    Thank you very much for your great reports. Blessings.

  2. Kelly

    Much gratitude and thanks to Lev and all the Light Warriors. So much of the info which is shared by Lev has many dimensions and layers. Yet, I always get positive feelings from the posts. Opening the way for 5D is awesome!