The Council: Blaze Your Trail to New Earth

As you create your paradise, as you create your Heaven on Earth, as you step into your Heaven on Earth, it is a piece of the puzzle in the greater masterpiece that is bringing the New Earth reality into your experience, and everything that you have ever wished for, ever hoped for, ever dreamed of is there for you, has always been. And as you allow yourself fully into all that you are and all that is here for you, as you realize your paradise, your Heaven on Earth, you are bringing together, faster than you can imagine, the reality of the New Earth.

There is no need at all to push against the Old Earth. It is not about polarity. It is not about duality. It is about understanding a whole new reality that is possible for you, that is a result of the asking, that is the result of your dreams, your desires, that is the result of your visions, of all that is truly possible.

As each of you step into the magic, the miracles, and the grand manifestations, you are inspiring in each other new potentials and new possibilities, therefore expanding all that is, therefore creating a reality where there’s more, so much more. And in the sharing and the coming together you expand and expand all possibilities and potentials.

You are all a way into a New Earth. You are blazing the trails, paving new paths, forging new frontiers into levels of consciousness and levels of awareness and realities never before realized in human form. Your expansion leads to the expansion of all consciousness. Your expression leads to the expression of all consciousness. Your experiences lead to new potential for experiences within all of consciousness, all consciousness, all of the universe, and beyond.

You are the very thing you know as Source, as God, as the Divine, expanding the potentials, expanding the possibilities, creating new realities, creating a New Earth reality. And when we say you will live in a fully awakened reality, you are beginning to understand how this is all not only possible but manifesting right before your very eyes.

You are here to have fun. You are here to do the things that bring you joy. You are here to do the things you love. You are here to be inspired and be creative and to play. You are here to create reality that expands all consciousness. That is why you’re here. That is how important you are.

There is no right or wrong way. If you remember that this is all about playing and having fun and what brings you joy and what do you love and what lights you up and what inspires you and what do you want to create and what would be a fun experience for you to have as the God that you are, then all of this makes sense and all of this is easy, all of this becomes clear.

There’s never been a better time. There’s never been a better you. It’s all here. It’s all here. You have brought every part of you into this moment, in the integration of all that you are, into full realization, and the consciousness of your realization and the allowing of the energy of all creation. It’s all here for you to play and have fun and dance and celebrate as moment by moment it moves into form, into manifestation, into true creation, and just continues to expand and get better and better and better.

As you go beyond and you leave many things that no longer serve you behind, as you release it from your own habitual thinking, as you release it from your consciousness, as you release it from your own experience, you make it easier and easier and easier for the mass conscious of humanity to release it, as well. All of those things that cannot go with you into the New Earth—fear, judgment, unworthiness, lack, limitation, separation, pushing, forcing, trying to figure it out, efforting—as you let them go—suffering, resistance, all of it—as you release it from your habitual ways of thinking, from your memories, from your consciousness, from your experience, from your reality, it begins to get dimmer and dimmer in the overall consciousness of the collective.

And as many of you gather together in these powerful new vibrations and frequencies and levels of awareness and consciousness, they begin to shine so brightly within the collective human consciousness, and in time, all of humanity will forget that fear was ever part of the experience, all of humanity will forget about suffering, all of humanity will release lack, limitation, all of humanity will release unworthiness, judgment.

**Channel: Sara Landon


One Reply to “The Council: Blaze Your Trail to New Earth”

  1. Vicky

    Yes precisely, I did not come here to save the old, corrupt, and sick world as governed by the dark ones. I came here to start a new world founded from love, safety, healing, and prosperity as governed by only benevolence.