Fall Matrix Collapsed

Now we will see the physical clean up and shift of realities taking place! This is when things get really REAL! This will be MASSIVE!

Be ready as you embrace the uncertainty in child like wonder as Christ-mass has come early and the new Love Virus is about to infect everyOne, as the higher Cosmic Christ Consciousness falls upon HUmanity and is taking over!


ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE NOW and from here on in all will become much easier, with all the interference patterns having been fully removed and are being dissolved! Just some final clearings and upgrades, especially the physical matter world and our bodies have to go through now. But it shall be easier for those of us that have already cleared much from their own bodies and Consciousness. Everyone will be faced with their personal and Collective Shadow Body expressions as they fully clear now, ready or not, as they have to come up and out to be seen for what they are. We can’t heal anything that we haven’t acknowledged first. But with the Forerunners having done much of the groundwork in anchoring in the new Blueprints and Templates, and the Full Disclosure taking place within and without, it becomes available and more easily accessible in the field for others to pick up on. The Divine Love Tsunami is enveloping ALL and helping to soften the blow.

Black and red box technologies have been fully removed and replaced by Diamond White Cosmic Tesseract (4th dimensional cube) schematic. Assisting Krystal Cathedral architecture which I’m being shown is helping us clear and reset the sacred sites and vortexes as well as connect them energetically directly to the Source flows and currents. They are also assisting the activation of the New Earth Diamond Grid, and building of the Krystal Cathedral Network, with Golden and Crystalline Cities, anchoring Cosmic Consciousness into the Grids and returning Natural Law.


“The Cosmic Cube holds the schematic and blueprint to God’s Laws by building the architecture of the City Four Square or Krystal Cathedral. This represents the Four planes of matter in the Four quadrants of our Universe. This is also representing the four elemental bases of our raw material making up the planes of matter (Air, Fire, Water, Earth). These four elementals make up the main chemical constituents of our DNA code and are being re-encrypted by the Aurora’s through the Crystal River. The City Four Square or Krystal Cathedral contains the blueprint of the Solar Christ identity of the 144,000 archetypes of the sons and daughters of God. This new life foundation, which is the new grid for building base matter in the blueprint as designed by the 144,000, is necessary in order to focus the Divine Wholeness of God consciousness in the given dispensation of the Ascension. The City Four Square or Krystal Cathedral is where the Crystal River Flows and is represented as the Golden City archetype that returns God’s Natural Laws back to this creation. Its projection is to be held as embodied by the divine messengers, such as described in prophecy as those with the seal of the lamb on their foreheads, containing the schematic of the Cosmic Cube 144 Matrix.”

~ Source: Ascension Glossary

I am being shown that we can place these Diamond White Tesseracts above our own homes or points in the Grids that we’re guided to, as they are supporting the Krystal Cathedral Network Activations and help ignite the new Diamond Grid and Blueprints, and building of the Golden and Crystalline Cities. They will also help anchor in pure Source Light into the Grids where you are locally and increase the amount of pure Divine Source flows you receive. Always remember that you can ask to lessen the amount of Light streaming in if it gets too much, or remove this if you feel guided to, for whatever reason. Always check with your own guidance first on whether this is in alignment for you or not.

Clear up of any remaining dark portals and black magic, black goo, AI from all sacred sites, also with help of the Diamond White Tesseracts.

Lunar distortions, inversions and connections have been fully cleared and dissolved as part of the Lunar Eclipse / Activations.

Saturnian black cube Matrix has been fully removed and dissolved. Clearing all reversal violet rays and plasma light, which also clears the false violet ray spectrum.

Freeing us collectively of any remaining karmic debt fully. COMPLETING THE DEBT FORGIVENESS program, which restores our Abundance and now enables us to reclaim our ancestral blessings, gifts, and Divine inheritance.

Clearing and removal of all remaining demons and demon seeds, attachments, fallen angelics, shadow bodies and negative entities, aliens, parasitic infections etc.

Final full clearing of all planetary crucifixion wounds and implants. Clearing our and the Planetary Grid Networks, and our axiatonal lines.

All energy harvesting and negative alien technologies and stations have been fully removed and dissolved!!

All remaining tunnels are being fully cleared and dissolved, as part of the reset in timelines/ realities, as we return to a reality where this never existed, as part of the timeline corrections.

Removal of all remaining stuck souls and soul pieces and fragments, returning them to their rightful owner or spiritual home.


Clearing of remaining black spells and black magic connected to Black Magicians and affected Lightworkers. Black Magicians have been placed in energetic quarantine, are being guarded and are under observation.

Any power, gifts, abilities, keys, codes and quantum, that was taken and syphoned by the black magicians, is being returned to the rightful owners and all cords, hooks, attachments, psychic spears, and any and all connections severed and dissolved permanently with immediate effect. They are no longer connected to their handlers/ masters/ demonic and negative entities as they are all being removed.

All Indigo 3 types have been fully cleared of their contracts as Polarity Integrators and double Soul occupancy. Single Soul occupancy has been fully restored.

All Indigo types now become the ONE NEW DIAMOND AVATAR.

All Leylines and Grid systems have been fully re-claimed and clearing is being finalised.

This Massive final clean up operation is led by the Cosmic Dragons, which are aspects of us, and supported by so do so many beings of Light in alignment with The Law of One, as well as the dolphins and whales becoming very active as they are part of our Gridworker support team, along with all the magical realms and all other kingdoms. As the magic awakens fully again, within and without.

Powerful DNA, Crystal Body, and Krystar SAphiRA / Christos-Sophia/ Androgenous Albion/Diamond Rainbow Plasma Lightbody and Merkaba upgrades and Activations, continue to amplify and accelerate as all lower codings are being removed and flushed out of our systems, whilst us deepening into ever greater levels of Pure Divine Love, is what is saving us ALL now, and it’s Frequency ignites our multi-dimensional DNA, and with it, our New Earth Realities.



But first the REAL TRUTH hurts the conditioned mind a little, sometimes a lot. As we see everyOne through the Eyes of Source and in their Original Innocence again, we also assist their Healing. After all, everyOne is always just reflecting different aspects of ourselves, as/ of The One, back at us. Whenever we are triggered or judge another, we should always ask ourselves what we are actually judging, as they will always reflect some unacknowledged shadow aspects back at us, until they have all been fully embraced, loved, integrated and alchemised. Until we feel whole and in Love with our True Self and all of life again.

Our greatest Superpower is our embodiment of Divine Love and is healing all of Creation back to its original purity and sacredness.


These massive Frequencies keep rising, as we continue our ascend. It’s getting very loud, as the Music of the Spheres sings and harmonises ALL of Creation back to Perfection, igniting our DNA and New Edenic Realities, along with the Bliss, Edenic/ Paradisian, Divine Union and Love, Freedom and Abundance Codes, flooding us now with this UNITY PORTAL.

This is when we step into our full power and queen & kingship, as we UNIFY AS ONE to co-create the magical realms and world’s we carry the keys and codes for inside of us. As we rise and shine brighter than ever before, like the Diamond Sun’s that we are!

Eternal Love,

**By Ramona Lappin


12 Replies to “Fall Matrix Collapsed”

  1. LOVE


  2. Wiseman

    Negative energy is a ball n chain Gordy. Why be a fear puppet Democrat? That foul root word is demon fyi , Ramona speaks only the Truth

  3. Gordon Jackson

    Trying to sound clever by throwing together a stream of random phrases that sound cool, that exist nowhere else and that aren’t verifiable in any way, is the lowest form of self aggrandisement that “channels” can stoop to.

    1. Maria

      According to the comments here as well as my personal life experience, these words ring true to many of us. The fact that you replied in this negative way, only shows that you’ve got much more shadow work to do. If you don’t understand this, it’s not bc of the writer’s intent, instead from your lack of knowledge. I send you healing vibes and the intention of your healing to be done. Much love ❤️

  4. jane2415

    I am trying to keep upbeat, life has thrown a nasty situation that most would find hard to deal with.. I know the energies upgrades have certainly been tough to deal with as an empath –wondering how do I get out of depression, I ask for help from my spirit team –but nothing seems forthcoming –I am totally back against the wall –It all sounds so great when you read Ramona’s reports, but sadly not all of us are able to connect try as we might…

    1. Lisa

      I am unable to connect to the energies talked about here too. I finally realized I wasn’t meant to connect. My journey is leading me elsewhere. Don’t loose heart. My days are getting better. My intuition and instincts are getting stronger. Sometimes my inner self will answer me through song lyrics that pop in my head. Recently it was “Life’s a dance you learn as you go. Sometimes you lead…sometimes you follow. Don’t worry about what you don’t know. Life’s a dance you learn as you go”. I hope this helped.

    2. Ralina

      Jane2415, depression is often from a chemical imbalance. If you are interested you can try 5HTP. Bless you in your journey – the best is yet to come.

  5. Patricia. Deasy

    Dear Era of light is it possible to connect with ramona lappin I live in the west of Ireland. If you could ask Ramona for permission to connect with her please. Sincerely Patricia

    1. Íse

      Patricia, tap on the word **Source at the end of her piece and it will take you to her Facebook page.