Mike Quinsey’s Higher Self: Alternative Situation

Things around you seem to be moving faster than ever and your main concerns are the climate changes that are affecting your daily lives. Some you can deal with, but others are happening on a worldwide basis and need an equally quick solution. Your whole future is in the balance yet if you take action that is needed now there is no reason why you should not be able to keep matters in check.

The alternative is a situation that will be left too long and beyond your current abilities. Words are fine but action is needed now to hold back the inevitable outcome leading to world problems of a great magnitude. It has taken time for you to realise that you are facing a crisis of such proportions, that only a combined and coordinated effort by all countries will change the outcome. We stand by and through the power of thought hope to see a response that indicates you understand the seriousness of what is taking place.

Seeing the overall picture and knowing what you need to do to deal with it, we hope those with an eye to see what is happening are listened to and taken seriously. Time is on your side for the time being and we are impressing upon those who will listen to the right way to approach your problems.

On a higher level nothing will stop the progression of those Beings who have shown themselves to be ready for Ascension. However, the pathway forward can be less troublesome and made easier if you recognise what is required from you at the present time. Cooperation between countries would result in a better outcome as bear in mind that worldwide problems are too big to be left to just one, it would be too overpowering.

We know that efforts are being made to reduce the use of energy sources that are creating problems, but speed is of the essence. You are beginning to recognise the implications of what is taking place and the people are also becoming aware and look to their Leaders for action, as so many lives are already being affected.

The people are very concerned as they do not feel sufficient attention is being given to the problems seriously affecting their lives. You have the means to overcome the challenges that you are experiencing making the leadership of the people so vital and important. When you show willingness to get things done, we are allowed to help you in various ways, but the first moves must come from you.

Know that any situation can be used for your ultimate benefit and that is where we come in and ensure that no opportunity is wasted to advance your evolution. After all, when you come into a new life there is always a plan that you have agreed that ensures there are opportunities for you to continue evolving.

The whole set up is very complicated as you would understand it and it is reliant upon many souls playing their part to the “script” so that all involved gain experience and advancement from it.

For example, your parents, relations and friends are all linked to you in some way, and together you all play your parts in each other’s lives. It may sound impossible to guide the outcome, but if you were on our side of the veil with a greater perception you would understand as we do. Your evolution is considered so important every possible step is taken to ensure you progress.

Naturally there are some souls who are obstinate and single minded who have little or no interest in their future and rarely believe in life after death. In such circumstances upon their death, they will become aware that they are still conscious but have no idea of what they should do. Help will of course come when they are ready to awaken to the idea that they are still alive after the death of their physical body.

It must be mentioned that in between lives when you are in the higher realms you do normally gain an understanding of how your evolution is planned, and a review of your previous lives. Very few carry that knowledge with them upon reincarnating as the focus is upon the next life when it is best that you start afresh. However, some souls are aware of previous lives, and it is usually given to them so that they have knowledge needed to fulfil their next life plan.

As individual souls you are given tasks that are no more than you are capable of handling and can cope with that are within your abilities. You would be born with certain links to talents needed to enable you to carry out your life plan. So you see that many events in your lives are pre-planned and arranged for you at an appropriate time.

Exactly when is sometimes reliant upon other souls coming into your life. From this you can see that major events are planned for you, and if necessary involve several other souls, and so it goes on until you finally reach that point when you ascend, and that is to be the experience of many of you very soon.

In view of the importance of this lifetime that for many will be their last one upon Earth, it is vital that they use their experiences from previous lives to see this one out, by helping others understand what is at stake each time they reincarnate. There is nothing better than talking to others from your own experience and understanding.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self, my God Self and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

5 Replies to “Mike Quinsey’s Higher Self: Alternative Situation”

  1. harrrrrie

    Of course there is climate change and global warming, in some places worse than others.

    Most mountain ranges are losing their glaciers. Where are the local people going to get their water when those glaciers are gone?

    Permafrost is melting in upper Canada and upper Russia, releasing gases.

    Ozone holes are forming and getting bigger, causing problems in the skin, eyes, etc.

    South and Southeast coasts of the USA used to get 1 maybe 2 hurricanes a year, many years none in the 1950’s and 60’s. Now they get at least 3 every year and they are getting stronger.

    Records for world weather were broken once every 10 years in the 1950s (record rainfall, coldest temps, driest season, etc). Now there are multiple records broken every year worldwide.

    Industrial nations saw and are seeing a rise in average temperature every year since the 1880’s. That has an affect on weather even if it’s not perceptible.

    Snow and ice are disappearing in the arctic and Greenland, raising water levels.

    There are over 200 dead zones in the oceans due to water temps rising.

    Many coral reefs have died due to warming water temps. Many could argue that pollution causes it. But reefs are dying where water pollution doesn’t exist. When reefs die, so do the inhabitants.

    And there are many other examples.

    You could also argue that man did not cause the rise in temperatures or changes in weather. But that doesn’t change the fact that temperatures are rising, and there are weather changes globally.

  2. jakesey

    The UK is full of of big talking high minded socially engineered wolves sheep’s clothing.

  3. Mikkel Kaastrup

    I do not think this guy has any contact with his Higher Self, but if he has, that is not what he is channeling. He is channelling a consciousness that lies and misleads people. He starts with “your main concerns are the climate changes that are affecting your daily lives”. That is absurd; the climate is changing constantly, but very, very slowly – the average temperature globally (14 degrees Celsius) changes so little it cannot be felt and does not affect people. Conversely, the difference between day and night temperatures are 20 degrees C or more in many places, esp. if you measure it outside the shade – and we easily adapt to that every day. So it’s absolutely absurd to claim that “climate change” is affecting our daily lives, and if people are concerned about “climate change” it is because they’ve been brainwashed with the globalist narrative that (the ever happening) climate changes are dangerous and should be stopped (like we could stop the Earth from turning on its axis, or from orbiting the Sun, thus creating seasonal and daily climate changes).

  4. Lilas

    Most People for whom reincarnation is a fact are not
    Interested in american “hopium”sides.

  5. khann61

    You can always count on this guy to regurgitate the Globalist narrative about anything. He gets his insights downloaded to him by the MSM not God or his higher self.

    Climate change is another lie, hoax, farce just the same as COVID. This guy embraced them both.