Saint Germain: On the Cusp of Great Changes

I am Saint Germain. I come to be with you at this time, in these special times of great change that is upon you now. Change that has been foretold for may ions of time within your many works: your bible, your Tora, all of the different works that have expressed these changes that are to come and preparing you for these changes. Just as we, those that mentor to you, have been preparing you for these great changes.

And you are on the cusp of those changes now, in these next days! And you can expect much to be revealed coming forward. Watch, as you literally go through a resurrection. A resurrection to move from the democracy that you have now, that those that have been in control have attempted to hold onto, thinking, making you think, making all think, that this was what was needed. But a democracy is corruptible, just as it has been corrupted.

But you are moving and resurrecting now to a new republic. The republic that was meant for this country. And not only this country, but the entire planet, the world itself! All of the countries of the world coming together as one. People speaking for themselves as one, no longer being controlled by another. For how can you control the God Source within you? It is not possible, if you are aware that you are that God Source.

So “as a republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.” That is the creed that was stated by your forefathers. Those that came before you, that prepared this nation. This nation to lead a world. This nation to work an entire world. That is what it was meant for.

But, of course, those of the forces of darkness stepped in and put their mark on things to change it, to make it the way they wanted it to be. But no longer can that hold sway.

For everything is about to change. And many will call this a miraculous change. Many will not see this coming, as you, those of you that are the Awakened Ones, the Chosen Ones, have known for some time that this is coming. These great changes are upon you.

It is up to each and every one of you now to be those Warriors of Light. Many of you will have to step out of your comfort zones. It is destined that you do so when the time is right. When you feel the calling. And not before. If you feel that calling now? Yes, respond. If you’ve already felt it, you have already responded. And for those of you that have not yet felt the calling, it is coming. It is guaranteed that you will hear the calling. You will hear the messages coming to you to now reach out and help a brother, a sister, in whatever way that you feel called to do so.

Some of you were there at that time of the signing of the Declaration and the establishment of the Constitution of this nation. Some of you were there with me, either in body or in spirit, and were a part of this Great Changeover that is coming now. The Changeover that was prepared 200-plus years ago and is now being readied once again to find the true and the complete fruition of this, and the spreading of the Light. One nation spreading Light to the world and beyond. A Republic. A Republic by, and for, and of the people.

Your President Trump attempted to show that, to share that with all of you. And it was a return to the people. From the government to the people. This is what is in process of happening now.

You are all in a position now where you can observe what you started long ago—many, many lifetimes ago. Many thousands of years ago you started this. You came here to begin this process to awaken a world. And awaken it, you have!

I am Saint Germain. And I leave you now in peace, and love, and oneness. And that the Violet Flame continues to purge out all of the old programming that is no longer needed or necessary within you. Those times have passed. It is time now for the new you to be born from the old.

**Channel: James McConnell

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16 Replies to “Saint Germain: On the Cusp of Great Changes”

  1. john

    let the light workers of the world unite in freedom and love for all show compassion for all including the dark for they are steeped in darkness and cannot see the light let all come together in peace and understanding for now is the time to allow your god self to arise and be as one with all. much love to all.

  2. Denise G

    I’m gonna make one more comment here, I Am aware I have been commenting much more than usual for me.
    Since I started coming here I only ever comment when “moved” to and lately my inner Me has a really big mouth for some reason!😂
    When she says type I type, I type words, sometimes I feel them sometimes I don’t yet but She still wants to speak them.
    It’s All me but there is a difference that can actually be felt if you pay attention to everything you feel to can feel it. Im a quiet person by nature and training, my inner self however appears to be bossy and a big mouth!😂🤣😂
    It’s OK, I love Her all the same
    ❤️❤️❤️Denise G

    1. popgoestheweazle

      “… lately my inner Me has a really big mouth for some reason!”, but “WHO OF YOU” is saying that??? 😂😂😂



  4. Mike Ohira

    I forgot to mention: With the announcement of the New Republic will follow the landing of the Galactics on our planet.

    1. Douglas A James

      In this now! Let’s go Light Warriors time for Gesara time for ending slavery, debt slavery time for truth about who and what we are!!

  5. Mike Ohira

    A heartening and inspiring message, thank you Saint Germain!

    “And you are on the cusp of those changes now, in these next days!”
    Trump will be making a special announcement on the 15th of this month so I was wondering this might be an announcement of the New Republic to the American people. The New Republic is coming sooner than later, I was told.

    Tulsi Gabbard will become the President for the New Republic when that is realized. Our world will be united as one, completely borderless, Nesara/Gesara with the entire planet under God with liberty and justice for all.

    The New Earth is coming people!…it is no more just a vision but a reality so wake up!

    1. Emma

      I really hope you are WRONG.
      Even wolves have borders amongst each others groups.
      Also I do not want sameness, I want diversity.
      Tulsi is not my president.
      Nesera/Gesera is unjust, as people with debt get a free ride, and people that paid their debt was just dumb, apparently.

      I do not consent to the plan you have here!.

        1. Emma

          A selected lady. We the world, we the people will never elect her.

          She is a WEF puppet, and enough people knows it.

        2. Emma

          Tulsi has for years been a young global leader in WEF (world economic forum) an evil to the core organization.

          Very conveniently she left the D party, and was clinging to Kari Lake the greatest patriot candidate in this election. Funny that D did not attack her when she left, and did not attack her when she was clinging to Kari Lake. Because it is par of the plan, to lure the patriots to like her. Normally D attacks all that is not like them.

          Zorra could be dark hat. Many dark hat infiltrate spiritual sites. Deepstate/WEF likes to cover all flanks.

          We are just too many that will not consent to Tulsi. She cannot be elected without fraud. She will have to prove herself for like 10 years before any in the resistance movement will trust her.

        1. Emma

          Clean slade, no.
          So those that sit in a mansion in debt for 10 million dollars, get debt free, and the appartment renter gets NOTHING, is that a clean slade to you?
          Like I said unjust.
          Nesera sounds beautiful, but it is a WEF agenda to have people on government check, as long as the people COMPLY. Stay in smart cities, and don travel (CO2), no meat and dairy, no luxury (CO2 tranportation). Vaccination every 3 month, or no Nesera for you. Bank account closed, just like the did to the Canadian protesters.
          Open borders are also the WEF dream, because they want no identity. They want ants with no identity, like worker slaves. People with no identity are easier to control. Transgender are part of that.

  6. flazak

    The patterns of energy or force are already set in motion and only the veneer or membrane of darkness holds it back but it is perforated and stretched very thin and will break.