Master Kuthumi: Attention Outside?

Inside and outside

Give the conflicts, wars and disputes that are happening now the attention they deserve – and they deserve as much attention as those dramas that are taking place within you. Healing from the suffering that has befallen you in many lifetimes is now paramount. Thus, the outer world reflects the wounds still present inside and the unredeemed pains of many existences – outside as well as inside, inside as well as outside.


Do not be mistaken that you should turn away from the outside without having seen what happens on the outside, without having experienced what it does to you, without having become aware of the way in which external events are connected with your inner life.

From the example of animal husbandry, from the example of dealing with the environment and fellow human beings, you can clearly see that inner peace has a lot to do with outer behavior.

The world is – still – as it is, because man is as he is. Unredeemed and unconsciously he behaves ruthlessly towards Mother Earth, heartlessly towards the animals and lovelessly towards his fellow human beings. This is only possible because man has fallen out of unity and into the abyss of separation.

The worldwide events show what a large part of mankind is made of inwardly: discord, disharmony and unlovingness.

Under this aspect the events of this time make sense and you can understand why it has to be the way it is.

New forces and your commitment

Now, however, new forces come into play. Now it is about you and your commitment. For it is the largely clarified people who are aware of their thoughts, words and works that matter now. How is it possible to put an end to this suffering when it is part of you?

Therefore, it is of immense importance that you now redeem your outstanding life issues in the light of God. Therefore, it is of great importance that you do not suppress world events, but look at them – and observe what this does with you.

Which fears can still be activated? Dissolve them! Which worries germinate? Give them over to God! At what points are you seething with anger or rage? Accept that! And is there hatred in your soul? Turn it into love!

The outside invites you today to become aware of your own shadows and to gain mastery over your low nature.

Therefore, it is invaluable that you look and perceive what is, that you recognize the potentials of healing in the events of the time.

Specifically, it is about you and your complete exit from the world of conflict and war.

This spiritual journey begins by accepting the outside as a mirror for your transformational work, and it ends when you make true peace with your history.

With infinite love,


**Channel: Jahn J Kassl

**Translation to English by