Message from Two Tall Creator Beings: Manifestation

Your planet is set up as such that you live in a modern era. This is like a fast train speeding past a scenery of potentials that you decipher and attach to as you travel from your point A to B.

Your innate is operating at all times to offer you the highest potentials for soul growth based on intention and location within your development. Duality still exists in abundance on your planet and this is a perceptual tool that can stagnate or accelerate which is relational not only to where your mind wishes to go, but which your soul which is more closely related to helping the collective of the planet as a result.

Your modern world keeps you in a state of perpetual busyness. Your children, bills, the office, walking the dog, shopping for food, and many other facets including your 24 hour a day entertainment keeping the mind pacified after a long day of work because your modern world has depleted any energy for anything else that might be available keeping you further from your soul than ever before and the mechanics needed to re engage. Lightworkers on earth are Akashically biased in that they have cellular and soul knowledge of previous existences. This is partly why you are veiled. If you had full working knowledge of how powerful you really were, you would wonder why on earth you came to earth and you would not be able to do your work as carefully and sacredly as you are now without arriving on the radar of other watchful eyes. It provides a temporary platform so that you can expand without knowing how much you have given up in order to be in more economical service to Gaia at this time but still have the vibrational coding necessary for her new grids, which often you are implementing without knowing both in waking and sleeping hours.

The Akashic bias still remains in many lightworkers however which operate out of your DNA often coming to the surface as something conceptual conveyed by emotion. Some of you in the nonphysical world are creators of galaxies and planets, whilst others have inhabited a crystalline body operating parameters far beyond your current physical vessel and the bias, they too hold from a reality not of this world. Previous processes have widely differed in these future and previous existences. In an old earth energy paradigm manifestation required more steps. For example a 5 step assimilation from an old earth being Soul > Thought > Emotion > Action > Manifestation.

Lightworkers in previous incarnations are used to paradigms off earth that exist nearer to instantaneous processes equating to Soul > Thought > Manifestation missing out 2 steps. Little or no work is needed. So starseeds in one sense would be correct in wanting a quick fix spiritually in terms of relational experienced manifestations, but also because their modern lives do not dictate the time and sanctuary available in order to exist in a state of soul growth intuitively wanted and the time needed to truthfully honor these upgrades in terms of building new routines into the new emerging you that has integrated new aspects to your upgraded coding because this involves work and more processes that feel unnatural. Work that for the oldest of you on the front line didn’t work before. This time it will, even if it was the first half of this lifetime, especially prior to the great marker in 2012.

As the energy on your planet increases a multidimensional part of you all begins to awaken and want more having vibrationally stepped out of another layer of your old self, however the assimilation needed is then confused because of predispositions remembered at a DNA level. Due to Akashic bias, starseeds on a soul level still intuitively feel that the previous 3 step assimilation is available in their current format. This thinking is only 50% correct. Manifestation will begin to increase in speed as your chemistry and magnetics change, but what will NOT increase is the release of previous conditioning and attachments to an old Gaia that had stored in the cells in the body, which is partly Akashic but also in the synapse of the mind, and because of this, a longer paradigm process is necessary that feels like work because these changes are not only subconscious, but expansions that must be brought forward into the operating daily conscious mind of a human brain so that they can be realised at a level that is still not fully crystalline yet.

One cannot remove the paradigm that you still have a human composition that is playing catch up with the incoming energies which operate at a fraction of what you are used to, not forgetting you are taking your upgrading bodies into the new age unless you wish to transition to a non physical. Many lightworks in a modern age are shy of this because there are only so many hours in the day that allow for effort to become realised consciousness in the mind and body but most importantly the heart which also is expanding not only ethereally but energetically and you feel this in your human body. You are not taught multidimensional skills in your education systems which are all about the mind negating the heart expansion feeling of the energetic world and spirit world which is seemingly beyond your 6 senses, 354 of which are yet to be fully activated and even known about yet.

It is all your conditioning, self worth issues, ego problems and trauma that require effort to remove and most of these are diseases of the mind that can be cleared as fast a free will allows it too. It requires time and energy to now unlearn all that has kept you from being a creator in this reality yourself and here lies the choice. These higher energies will bring you to the starting line but some will run at the sound of the gun because they do not see the effort involved and others will remain at the line because their conditioning and mental state has adopted protective barriers that keep them never moving even though the new energies are telling them to do otherwise. This begins a contradictory vibratory feeling of being stuck and lost at the starting line even though the gun has sounded because though wanting to move are not listening to the multidimensional intuition codes allowing for momentum and become trapped in the mind. Do you skip forward momentum and try to arrive at the finish line feeling even more confused in the mind and nervous system, or do you run the course of learning and understand the feeling of these new energies at the finish line in a timely fashion that your brain and nervous system can handle like building blocks one at a time by changing small paradigms in your daily life and surrendering to your inner guidance systems. Intuitively those who remain at the start line know that they will expand beyond all they are now to outgrow their immediate lives such as their current work and relationship situations which are easier to hold on to then to let go off not understanding that beyond the fear limitations of lack are upgrades in all of these areas, they thought not possible.

Staying in a familiar energetic box feels safe even though everything in the new energy is telling you that you have outgrown that box and it is time to get it moving. This is one of the largest contributing factors to feeling like a prisoner in your own reality even though everything is seemingly fine with the perceived status quo. It is that contradictory energy or being lost, a place between places that free will can have a large variety of outcomes. Lost is you working with you to leave the old you behind. Celebrate this and then take the leap of faith. Start to integrate small routines into your day that will expand you for spiritual and mind wellness even if it means you have to seemingly lose something and do not understand its end outcome. It cannot be done for you by others because the Synapse of the brain has to also cognise the growth as your body cannot exist without the mind which is usually running faster than the body can handle. Do not avoid the steps that will place you into spiritual expansion because it is easier to place sticky black tape and come back to it later with the old issue still present. High consciousness is not avoidance, but surrender and acceptance, usually the opposite of what the reptilian part of the brain convinces you off. Reptilian groups are also expanding in this fashion as many parts of this galaxy all rise an octave and you have many seedings from many visitors to your planet within the 98% of you that science calls erroneous biological information.

Earth is one of the greatest free will experiments of this universe and is why all eyes are on you. What choice will the lightworker make? The outcome is inevitable either way becoming a question of linear time and when on that straight line the Starseed or lightworker will take the leap of faith. Why avoid the inevitable. There is nothing to fear, fear is only the unhealed thought processes of the old you that still lingers all of which are a smoke screen just waiting for you to walk through. Humans have a very special period of years on the planet earth at this time that offer an accelerated energy of expansion in all that you do being carried forward into life times after this one. Your soul knows this and feels like something is inevitably about to happen at any minute because your soul still on some level operates in galactic time outside of linear constraints and understands needing to get this done because of prior agreements.

Souls will feel stuck and lost primarily because effort is needed to unlearn attachments and conditioning which in a modern technological earth is not time appropriate especially when there is an akashic bias that says I’m used to doing this instantly in a body that can mentally assimilate all of this at multiples higher than my current brain synapse construction. This is why it takes time, something that the ego will try to convince you that you are lacking. This will be the greatest free will choice of all resulting in a group who will go onto inherit the planet you live on, and those who decide to return to other parts of the universe for other adventures. Our final question to you is also the answer in itself. Why postpone what your soul came here to do? Use the tools you have now and put them to work. You are needed at this time. You are the change. Make the work fun. Remember how to play. Use the inner child and get the imagination back online. That is partly where you will find us, although you will be asking what is happening when we begin to arrive at the parameters beyond your mind’s eyes, imagine and wonder if that was you or us. For this will not be your imagination, it will be real contact at etheric levels. The untrained mind will try to shut that down every step. It is called mind control and it is not from an external source but from the restraints created inside. No one can control you. You are free, you are not lost but simply upgrading and over thinking. Surrender your heart to each new step in every coming moment. Do not fear what you came here to do for it is already accomplished.

**Channel: Alexander Quinn


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