Tunia: Let’s Free Earth

My dearest brothers and sisters,

This is Tunia speaking. I love you so very much. Earthlings have been in my thoughts a lot lately.

Steps are being made towards your liberation. However, a part of that is that hidden darkness comes to the light. This both leads to disturbing information being spread on your alternative media, as well as a general feeling of unease spreading among mankind. This process leads to healing, but it is challenging in the short term.

After all, if there was some old pain buried in your subconscious, then healing it often involves becoming aware of it and perceiving it. This is beneficial, but also tough in the short term.

Plus the dark controllers on your world, those who still try to rule the world from behind the scenes, are playing their last cards. This, too, leads to scary news items and a feeling of unease. They will not be allowed to start world war three, but that doesn’t mean they won’t try, or that they won’t come close.

You can think of this period as a time of healing and processing of darkness. It is very scary and tough right now, but it is going to lead to a better future. Alternatively, you can think of this time as giving birth to a baby, which is a painful process on your world, but the beautiful baby – a better world – is coming. It will be worth it.

That said, it is also absolutely true that people are dying, people are becoming depressed, people are turning to drugs and alcohol, people are losing loved ones and people are feeling very, very alone. I know that the current situation on your world is awful and I wish that it were better.

You are incredibly brave and strong. If you have the space to improve your life or help others, amazing. However, even if all you can do right now is just hang on and get through the day, that is enough for now from my perspective. Many beings would not even be able to do survive right now on Earth. Better times are coming.

From the perspective of myself and many other Pleiadians, this period has dragged on for far too long already and has been far too painful and lonely. Furthermore, it is completely unfair that the more awake people on your world – such as the people tuning into these messages – are often considered to be insane and treated poorly.

We think that it is our responsibility to do all the parts of Earth’s liberations that average Earthlings can’t reasonably do, such as addressing problems posed by hostile galactics and demons. However, we still think that it is the responsibility of Earthlings to address the problems that they reasonably can solve – such as arresting known Earthling criminals who seek to control humanity. There’s more than enough proof of their crimes.

I am calling on Earthling police, military and secret service people to step up the process of arresting known criminals, providing disclosure and paving the way for a free humanity. I know that you are already taking steps in this direction, but from the Pleiadian perspective, it is time to step up these efforts. Yes, I know that it is tough, but most of you have sworn an oath, and every day innocent children are suffering. You can put an end to the suffering of innocent children.

The longer this current drawn-out limbo period goes on, the more that previously awakened and previously motivated people tap out, become disillusioned, give up or even die. Furthermore, the longer this process goes on, the less that the awake population will trust the white hats or counterforces. And when all is revealed, it will be tough for the white hats or counterforces to defend the slowness with which they acted if this process goes on for much longer.

At some point, we will have to stop treating Earthlings as children and actually start disclosing truth to Earthlings in a way that average Earthlings can’t look away from, such as via your mainstream media. Yes, maybe it is indeed smart to not literally dump every single piece of information out there all at once, but let’s at least start with disclosing things in a way that actually reaches average Earthlings. The longer you wait, the bigger the gap will be between the awake and the asleep, and the tougher this waking-up process is going to be.

If we ever want Earthlings to be one people again, we will have to start disclosing things to the people who are currently sleeping.

Some people claim that the white hats or counterforces had no choice, and that the current path was the only one option. So basically the argument is: yes the people are suffering, but this was the only way.

We Pleiadians disagree. For example, one alternative path would have been for the counterforces to take over the mainstream media in early 2020 and broadcasting the following message: “there are benevolent extraterrestrials who wish to gift us a covid cure, free energy, advanced healthcare and a machine that can just create anything you want, like replicators from Star Trek. Let us hold a national vote, country-by-country, on whether we allow these galactics to send us these blueprints, for free, to very many people so that the technology can’t be hidden away. Then once we verify that these technologies work, let us hold a second vote on whether we want to allow these galactics to actually land and meet us face-to-face.”

This is one alternative path that could have been taken. In fact, this idea can still be implemented right now. Without the consent of the population it is hard for us to justify landing. However if such a national vote is held, then we would be very happy to share our technology with any country in which a majority votes “yes.”

I am offering a formal invitation to Earth leaders to hold such a vote in your countries.

We are willing to give you enough material and evidence and a video where we introduce ourselves, so that you can convince your citizens that we are indeed real and are indeed willing to share our technology with you. We are willing to work with you to address any concerns you may have.

You Earthlings are our brothers and sisters. Of course you deserve to live in material abundance and good health, just like us. Would you deny that to your brothers and sisters? Yes, Earthlings used to not yet be ready for these technologies, but now you finally are. Your consciousness has matured enough for them.

So we disagree with the notion that the current path chosen by the counterforces was the only way.

From our point of view, the Earthling counterforces are a bit too attached to maintaining current power structures and a bit too attached to maintaining systems as they currently are. To be blunt, many of these counterforces may not want Earthlings to be controlled by hostile galactics and demons, but they are rich or powerful and they would like to keep being richer or more powerful than average citizens.

That said, it is also true that many people in the counterforces are nevertheless working very hard and sacrificing a lot, to help their brother and sister Earthlings. So we also do not wish to be too critical of them. They are helping to free Earthlings, just in a slower and more roundabout way than we would prefer.

Still, innocent children are suffering every single day. So: Earthling leaders, we would like to invite you to hold these national votes. To the police and military: we would like to remind you that many of you have sworn an oath to protect the people or the constitution. Both are being violated. So: remember your oath.

To be clear, nothing can change the fact that your medium-term future is incredibly bright. The worst case scenario is that this current birth-giving period will take longer and be more painful than is necessary, and that the context of the birth will be less happy than it could be. But humanity will live in freedom and abundance and peace and love. Nothing can stop that.

I love you so very dearly. I am very much looking forward to the day when we will finally be able to physically meet Earthlings.


For Era of Light

**Channel: A.S.


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15 Replies to “Tunia: Let’s Free Earth”

  1. caroline

    Yes I agree it’s taking far too long. I understand there may be setbacks, more dark people to arrest and things have to be in place. There are still a lot of sleepers but they may never wakeup and we can’t wait that long.
    We need to move to the future although a bit scary but look how we’re living under the Dark Controllers.
    My vote is Yes

  2. Phillis Stein

    I’ll try one more time. I have a question for Era of Light – how come NONE of my comments ever seem to make it to the screen? Hmmmmm.

  3. szszymon

    Tunia’s complaining angers me. Can I ask this Tunia while Pleaiadans cannot just employ more human mercenaries, PMC’s or generals to handle their liberation faster if they can’t come directly by their own? Surely providing money is no problem for Pleaiadans.

    I wish I could do something on my own, but I can’t just go around killing people or join every major protest in my country.

    1. Phillis Stein

      I don’t understand why you are angry with Tunia? I have to say that I somewhat agree with her! We are totally reaching a point where the balancing act between not upsetting the sleepers has taken preference over the dragging things out for the awakened, and this is reaching a point where things may end up flipping against the White Hats if they don’t get on with it. So, it is time! I understand exactly what she is getting at, although I also understand why the White Hats had to be a bit tricky (because they are dealing with the tricky ones). We do also want a DEEP CLEAN – so, I would also hope that too many “deals” are not being done. If we do too many deals, we’ll end up in the exact position we are now – just as “deals” were done at the close of WWII (yet ANOTHER thing we were lied to about).

      1. szszymon

        I don’t know myself why I feel anger towards her. Maybe because I don’t trust channeling in general, or that I think her message shouldn’t be directed towards us, but people in power who actually have the authority do a lot. Unless my assumption about average reader of this blog is wrong, and they aren’t only considered weirdos, but also locally respected entrepreneurs, community leaders, specialists, officers, officials. In some position of authority. I am exactly the opposite of being influential and respected person.

        And your statement that your questions are never addressed makes me distrust Tunia and Eraoflight even more. I feel anxiety and irritation due to that. This is exactly what the corrupted people do. Ignore the people and issues who don’t completely agree towards their view of reality. Maybe they even work for the “bad guys” to sow confusion and Tunia doesn’t even exist?

        Also, I completely don’t know what you are talking about with the rest of the content of this comment of yours above.

  4. Lisa

    This message, resonates with me, in that it is taking extremely slow in moving forward to eradicate the darkness on our beautiful planet. It is so sad to see our brothers and sisters suffer, it is also heart breaking. However, I do acknowledge how difficult it is cleaning up the many years of negativity! I also want to say Thank you to the White Hats, Galactic and Benevolents beings who are sacraficing their time and energy to ensure our freedom “Thank You For Your Service In liberating Humanity”

  5. One who Knows

    Kimberly Ann Goguen said the SWORD will fall soon. Julie Green says God is IRATE. Blossom Goodchild says:. SOON

  6. szszymon

    Something is off with this message, at first she’s generous, then critical. If she doesn’t like us being more proactive, why didn’t she incarnate on Earth as we did or contacted military generals on her own? Lol. I agree with many of Tunia’s statements but I perceive low-consciousness anger in her message, which is quite puzzling for a light being… and funny.

    1. Phillis Stein

      Then, I feel that you have misunderstood Tunia. Could this be due to your own anger?

  7. Raisf

    Grazie tunia la tua proposta di voto è ottima ma come fare?noi del popolo medio,non abbiamo ancora una voce in capitolo,io sarei pronto a votare a favore,forse sarebbe un idea che una delegazione di pleadiani andrebbe a parlarne con i politici di tutto il mondo per convincere a fare questo, perché se ci vado io non mi fanno neanche entrare nel parlamento del mio paese 😂 quindi non ci resta altro che la pazienza per aspettare che questo accada.Molta gratitudine a te e ai tuoi simili 🙏🥰✨✨✨

  8. Chris

    Everything takes time, enjoy the confusions, in a way give in cause the more people fight, the more they will get , tirrrrred, because your only fighting , super fantastic elastic rubber duality thinking matrix.

  9. Stephanie

    Much gratitude and love Tunia and the Pleiadians! Thank You for all the love light you are sending to us Earthlings.

    1. Gabrielle Swanberg

      Good positive response; Fantastic!! Spot on, Tunia and Pleiadians!! I myself just don’t know who are the White Hats/Good Guys, until they show themselves. Let’s vote. GS, California

  10. Saphire

    You are right it is taking to long, America can lead the way, we need the stolen mid term election to be exposed. For truth to be revealed. For military to start arresting corrupt dark politicians. For the Federation to interfere with the use of the weather machine being used to cause havoc, there is plenty of fuel on the planet that is being with held because the cabal wants to freeze us all out and kill our food supply.
    NO we Do Not need new technology until all evil is gone!! Because it will be hoarded by the elites for their own use and greed as has happened with past knowledge.
    Elections around the wold with the Cabal still active!! Are you a Democrat??? Cause you know all elections are held by Dominion machines that are programmed to steal votes.
    Wake up Tuna!!! That’s why we are in a hold pattern. Clear the evil of the planet Please!!! That will help humanity take a breath!!! 💜✌🇺🇸🕊

    1. Phillis Stein

      Nothing will change UNTIL things change in America, who have allowed them to become the virtual HQ of the DS. How many elections need to be stolen very obviously before action is taken. Americans seem to complain a lot, but more of them need to actually get up and DO something. The rest of the world suffers while America drags its feet. Mostly, the ONLY people who are suffering ARE the AWAKE. I agree, let’s stop treating the sleepers like babies. I understand that we don’t want to put them into soul shock, but we can’t wait forever, and THEY do not appear to be moving forward quickly enough.