New Ascension Earth Realities

I hope some of you can feel the massive shift that just completed? ALL NEW BEGINNINGS START RIGHT NOW!! Feel THE FREEDOM & VICTORY IN THE AIR!

Our Cosmic Diamond Rose, Krystal Lotus and Emerald Heart, holographic Grids and ALL NEW WORLD’S, along with our multidimensional DNA and Crystalline structures, are coming fully online now. As ALL IS being FULLY IGNITED through the FREQUENCY OF PURE TRUE DIVINE SOURCE LOVE.

The Frequencies continue to sky rocket as the Unity Field and Cosmic Diamond Heart Grid strengthening, and Divine Unions, our Abundance and Divine Justice coming fully online now, along with us standing in our full power and embodiment now! As it’s all inner-connected!

Having completed our most important mission of loving ourselves whole and back together as ONE again! Healing all fragmentation within the ONE Mind. Healing the ONE Heart back together again so they could UNIFY AS ONE HIGHER HEART-MIND again.

Re-membering our True authentic Self and having trance-ended the ego illusions of the false Matrix realities, that it was build upon, which is what dissolves it all.

Which is ‘game over’ for the false Matrix realities that were based on fear and limiting, inverted thought forms and beliefs.

No longer will we play small and hold back our true authentic Self!

As WE FULLY RISE AS ONE NOW, as the Diamond Sun’s, Maji Grail Queen’s and King’s, and Cosmic Dragons that we are!!

Fully re-membering who we truly are and how much power we hold. That our gifts and abilities, the Frequency and Soul signature we hold, how open our Heart is and us standing in our full embodiment, is what holds true worth! It’s our connection to Source, that we cultivate and deepen as we learn to fully trust and follow our Hearts calling, intelligence and wisdom again, is what is our anchor point, safety net and compass, as we navigate through this unknown terrain.

EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE NOW, because we truly believe and trust in ourselves and have trance-ended and let go of all that has held us back from full-filling our true potential and destiny. Having healed our wounds and traumas. Having loved ourselves whole and complete again, where no-thing feels like it’s missing or outside of us any longer. Having trance-ended all remaining illusions of separation as well as having integrated our ego. All we need truly lies right there inside of us. Having FULL CONFIDENCE in ourselves, in our wisdom, visions, gifts, abilities and power, is what ignites our New Earth Realities NOW, quantum style.


As we fully RE-BIRTH ALL AS ONE!


Any remaining blocks, interference patterns, obstacles and illusions of the false fear Matrix now fully dissolve with much ease and grace, at extra super fast quantum God Source speed, as we see it for the fake movie that it is. As we dissolve the quantum standing wave function of the false Matrix illusion and projection, through us being anchored in the Neutral Quantum Observer state, which is what collapses it, as we hold and embody the Zero Point Field of Divine Neutrality and Love. No longer allowing any distractions or attempts of interference to take us off course!

This is the time out of time for final course corrections!

KNOWING OUR POWER and using it wisely, is what ignites the New Edenic Blueprints from within our DNA and morphogenetic field.

The decks have been cleared and are being fully dusted off any remaining cob webs. As we finalise the full dissolution of the old, we are simultaneously QUANTUM attuning, MERGING, synchronizing, aligning and IGNITING WITH our NEW ASCENSION EARTH REALITIES through our own Embodiment, empowerment, having trance-ended all remaining victim-victimizer Consciousness and separation held within, for our collective Divine Union process to complete in this NOW!!

In NO-TIME whatsoever.

Our BRAND NEW START & BEGINNINGS ARE HERE right NOW and for the taking!

As all-ways, it’s up to us to keep making the magic happen as we keep letting go of anything that no longer aligns and keep following our Heart, that knows things the mind can only try and comprehend. It has access to quantum intelligence, to Source. Your Cosmic and Permanent Seed Atom in your High Heart is your SOURCE centre WITHIN. Your mind is a receiver and transmitter, it doesn’t come up with thoughts, it receives and transmits them. All you have to do is keep unifying and merging with the Source within to become atOne with its Cosmic Intelligence and this only happens through our fully opened Crystal Heart, that holds the key to our Ascension. As we keep focusing and aligning with all that we truly wish to co-create together.

With the Supernova of The Heart Event all-ready in progress and underway, we continue to open our Hearts up ever wider. We deepen into ever greater levels of pure True Divine Love, anchoring our light and sacred keys and codes into the New Earth Grids, and shine brighter and rise higher than ever before, as we



Fully RISING AS ONE, making the magic happen and projecting ALL NEW ASCENSION EARTH REALITIES onto the screen of our hologram! Fully dissolving all remaining false overlays and reality constructs through seeing them for what they are, and us radiating pure True Divine Love out from our fully opening Diamond Rose & Crystal Lotus Hearts.


It is this Frequency that ignites our multi-dimensional DNA and Ascension Earth Realities, all from the inside out.

OPEN UP WIIIIIDE to the infinite Love, Miracle, Abundance, Freedom, Joy, Peace and Blessing that you are.

We realise no-thing lies outside of us, as we BEcome ATONE WITH it ALL!

FUlly SURRENDERing our false ego Self to Source, to be re-birthed anew as the ONE and TRUE authentic SELF, and already ascended Diamond Avatar, that now fully ignites our multi-dimensional DNA, our and the Planetary Merkaba and Krystar SAphiRA/ Christos-Sophia/ Androgenous Albion and Diamond Rainbow Plasma Lightbody. As the new Organic Divine Creatrix field becomes alive and the magical kingdoms and realms awaken fully and become visible again.. along with a higher COSMIC KRYST-ALL-IN-E CONSCIOUSNESS arising from within the Heart-Minds of the people.


A New Dawn!

A New Beginning!

For us to start all over again.

Now that we know better.

Eternal Love,

**By Ramona Lappin


4 Replies to “New Ascension Earth Realities”

  1. Denise G

    I’ve noticed as a “holo”gram it’s EXACTLY that, “hollow”!!!
    It’s missing something on the inside and no matter how “solid” it seems it’s the Love from Source, the Sparks we call Souls, that transforms that “hollow gram” into a fulfilled Being, the better you KNOW that Inner Source the less “hollow” you feel. 🤷‍♂️
    Full-Filled I suppose.
    I love when these realizations happen, in the grand scheme of things they don’t amount to anything really BUT each time I receive One I end up with a goofy smile on my face All day long!!!😂
    Love and Light to One And All,
    Denise G

  2. Paolo Tancon

    Hi Ramona, What are you referring to when you say “Diamond Sun’s, Maji Grail Queen’s and King’s, and Cosmic Dragons that we are?” This sounds like utter jargon to me.

    1. Denise G

      My perception is the First Souls, the Creators of All we see before us, those who spread Source energy far and wide to root and blossom.
      The OverSouls of our Universe, they came through the Portal during its Creation.
      Now whether or not that is accurate for you I don’t know, like everything else it IS Multidimensional in nature but the good thing about that is you can use your beliefs about the things happening OUTSIDE of you as a sort of “guide” as to what dimension you seem to be in. The reason I say it might not be accurate for you, or you won’t “resonate” with it is because you simply haven’t gotten there YET, 2 people will look at the exact same thing and see 2 different things every time, why?
      It’s simple really, All perception is formed through your personal “lens” therefore the minds of each will look from their unique experiences and perceptions, for one it could be their favorite color that they notice first while the other notices the smooth lines. What we live and experience forms the world we live in because it forms the Beings that we are.
      For example, if you were born into a world that had only ever known Joy/Love and no other emotion what would you think looking on a situation that illicit sadness to your standards?
      Would you even be able to describe it?
      Anyway, gettin carried away, apparently I’m in deep thought mode this morning!!!😂
      Love and Light to One and All
      Denise G