Your Inner Mystic Rises: Restoring Your Flow

Dear Cosmic Community,

Deep within each of us resides a magnificent, ethereal, energetic being of all-knowing; a resource to which there is no compare. That infinite being of light is you. Beyond your physical body and your human personality, both of which can be strongly identified as being ‘you’, there’s the real ‘you’ – the eternal soul. Soul is the one who is a part of everything; beyond all time and space, emanating through perpetual dimensions and realms of experiences. Have you ever thought of yourself in such a way? Have you ever considered that you’re mystical and that you’re divine?

In an increasingly hurried and dis-unified world, one that can take its toll on your mind, your body and soul, it can make a huge difference (and have a positive impact) when you have an awareness of your infinite being. Knowing and experiencing that you’re more than the physical and having a direct connection with your own divinity can set you on a harmonious path; a path and a life, that’s in the flow.

But, how do you get into the flow? How do you know when you’re in or out of it? What is ‘the flow’ and what does it have to do with your inner mystic? Let’s explore the fundamentals of flow and the importance of recognising and honouring the timeless soul that you are and all that you’re a part of…

Your inner reality – the mystic within
Let’s begin by exploring your inner reality; the reality that takes over when you close your eyes and allow your energetic presence to guide and direct your every thought and impulse. Try it now. Just close your eyes and notice the instant shift that takes place in your perception and awareness. Where can you feel your focus and gaze going to? Is it deep within your body? Is it towards your heart?

The mystical is that which is out of the ordinary or non-mundane. The mystical is that which we rarely touch and have less first-hand experience with. Hence, it’s less understood. The mystical can seem mysterious and often daunting to you. And yet, the mystical is your true nature. Some are instinctively drawn to the mystical aspects of life, to soul, spirit and the invisible realms. These tend to be the people who contemplate regularly, can relax their over-thinking mind and are comfortable handing over the zealous control of the head, to the heart. And yet some are afraid of the mystical, preferring to remain focused purely on the outside world of form, for fear or ignorance of what they cannot understand. Which are you? I trust that by the end of today’s blog post, you’ll be more open to the mystical and will be experiencing a direct connection with your own ‘inner mystic’.

Experience your divinity: in an instant
As you allow yourself to turn away from the lure of the physical and material world, you’ll notice that the act of ‘going within’ is as simple as closing your eyes. When you close your eyes, you’re instantly transported to the invisible realities; the realm of your infinite self. When you can go within like this, your alpha brainwave state (the slight meditative state of between 9 and 14 vibrations per second) is also invoked, which allows you to enter a healing flow. When you can remain in an alpha state for several minutes or more, you can then begin to access your deeper mind and your creative, imaginative state. The more that you can practice just closing your eyes and being still, the greater access you have to soul and to your spiritual reality. Peace and contentment flows from this…

“All of humanity’s problems stem from man’s inability to sit quietly in a room alone. What is essential is invisible to the eye”

— 17th-century French Philsopher, Mathematician and Spiritual Guide – Blaise Pascal

Shifting your Focus from the world ‘outside of you’
Indeed, by constantly focusing on the world outside of yourself it can be way too distracting to be seduced by the sights, sounds, tastes and feels of the material world. If you never consciously close your eyes to switch off from the fast paced beta brainwave state of physical life (between 15 and 30 vibrations per second) then you’ll likely miss the opportunity for the most elegant way in which to experience your divinity: in an instant!

Harmony and Flow
Which brings us to ‘harmony and flow’. What is harmony and flow and how do we know when we’re in it or out of it? Consider firstly that ‘harmony’ is a musical term. Harmony is produced when one or more sounds of different pitches are combined to create a tranquil effect, that’s uplifting and rejuvenating to all of the senses. And considering that sound is energy, one could say that harmony is the state produced when a combination of elements of different vibration come together to create a conducive frequency.

Harmony – an alchemical experience
Creating harmony in your life is akin to an alchemical experience. When you can bring together your energy and align it with the energy of another entity, so that the combination of vibrations produces a soothing effect, you are in effect, weaving magic in your life. It takes some effort to create harmony. One needs to be open to sharing and blending their energy with that of another. Harmony cannot exist where there’s selfishness or a fear of lack. Harmony comes from the openness of entities to join their forces together to create something beyond the ordinary. Harmony is ethereal, it’s divine, it’s a gateway to further your experience of your infinite soul and true nature.

Creating harmony
And so, whenever you have an opportunity to create harmony in your life, then follow through and do so. Be willing to bring your essence, your ideas, your imagination, your creativity and your expression of divinity to share with others and the environment around you. Allow yourself to see the good in all. Allow yourself to override negative thoughts that create disharmony.

Each day, look to ‘work with’ others and with nature and the flow (which we’ll address next) to invoke a beneficial, healing state. Learn to accept and understand your differences and how they can be blended together to create a harmonious effect that everyone benefits from. Experiment with ways in which you can create harmony with your words, actions, thoughts, feelings and deepest intent.

The Flow
And so, we come to the flow. Consider that flow is a fluid, active and yet also a still state. The flow is the state of connection with everything. Flow is being present (now and in the moment) so that ‘you’ merge into the vast infinite space of the all. When you’ve merged or connected with the flow, you’ll know, because everything in your life becomes easier. What you desire will come to you. What you do not desire will stay away from you. When you’re in the flow time melts away and you’re directed by the divine force of nature.

Getting into the flow
When you’re in the flow
, you merge with universal oneness. You move out of time and beyond the realm of your mortal, human persona and you become one with the divine and your soul state. But, how do you do this? How does one invoke and get into the flow? You can merge with the flow when you’re relaxed, receptive and have created an alpha brain wave state of 9-14 cycles per second. This is simple to accomplish.

ACCESS YOUR FLOW – Moving into the alpha/meditative state…

  1. Be somewhere where there are no distractions

  2. Just close your eyes

  3. Sit with a straight spine

  4. Breathe slowly in through your nose and out through your mouth

  5. Stay here a while

  6. And that’s it!

  7. Practice this several times a day and you’ll notice how life begins to flow for you

Restoring your flow
If you can recognise that you’ve disconnected from the flow and if you’ve noticed that life has become more static and difficult, then you may need to restore your flow. By coming back into the flow and by creating harmony in your life, you’ll open the gateways to abundance. Follow the practice to ‘be in the flow; that I’ve outlined above. Practice this several times a day for 5 minutes at a time, until you feel that life is flowing and that what you desire is once again being brought fluidly to you.

Physical Changes with Cosmic Energy Shifts
Restoring your flow may become a necessary process (on a daily basis) given that cosmic energy is constantly fluctuating. Everyone can set aside 5 – 10 minutes a day for such an important practice. In particular, your physical body can be impacted by significant planetary movements. This occurs when your energy body, which gives rise to your physical body, is constantly changing in vibration in response to mental, emotional and spiritual stimuli brought on by the movements of the planets and the stars.

Planetary activity in the form of solar flares, retrogrades, full and new moons, eclipses, equinoxes and solstices etc. serve to elevate the energy particles, which form the very basis of your soul. As you morph and change on an energetic level, so too does your physical body follow suit. For the physical body is formed from the divine blueprint and idea radiated outwards from your energy body.

I deeply understand what an impact and effect cosmic energy has on our human lives, which is why I’ve been reporting weekly, since 2003 on cosmic energy shifts and the challenges and opportunities that they bring in The Tip-Off Global Energy Forecast and Life Guide

Cultivating your wise soul within
As you learn to open up to your inner mystic’s divine guidance, as you create harmony, invoke the flow and work cosmic energy shifts in your favour, you’ll be cultivating the wise soul within. You have access to the infinite wisdom of the universe. It’s all within you, just waiting to be tapped into and channelled through the vehicle of your human life.

The real life – soul, the divine
You’ll discover that as you become more and more adept at accessing your inner mystic, through the practice of heart-felt daily meditation and being in the flow, that you begin experiencing what I call ‘the real life’.

“The real life is your direct experience of the wise soul that’s charting the course of your life”

— Elizabeth Peru

Can you just imagine how amazing it feels to hand over the workings of your life to your heart and to soul’s wise guidance? Rather than worrying, over-controlling outcomes and becoming frustrated and unsure about your every move, you instead totally trust in the divine source that’s leading you ahead. Why do you trust so openly? You trust so openly because you know that your leader (soul) is fully connected to and a part of the entire wisdom of the universe. Why wouldn’t you follow such a learned and all-knowing source?

You are an interpreter of the divine
Once you can trust in and allow your human personality to give over to direction from the wise, divine soul who is running your life (your inner mystic) then you allow yourself to become ‘an interpreter of the divine’. Becoming an ‘interpreter of the divine’ is (I feel) what we incarnate into human form for. It’s our role and duty to do our best to bring through soul’s guidance and messages and apply them in as pure a light, as possible. Imagine how magical and uplifting your life is when you tell yourself this each day…


Simple daily rituals to invoke your inner mystic, raise harmony and connect you to the flow:

  • You can bring the magic up in your life by walking ahead each day with spirit leading. Stepping left foot in front of right is stepping ahead with your spiritual foot and soul’s guidance showing the way. The left foot is your spiritual foot, governed by the right, intuitive side of your brain. Just look at any Ancient Egyptian relief to see evidence of the Goddesses and Gods (soul’s divinity) leading with their left foot. Your right foot is your physical life foot, governed by the logical, left side of your brain.

  • Practice a daily walking meditation. Walking and talking with spirit (out in nature) is something that I do every day.

  • Cultivate an assured awareness and a knowing that it’s normal and natural to be connected with spirit. It’s normal and natural to know this. Not knowing what you’re made of and who you are is what’s crazy in this world. You are NOT crazy. You are a soul.

  • Make it a daily habit to sit quietly, connecting with your inner mystic, with soul and your divinity within. You’ll become energised, in the flow, calm, peaceful and inspired. Your creativity will bloom and you’ll be less drained and physically taxed.

  • Establish a regular ‘Sacred Ceremony’. Perhaps you’ll burn incense or oils, invoke sacred sounds, chant, clear your space, dance, recite affirmations. Whatever it is for you, bring the divine to the fore, in your everyday life.

  • Work with the planetary alignments each day. Inform yourself of what’s happening cosmically so that you can consciously direct the unfolding of your soul, your life’s path and divine purpose. Life’s easier when you know what’s coming up next!

  • Read or listen to spiritual texts and journal your own channeled wisdom. Learn to trust in your direct divine connection.

**By Elizabeth Peru


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  1. Denise G

    I’m curious, it’s easier for me to do with my eyes open but I’m pretty sure that’s because I trained myself to do it that way as a child. I would slip into my own world whenever bored which was ALL the time but they would know I wasn’t paying attention if I closed my eyes so it’s quite easy for me to do in a room full of noise and activity.
    Does it make a difference or should I keep trying to do it the same way everyone else does so it will work like that?
    Thank you for any answers you may provide!
    Love and Light to All
    Denise G