Living in a Frequency Controlled Prison

The ultimate tyranny on a system of ultimate control is not martial law, it’s the psychological control through the manipulation of our consciousness. We’ve been controlled by a secret world government by those who live on Earth and in Space. They control us through frequency. It’s all unveiling itself on an accelerated rate through a mass human Awakening we’re currently experiencing.

Apocalypse-meaning, the “unveiling.” We’re all being distracted from what’s really going on behind that veil. Politics, sports, teLIEvision, a total fake illusionary world.

We live in a completely controlled artificial environment. All our thoughts and movements are predicted through the programming forced upon us. The deeper you go, the closer you get to the betrayal of the human race.

A perfectly programmed slave is one that is perfectly drugged, programmed and conditioned into global enslavement. In order to control a species, you take away their past, their history, their ancestry, its memories and downgrade their genetic blueprint. (DNA manipulation) Everything I just mentioned here has or is being done to us. Like I always say “look around you” it’s very apparent what they’re doing.

We live in a low frequency prison Matrix (Earth’s 3D realm) and with this mass human Awakening that’s happening to us and our planet, this secret global government of incredibly evil psychopaths are getting very, very desperate to hold onto power and control of the human being and Earth. FEAR has always been an effective tool used by these vile ghouls pushed by their henchmen of the MSM to control where our thoughts and emotions are directed. Fear is a master controller. We’re getting drugged and poisoned so heavily through our air, food, water and vaccinations etc. It’s all because they’re trying to stop this mass Awakening from happening to the human race. The raising of our consciousness/awareness!

This means our reality is becoming broader, which means we’re being introduced to higher knowledge, insight and wisdom and with this broader spectrum of reality comes the good and the bad but it’s all necessary. This broader reality is due to DNA activation which means we’re letting in more Light which is information. On a cellular level our cells are starting to break apart, not so congealed and coagulated. We’re literally becoming less dense making room for all that Light that carries an infinite amount of information. This is what these offworld controllers are trying to control and slow down but their attempt is futile.

For some of you this is hard to believe…I get that, but try explaining this and warning mankind about it…when so many are still so asleep. Like the saying goes ignorance is bliss, but it’s so incredibly dangerous.

**By Teri Wade


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  1. spiritual924

    I show one’s how to dissolve this illusion and even with the technique people turn away..fear has taken over and the Dark are controlling more than ever. I still stand firm and hold the Light. I’ve done my work…my love for humanity is hoping for all to awaken consciously…it’s daunting