Hakann: Q & A Session; The Galactic Federation of Worlds

My dearest brothers and sisters,

This is Hakann speaking. Many people have sent in questions. To me, this is a good sign that humanity is waking up.  I am grateful for all your questions.

Question: I am curious about RH negative blood lightworkers and children, is there any specific mission connected to us? Why does this mutation exists on Earth at all? I believe it is an outcome of a DNA research, but since this mutation involves a high risk for pregnancy I wonder how it is possible that there are still RH negative people existing?

Is there a way we can utilize the gifts connected to this mutation for the betterment of all people here?

Or maybe it doesn’t matter at all? 🙂

Do you Pleiadians have many blood types or just one?

Answer: Those are excellent and very perceptive questions, thank you.

RH negative blood is actually associated with reptilians.

People become wiser and more powerful if they have experiences and are touched by both the light and the dark. So from that point of view, having some reptilian-associated blood in your veins can be beneficial.

People with RH negative blood are not automatically evil or bad. Beings have free will – Earthlings certainly, but reptilians also. People with RH negative blood are still free to choose their own actions. There are also some reptilians who are on the side of the light.

Also, you don’t need to have RH negative blood to be an effective light worker. The channeler does not have RH negative blood, for example.

Not all RH negative light workers have the same mission. However, RH negative light workers are typically a bit more touched by the dark than other light workers, which give them an edge in certain tasks, such as directly researching or combating the forces of the dark. That said, I would primarily follow your own soul’s guidance – it will take into account your blood group and many other things.

Blood groups don’t have a huge impact on your life, but they do have a slight impact. Other blood groups have slight advantages too.

The RH negative mutation exists on Earth because lots of galactic races, including reptilians, long ago gave bits of their DNA to Earthlings. I describe this in my message “Hakann: history of humanity.” Since then, no one has interfered directly to eliminate RH negative blood, so it’s still there.

That is also why Earthlings look so different from one another. You have DNA from many different galactic races, and one Earthling has more DNA from one race and another Earthling has more DNA from another race.

Conversely, from an Earthling perspective, all of us Pleiadians look quite similar to another. In Earthling terms, we also only have one blood group.


Question: Can you see the change of our media narrative in the nearer future? By media I mean newspapers, radio and tv. We are staying patient in a shadow doing our work and raising the overall vibrations, but I believe media play a huge role in stopping people from waking up. I so wish for them all to understand the truth. Possibly it is much of a wish right now. 🙂
Many many thanks for asking the questions and for what you do.

Answer: Yes, this is a question that is on many Light worker’s mind. I appreciate you for asking what many people want to know.

Yes, it is very unfair and lonely and alienating that the media brainwashes most people.

However, we galactics are very hesitant to directly take over your media ourselves, for reasons outlined in the message: “Hakann: History of Humanity.”

What we hope is that Earthling counterforces will take over the media relatively soon and start broadcasting truth. From our personal perspective, the Earthling counterforces are moving slower than is optimal. Unfortunately, while some Earthling counterforces might be opposed to the dark controllers who want to control everything, this does not automatically mean that the Earthling counterforces are selfless spiritual masters. Some Earthling counterforces are motivated by greed or personal power or by wanting their specific country to succeed, more than they want all of humanity to be free. Some Earthling counterforces still like the idea of them being richer or more powerful or more influential than other Earthlings.

That said, from the perspective of the Earthling counterforces, we galactics do not understand the situation on the ground, and they are already moving as quickly as is practically possible. There is certainly some truth to the statement that actually living on Earth gives them a more on-the-ground perspective than we get in our luxurious crafts up in the sky.

That said, the sluggish pace of Earthling counterforces only slows down Earth’s liberation. It does not stop it. At one point, your media will start reporting truth and the vast majority of Earthlings will be united once again. This is going to happen, it’s just a question of “when.”

Also, the more that lightworkers help to increase the overall vibration, the closer that the point will come when media starts broadcasting truth again. Thank you for helping with this.


: Could you ask the Pleidians about the Star Wars movies. I have heard it is partly based on real galactic history. Do Galactics use light sabers?

Answer: Yes indeed, Star Wars was inspired by real galactic history. It is great that it and Star Trek have given Earthlings some soft disclosure.

I’ve actually sat down and watched Star Wars, as opposed to just downloading it into my brain as I do with many other parts of Earth’s culture. I liked it. I did not only enjoy seeing how real history was interpreted and turned into a quasi-fictional story by Earthlings, but I also just enjoyed the story for what it was.

You Earthlings are excellent storytellers. I think that once Earth is free, very many galactics will want to hear the stories of Earth.

In general, any work of fiction that strongly resonates with many people typically has some core of truth or some core of real hidden history to it. This doesn’t mean that every word literally happened, just that some of it was inspired by real events.

Light sabers were sometimes used, but more for sport or ceremonially or as a curiosity than for serious combat. From our perspective, your guns are very primitive, but even they would beat a light saber in a fight. If I gave you a light saber, could you win against someone armed with an assault rifle or even a minigun? Probably not.

I know that in the Star Wars stories, Jedis are supposed to be so good that they just stop or melt a swarm of bullets in mid-air, or dodge or parry that with supernatural speed. However anyone who can actually do that, could also just disable an enemy combatant with a thought, which is more efficient than charging them with a lightsaber.

Lightsabers are also not harder to avoid than one of our modern ranged weapons.

For combat in the real world, galactics use ranged weapons, psychic abilities and in a pinch their bodies. I am trained in what you would think of as a martial art, although ours uses the conscious manipulation of energy and incorporates psychic abilities. Alternatively, a reptilian could easily just rip a Earthling apart even without any kind of special training or a weapon.

That said, I cannot deny that light sabers are kind of fun and cool. If you want to handle a real-life lightsaber and we consider you to be careful and responsible enough for that, we could lend you one for a while. There are so many wondrous things we would like to show you once we have landed.


Question: When do you think the Galactics will begin contacting some of the lightworkers, physical contact? this is for Hakann.

Answer: A very, very few Lightworkers have already been physically contacted. These are primarily world leader or military commander or special ops Lightworkers, in order to coordinate and accomplish certain practical objectives. And in a few cases, we have physically sat down and talked with certain influential people, to give them information or to try and convince them to do certain things.

We have not yet visited most Lightworkers. For example, we haven’t physically met the channeler yet, even though Tunia and I and a bunch of other galactics would love to meet him. In fact, we would love to meet all Earthling lightworkers, just for the joy of connecting with you.

We have visited around 40% of light workers in their dreams, but often these dreams are not remembered.

It is hard to predict when exactly conditions will be right for us to start physically contacting the bulk of lightworkers. It depends on the choices that Earthlings make. There’s a good chance that this will happen between 2023 to 2026. But if Earthlings make choices that delay things, then it might only happen 20 years from now.


Question: I want to ask if the Pleiadian star system is mainly of what humans would consider “white” people?

Answer: Yes. From your perspective, most Pleiadians look like white people, with a nordic or Scandinavian appearance.

That said, there are other advanced, benevolent, human-like galactics out there who do not have a white skin.

Earthlings who look like us are not better or more valuable than Earthlings who do not look like us.


Question: Do Pleidians have pets?  How is the relationship with their people?  Also, are there wild animals there?  In both cases (domestic or wild) do you have telepathic communication with them?

Answer: Ah, excellent questions.

We do not have pets. We do have animal companions on our ships. These are not the property of any one individual, although these animals may choose to mostly spend their time with one or more specific individuals.

The ship we are on is intelligent. The ship itself takes care of the animals.

The animals do not attack us, for we are loving and unafraid. The animals have different levels of wildness to them. Some choose to spend most of their time with humans, others choose to spend most of their time among plants and trees and other animals on our ships.

We can communicate telepathically with animals. Different animals have different levels of consciousness, so with some the communication is a bit more sophisticated than with others. It has happened that we travelled to a planet, some animals chose to come along for the trip and they then chose to stay on that planet. Of course, we let them. We have also picked up certain animals this way.

Sometimes we joke that our ships are in fact animal transport vehicles, which the animals use to get from one planet to the other.

We love animals. I actually have one licking my hand right now. We also think that certain animals are excellent at teaching certain lessons to our children.


Question: Is there a Galactic Federation of Worlds?

Answer: Yes there is, but it is more a loose cooperation of beings who serve Source, than a formal entity that forces people to do what it says. As I discussed in my previous message: beings who genuinely serve Source do not write laws for other beings who serve Source. At most they will write guidelines or suggestions.

So there is no set of laws that the Galactic Federation forces me to follow. That said, there are many beings in the Galactic Federation who have specific skills and information that I do not have. Hence I can better serve Source by talking and cooperating with fellow people from the Galactic Federation. This kind of cooperation is what makes up the Galactic Federation of Worlds.

We do not have a formal hierarchy that is enforced with laws and punishment, but we do have what you could think of as a competency hierarchy. For example, people recognize that I have certain skills, so I am accepted as a military commander, which is roughly the equivalent of an Earth general.

However, I and others recognize that for example Ashtar Sheran is wiser and generally more skilled than I am. So when far-reaching and complex decisions have to be made, his voice weighs heavier than mine. He is higher in the competency hierarchy than I am, and he deserves to be there. That said, even he cannot be everywhere at once and so he delegates some work to me.

Arcturians are generally more spiritually developed than us Pleiadians. When it comes to sophisticated spiritual questions, I am not that high in that particular competency hierarchy. So I will often consult with my Arcturian brothers and sisters on these matters. They have no formal authority over me, but they do have a recognized high place in that competency hierarchy, and it would be foolish of me to ignore that. I would not be serving Source to the best of my abilities if I ignored the advice of people who I know are wiser than me.

Often placement in Earth hierarchies is not determined by competence but instead by power or wealth or nepotism or corruption or physical characteristics or by having the right views. Of course, we agree that this is bad. However, hierarchies are simply necessary in order for society to function. Just picture an operating room where something unexpected happens, and the surgeon can’t act until he convinces the nurse that his act is the right one. Often the patient would just die in that case.

So hierarchies are necessary. You just need to make sure that placement in the hierarchy is based on merit.

Many of the problems that occur with Earth hierarchies are not present for us, because our primary concern is serving Source and not personal gain. Someone low in the competency hierarchy is not ashamed of being there, because he or she too is serving Source, just as people higher in the competency hierarchy are.

Plus we have a growth mindset. I was an ordinary soldier at one time, and now I am a commander. Many positions high in the hierarchy require that you have done some lower-position tasks for a time. We also live for many hundreds of years, so there is plenty of time to work our way up and try our hand at different tasks.

And we are all mind readers, so it is very obvious to every one of us where people deserve to be in the respective competency hierarchies. People with less inborn gifts are loved just as much by Source as people with more inborn gifts, so who are we to consider them to have less value as people?

This is also another advantage that positive extraterrestrials have over negative extraterrestrials. If someone at the very top of our hierarchy would die or get taken out, then we would very quickly find the most capable person and promote him or her to the top spot of our hierarchy. This would not have a big impact on the overall effectiveness of the Galactic Federation of Worlds.

Conversely, if the top person in a negative hierarchy dies or gets taken out or even just shows weakness, then often there’s paralysis in the organisation, or a bloody power struggle, or the organisation fractures into multiple new sub-organisations.

So in summary: yes there is a galactic federation of worlds. It is a group of like-minded beings working together so that they may better serve Source. There is no galactic federation of world leadership that forces people who serve Source to follow certain laws. However, if Source asks them, they may intervene in situations where people are being directly harmed by someone else.


Question: I often see a tictac craft on our skies. Is there any reason why certain people see alien ships or this is pure incident and there is no plan behind that?

Answer: We have indeed been saying “hi” to you in this way. We’re happy to hear from you!

We are able to cloak ourselves. Letting Earthlings see is us a conscious choice that we generally only make for two reasons, and you’ve seen us in both contexts. One reason is to wake up groups of people to the fact that we galactics exist, and to make people a bit more accustomed to our presence. For this, we choose to appear in places where that is beneficial for the people there to see us.

We do enjoy showing ourselves to Earthlings and energetically feeling their reactions, but we will only do so if we judge this to be beneficial for those Earthlings.

The other is to wave to one particular individual. We might just want to say hi, or to show that we haven’t forgotten them, or that they are not crazy and that we really do exist. Often this individual is a light worker and sometimes this individual has shared past lives with some of us.

Recall that most Pleiadians are many hundreds of years old. So it’s entirely possible that two adult-age Pleiadians are friends or lovers or family members. Then perhaps one of them transitions and is now an adult Earthling, but the other Pleiadian is still alive and still remembers their friend or lover or family member.

For example, the channeler in one past life was born as a Pleiadian. Then he chose relatively quickly to end that Pleiadian life in order to be born on Earth. However, his Pleiadian mother is still alive today and still loves him dearly. She would love to meet up with the channeler once more.

So as you can see, many of you Lightworkers have galactic brothers and sisters and fathers and mothers and sons and daughters alive today, who still knew you from when you shared a past life with them. And they sometimes “wave” at you by showing themselves in a ship.

Many of us Pleiadians don’t only see you Earthlings as our metaphorical brothers and sisters. Some of us Pleiadians alive today, literally remember spending time with you when you were physically living with us in one of your past lives.

The same goes for the other galactic races, such as Arcturians.

And yes, we are very eager to meet you once more. That time is coming.

Thank you all for your questions. I love you very much. In the medium term, very good times indeed are coming.

Your star brother,

For Era of Light
** Channel: A.S.

** Source

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  1. Gwenyth Freeman

    Thank you Hakann and also Tunia. In the midst of all that is transpiring on our world, I always feel so refreshed and uplifted by reading what you and others from other not from earth cultures have to say to encourage all of us. Thank you also to the channeler, AS. Iam aware that this job can be tiring. Thank you once again. I look forward to hearing more, when you can take time to talk with us and especially when we finally meet

  2. CornFarmerGirl

    I would like to start a real Jedi order. We would be trained to use telekinesis, teleportation, and learn to use both a blaster/ray gun and the Lightsaber. We would be sent out on missions across the stars for the preservation of peace and justice. Jedi eliminate dark forces rescuing the captive etc. As Jedi we can wear specialized robed armor that is impervious/immune against other weaponry. The combination of swordsmanship and marksmanship, powers that we draw from our source, and reflection on the beauty of the source/meditation. We work closely with GFL. It would be interesting to take that approach inspired from the movies. I do not know how effective or necessary it would all be in comparison to other members of GFL. As a Star Wars fan I would say for many a dream come true. How would Pleiadians construct the Lightsaber I wonder.

  3. CornFarmerGirl

    I would like to start a real Jedi order. We would be trained to use telekinesis, teleportation, and learn to use both a blaster/ray gun and the Lightsaber. We would be sent out on missions across the stars for the preservation of peace and justice. Jedi eliminate dark forces rescuing the captive etc. As Jedi we can wear specialized robed armor that is impervious/immune against other weaponry. The combination of swordsmanship and marksmanship, powers that we draw from our source, and reflection on the beauty of the source/meditation. We work closely with GFL. It would be interesting to take that approach inspired from the movies. I do not know how effective or necessary it would all be in comparison to other members of GFL. As a Star Wars fan I would say for many a dream come true. How would Pleiadians construct the Lightsaber I wonder.

  4. Wiseman

    Hakann. If you can please answer before time runs out, is there help in the higher dimensions for earth virgins to somehow be able to experience some kind of physical body intercourse?? Are there any Pleidian females who serve a purpose as a surrogate teacher like here on earth? The Christ being said all things are indeed possible, many men would like that experience so as to learn and have balanced energy and for the fun and enjoyment of it as married couples do, many Thanks, Todd n Toronto

  5. Raimondo

    Ciao hakan ti saluto a e a tutti i pleadiani e tutti che leggono su questo sito, spesso uso un protocollo per invitare a interagire con me qua sulla terra con tutti gli extra mondo benevoli che vogliono accettare il mio invito, spero che un giorno sentirai la mia chiamata 🥰🙏.Poco tempo cmq anche per pochi secondi ho avuto un contatto visivo di 6 astronavi,nel mio ❤️ sentivo che eravate voi.Rinnovo il mio invito e sono sicuro di incontrarci presto,ti saluto e ti auguro di diventare ancora più saggio di quello che sei ora.❤️🙏✨☀️😀

  6. Jérèmy Mary

    Question :pour Tunia et Hakann. si nous sommes venu du future pour aider l’humanité à ascensionné nous sommes donc des êtres déjà ascensionné ? de quelle niveau DIMENTIONNEL somme nous ? avant l’incarnation ? si oui… Avant de nous incarné avions nous une famille ? si oui notre partenaire nous a t’elle suivie ou nous attend t’elle ? pourquoi certaine personne ne se souvienne pas qu’elle rêve de nos rencontre…? pourquoi toute nos rencontre sont t’elle effacé a quelle moment nous, nous souviendrons de nos rencontre voyages astral et rêve ? merci dans l’attente de vos réponse je vous aime et j’aimerais avoir un contact que je me souvienne je serais ravis de faire partie des premier a entré en contact avec vous les pléiadiens et arcturiens ainsi que les andomédiens et tous les autre hâte que les divulgation soit exposé en grand jour. car je sais que beaucoup attende se moment, car pour moi c’est à nous de décider, et NON à ceux qui nous gouverne et menthe depuis toujours.

  7. AGERanger

    So, not finding “Hakann: History of Humanity” on the Era of Light web site or on the channeler’s youtube site, where can I actually read this post?

  8. Denise G

    Apparently I have known from the beginning I was just given the “clarification” on this but I Am going Home to Source. I was shown how I was just not believing in that knowledge. You see there were times during this life where I would curl up into a rocking ball and all I could say is “I wanna go home!” Over and over again, the weird thing was I would ALWAYS be at HOME. When this started 2 years ago I finally understood what I would MEAN so “going home” has been a very strong theme in my life here and I was afraid to believe in what I knew but I’m not any longer.
    I Am unclear on what I can and can’t say on it but it was why I was shown what I was shown, to understand how we All come from Source, who We ARE. I’m thinking that more of Us are going Home to Source than may even realize it but that’s just a guess.
    She says it is why She gave me the “Senior Year” analogy trying to make me see the synchronicities that were laid out for me but she says I have a very hard head!!!😂
    When I was shown the Creation of Duality I glossed over details of what I was shown on here because I really am not sure what I can and can’t say so I’m basically winging it as I always do in life! But I was shown Source taking Form and flying through that giant portal into the darkness. Mother IS both Sophia and Michael but that IS just the First Form that Sparked OFF from the Source, so Source.
    I Am very aware how many will think I lost my marbles again but I can’t help that because if you’re not ready to understand then you won’t. So I’m good with that. Lol
    It was the path She took to show me Who She truly IS and how We are All One and it’s finally starting to integrate thank goodness!!!
    We are ALL so very much MORE Blessed than We ever even realized.
    Love and Light to All
    Denise G


      May I ask how you were shown? I use to have vivid dreams. One in particular, I was guided to a portal. I knew that if I went through I would know all the answers to my questions, but I had the feeling I wouldn’t necessarily come back after I had stepped through.

      1. Denise G

        I used to have them too, I had some control over them years ago as well but it’s been a decade at least since I’ve been able to recall ANY dreams.
        Not sure what the reason is but I know there is one.
        I actually can’t Meditate like most people, bought books and everything but I have an actual brick wall in there, seriously that’s what I actually see, no way through it but I started realizing recently that my childhood held a few answers.
        I was one of those “unfocused” kids, nice term for wouldn’t pay attention and daydreaming. Whenever I was in a situation where I would get bored I would shift my focus and go into my own little world, same process as when I would dream at night, I pick the stage and watch it play out. Did that my whole life until 10-15 years ago I just kinda stopped.
        It’s the synchronicities like that one that you follow, your I Am has spent a lifetime laying down “breadcrumbs “ to the truth of WHO you are for THIS moment in time, TRUST them and follow them. I did and that’s how I found out that I was basically meditating just in a different way. I Am had been communicating with me through those daydreams, you can do it ANY time, use headphones if it helps. I don’t know if it works that way for everyone but I get lists of information and usually a few call backs to the past I can no longer remember until I need to. Can’t get used to how that change is working, still feels a lil weird.
        The point is it could be ANYTHING, only YOU can tell because these “clues” were set up BY you FOR you and you WILL know them almost as if they are ringed in shiny halos saying “here I Am”!!!
        It doesn’t take much, just that leap of faith and it will open up wide!
        May you be blessed with that which you seek!!!
        Love and Light to One and All
        Denise G

  9. gaffer

    There are no specific questions and no specific answers. General topics are water, specific actions are needed. On this planet, everything is bought for money – corruption. Earthlings are not able to move a stone from the dead center.

  10. Denise G

    Thanks so much Hakaan!!!
    How about if your human suit does NOT have RH Negative?
    Mom was a geneologist who did our entire lines as far back as she could when I was young so as I became a teenager I found out I was actually “in line” for a throne sort of!😂
    Apparently I descend from some Royalty, been so long I can’t remember which one exactly but I’m also certain it was Scottish. Moms side I’m fairly certain.
    Anyway when I first started this journey Consciously 2 years ago I remember coming across random information on this site about how Royal blood is Reptilian blood so it freaked me out for quite some time.
    Of course now I realize much more about the nature of Us I have no fears on that score but find I Am curious.
    Oh and the last time I spoke to you you seemed to get kinda worried that I was communicating with Dark entities possibly but it’s all good, I understand a little bit more now, I was actually shown the “Big Bang”!!!!
    Didn’t realize at the time what it was but it was pretty awesome!
    While I now know the mechanism that allows for Duality to exist I don’t understand the HOW of it yet but that will come in due time as all things do.
    I swear, NOTHING in this entire experience has happened in an “order”, linear order I mean, thinking back on it I have been given these downloads and sometimes it seems almost as if the discovery process is working BACKWARDS weirdly!😂
    First I “know” things then after integration I “feel” them. But first I have to reach “knowing” before feeling which for my human mind is weird. I can regularly know something as opposed to “knowing” something first, then at some future point when I Am ready I will get the “knowing” then after differing period links depending upon subject I integrate and finally “feel” it.
    Is that how it’s supposed to work cuz I’m kinda tired of being the oddball of this group!😂🤣😂
    Thank you so much, ALL of you
    Love and Light to One and All
    Denise G

    1. Denise G

      I probably should have stated I do NOT have RH Neg blood which is why I was curious, the more info you have and all that!😉


    I have decided not to trust ANY “alien” entity if they work with our very corrupt governments and military. If you can not contact the regular people then I will not listen and believe what you have to say.

  12. Sander

    Thank you so much for your messages, Hakann and Tunia.
    The message “ Hakann: History of Humanity” is mentioned before but I am not able to find it, and I’m very interested.
    Could it be posted again please, or a link to it? Thank you.