Message from Albert Einstein: Earth is the Greatest Show in the Multiverse

Hello friends, I am Albert Einstein. I am one of the many who are observing and participating within this grand cosmic experiment and experience. It is an experience of enormous proportions. Galactic communities are all closely watching your progress, and it is not “The Greatest Show on Earth”, but “Earth is the Greatest Show in the Multiverse.” You are all esteemed participants. Many of you have intergalactic followings!  Do not be so modest. You are well loved and cheered on.

I have always been one with a penchant for experiments, for thinking the deeper thoughts that lead into questions of more questions, into the realm of the unknown. That is where I like to be, where I like to think. But it all comes down to love. Love is the ultimate scientific answer. Love is the fabric of all things. I saw it when I was doing my deep thinking on Earth,  but if I had said so plainly, no one would have believed me. Those were different times, lower times and understanding was dimmed.

The lights are coming on now. It is as if a whole new variable was added to the earth equation. The variable, in this metaphor, is the increase in light. Of course, of course no detail has been left out. And friends, that includes you! You are one of the most important, most intricate details of this entire project. You! You are the linchpins. You are love and light embodied, anchoring the greater light and bridging it into the lesser light realms.

Do not discount your experiences. This one and many others this last week or so has had a tricky time navigating the energies. It’s alright. It’s alright. It is to be expected now and again to hit a bit of a bump. These are bumpy times. These are times of intense entropy and a variety of colliding forces that are vying not only for your attention but for your life force. It is no small task to simply live on earth at this time. Allow yourselves the love within to accept where you are. We do. We accept you where you are. It is like watching the grand movie where you are cheering on the hero and suddenly the hero is met with an injury or a challenge. It is a common theme in the hero’s journey. You are heroes to Earth, to Gaia. You are heroes to us, and we wish for you to see yourselves that way.

Energy is not diminishing, it is accelerating. The inter-particle inter-cohesive forces of love are accelerating. (I am seeing atoms spin and glow more brightly.) Love is becoming more fully embodied in this realm.

I am Einstein.  When I died I was an old man with a young mind. Here my mind is unhindered from the aches and pains of the human body, or the psychological warfare of societal norms. It is quite freeing to be on this side of things. I hold you in the highest esteem. It will not always be road blocks and bumps. But love the moment you are in.

(I am seeing a child scrape their knee and a mother clean the wound with love.) Love your own inner wound, yes? Perhaps that is the lesson. All of the woundings of this realm are coming up for the bandage, for the love, for the “I see you, I see your hurt and I send love and light to you.” That is what is happening.

And so it is a glorious thing, this embodiment. You can experience all things from all angles for all of yourselves are up for review in a way, which has not really happened before.

I m Einstein, scientist, friend, lover of love and light. I am your friend. Intermolecular physics has always interested me, and how the movement of space time is quantum. I see Earth becoming more quantum because you yourselves are opening up the human vessel to more light and love,  and you are becoming the quantum force. They do not want you to know this. But that is what is happening. That is what is happening.

I feel like I should be showing you equations and formulas but this one is not this sort of scientist and ah, there are times and places for such things. Know that the physics works out. The mathematics of Ascension Gaia works out. Allow the light to work its way out, through and into you. You friend, are the glue to this. You should be proud, not should, there are no ‘shoulds’, but you would be proud if you could see your energetic plasma radiance as I see you.

I am Einstein. I have missed this human interaction. It is not quiet on this side though, do not be mistaken into the assumption of boredom on this side of things. There is no boredom. But there is freedom of space, of thought, of understanding deeper questions, and this is freeing to my soul. I do not know when I will be embodied again. I am enjoying the space of where I am. The detachment of it.  When  you are detached you can truly see. I didn’t understand this. You don’t think you are attached when you are. And yet I loved my family, I will always love my family. Some of you are aspects of my family and of course I love you too.

Friends. Welcome home. The higher lights welcome you. You are doing important work. Very important. Perhaps I will speak again? I am yours, respectfully, Albert Einstein.

**Channel: Galaxygirl

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    yes sweet, i chat w him once, he was missing to have more social relations when he lived