Ashtar: TV Sucks Your Joy

Greetings, I am coming to you as Ashtar.  The message I want to give the world is this; You are being deceived.

Election results should not have occurred as they did.  We are well aware of the deceit occurring on Earth.  For those of you on the ground you have to live through it.  But don’t be of it.  Angry at what is occurring? You need to look past it.  The deceit is not impacting your personal life, is it?  Then watch it just like a movie.  Say, “That is interesting, but I will go back to my life now.”  Don’t get so angered at what you cannot control.  I tell you this with all sincerity, the governments are crumbling.  They cannot hold up their façade much longer.  The deceit comes forward and is exposed.  More eye-opening occurrences will wake up the people.  Let these things happen.  It will become so obvious of the control.  Election officials will have you think the people voted, but in reality, machines were calibrated for a desired outcome.  What we want to happen is the people recognize what is going on and enlighten themselves.  The Great Reset is happening.

Politics is not the most important thing in the world.  What is happening in your community should be a concern, not the national news.  Can you control the floods in another state; not any more than you can control the weather.  So don’t be concerned about things that do not affect your day to day.  Stick to your community happenings.  What is being shown to you is an agenda.  Let’s put in some fear tactics… with some drama… and you will watch it night after night… believing that those things are happening to you.  Ground yourself, there is no need to partake in the larger agenda.  Wake up, learn to read the clouds for your weather, talk with your neighbors, and enjoy your day.  Keep the TV off.  That is the healthiest advice we can give you.  To those souls that adore TV why must you have it?  What hole is it trying to fill?  Analyze why do you watch it.  Are you trying to be informed?  Do you lack a social connection with others?  Are you looking to have someone fill your time?  Analyze the reason for your TV watching.

My dearest children, my mission today is to plant that seed again.  The news is giving you an agenda.  Being involved in your communities is of better value.

I am Ashtar and I will speak to you again.

**Channel: Krista Energeticleigh


6 Replies to “Ashtar: TV Sucks Your Joy”

  1. harrrrrie

    I’m not convinced that midterm election results are due to fraud. Need to see the evidence or hear a whistle blower. Anyhow, the Deep State (Annunaki/Dracos/etc) which was more powerful six years ago wanted Hilary Clinton for president but someone in the Cabal/Illuminati/Globalists/Elites/Khazarian Mafia messed up and they made Trump president by mistake. I imagine some heads rolled in the Cabal from that mistake as the DS was unforgiving and didn’t care about the Cabal at all. They treated the Cabal like the Cabal treats us, with disdain. Obviously the DS wanted Obama for president thinking he would be easy to mold, but Obama knew about the Deep State/Cabal and how to get around them and was able to get some things in our favor. I don’t think the DS had anything to do with the Biden election because they have lost their power, but I think the Cabal had some influence. That it changed the outcome to Biden’s favor is still up in the air, no proof and no whistleblowers.

  2. Billy

    Stolen elections. Corrupted politicians. Mad scientists. Bad doctors. High inflation. Plandemic. Climate hoax. Chemtrails. Food shortages. Debt. Border crisis. Housing crisis. Clot shots. Fake news. Evil world leaders. No free energy.
    Forgotten history. Lost centuries. Great dystopian reset. Mind control. Weather manipulation. Suppressed technologies. Food allergies. Malnutrition. Rejection.

    Yes the dark ones have control over this planet. Yes the negativity impacts everyone’s personal life. There is not much freedom when they attack all of humanity. Communities are supposed to be supported by responsible governments. I am somebody who looks to the horizon/future/brighter sides of things. But trying to ignore the problems and turning away from issues will not solve them. What is happening on this planet is not a movie. Do not take it lightly. Boots on the ground and off to work everyone. Utopia is not just an external manifestation. Paradise is the internal benevolent transformation of every source being on this earth. Yes you all read that correctly. Utopia will arrive from within each and every one of us and than becomes a physical manifestation because outer appearances do in fact reveal inner appearances.
    Ashtar can you please go and watch Pierre Poilievre on youtube? I need the GFL to understand that conservatives all over the world are trying to make a big difference. The liberals/democrats/globalists/kazarians/freemasons/illuminati/MSM/communists/Marxists/WHO/WEF/ are all aligned with the Draconian adversaries. Action must be taken soon. Please do not think this life is comfortable for many of us lightworkers. We desire only paradise. I serve my beautiful source and praise be given for all of creators divine creations. Amen.

  3. Denise G

    There’s one thing I would like to add, fighting is useless as all things are true to the beholder. Once you realize this there is nothing to fight over, just the recognition that that person resides in a different dimension currently than you do, as they rise so will their dimensions and what truths they see next.
    So don’t argue, recognize that person is in a different place on THEIR journey and bless them with a smile and move on with the conversation. They will arrive when they’re ready, their Higher selves have set their paths in motion before THEY came just as yours did, follow YOUR path, not someone else’s or else you might end up worse off and confused. Only YOU know what’s truly in your Heart and THAT is where Source speaks from.
    Love and Light to All and One
    Denise G

  4. Denise G

    Thank you but there are things here that do not resonate and actually cause some confusion! I Am grateful for the messages I would just like to add something that may help anyone in a different dimension is all.
    First of all, you have to understand that this entire planet is a SCHOOL now what happens when you finish a grade in school? You take a short break and come BACK to the next Grade level.
    Now in order to Graduate and get IN to “college” you MUST take an EXAM and THAT is what is going on right now.
    You see your BELIEFS are the guide to the dimension in which you reside therefore when you Observe the outer world around you THAT is what you will see.
    Look at it THIS way, EVERYTHING IS TRUE of you reside in THAT dimension. All these things ARE there, for everybody but YOU pick out the messages YOU see, by Divine Design, it’s a kind of “fail safe” I guess, if you can’t SEE it then you can’t ACCESS IT.
    Our Higher Selves have been prepping Us All for this from Day One of our arrival here, heck, BEFORE our arrival, they have built YOU an entire LIFETIME of Touchstones to help and guide you.
    If you could take a birds eye view of your entire life in a sense these things would make a map of sorts that will lead you to where you should be. It’s not the best analogy but it’s close enough for this.
    Now you can hide from TV all you want if you so choose BUT it’s ALL filled with messaging YOU choose the messages based on YOUR perceptions, there are messages that can guide you to the Dark OR the Light depending upon which YOU see.
    When my switch was first flipped a couple years ago I was seeing messages in EVERYTHING I watched, even old stuff, BOTH sides, the BEST part was that I could tell WHICH “side” they came from even though there are TRULY NO SIDES HERE. You see it ALL works together to educate us enough to keep our evolution moving forward, we are in the process of GRADUATION and this can either be a Buffy style Graduation Day or an Elle Woods but that choice depends upon YOU and what YOU choose to vibrate at.
    And it IS a choice, I just spent my birthday weekend passing kidney stones and it was the most AMAZING birthday in my 54 years!!! Because I chose it to be so yes you can choose how you feel, in fact ONLY you can choose. Just like only you can CHOOSE what YOU BELIEVE IN. It’s ALL choice.
    Just keep going, keep climbing and before you know your looking around in a different dimension.
    Love and Light to All and One
    Denise G

  5. LJ

    Thank you, Ashtar and Krista, for this very common sense message that puts a lot of things into perspective for me (and probably many others, too!).