Pleiadian High Council: The Mathematics of Awakening

Greetings dear ones. We are the Pleiadian High Council. It is an honor for us to communicate with your earth human collective on this wondrous day.

As the shape and hue of humanity changes, you come ever-closer to that divine perfection from which you were created. As the spiraling mathematics spins you from one dimension to the next, from one density of consciousness to the next, you approach that which is much closer to your true essence, to your true form, and to your true divine brilliance.

This is the shift. This is the ascension. This is the awakening of your species into such a deep level of unity that when you emerge from this process, much like a butterfly from its cocoon, you will have changed so dramatically that you will no longer recognize your earth as it is now.

For although you are seemingly surrounded by much chaos and disillusionment, this is but the expression of the unbalanced mathematics that must come into frequency lock and harmony with the new earth dimension that you are awakening into.

The grid systems of your reality are shifting and phase-locking into a new dimensional expression, and as such, this tends to cause what is typically viewed as chaos. But this is simply the mathematics of a system going into disorganization, and then into stillpoint, in order to emerge evolved in a higher form. This is happening on an individual, societal, and collective level within every being upon your planet.

We are; we can be; we come to serve as a focal point ~ a light in the darkness upon which you can focus, keeping yourself steady in your forward movement; keeping yourself rooted as the rest of you unfolds and expands into a greater reality.

We are here so that you don’t get lost in the chaotic darkness of change. We are here with a message of love, of support, of guidance ~ for we have always been here with you and will continue to do so. As the veils of our respective realities begin to thin and fade to nothingness, our realities become ever closer. The days are at hand when we will be able to interact in a more physical and present aspect.

While this is something you may hold in heart and in mind as an inspiration to keep you moving forward, do not let our inevitable reunification be a thing that you wait upon, therefore stalling your own progression and awakening; waiting for a moment for an external force to come and “save” you. It is up to each and every individual upon your own earth to be the light that awakens your collective out of its present illusion of reality.

We are but humble guides and observers who can offer love and light, wisdom and guidance. But the work must be done by each and every individual upon your planet. Just know we are here to support and to serve you. As our realities come closer to the point of merging and emergence, the help we are able to provide will become more substantial.

But the hardest part must be done by your collective.

Just know there are many different species from many different planetary and star systems, even galaxies.  All are here watching and observing you, supporting you in love, light, energy and wisdom.

These are all the tools you need to fill your consciousness with the necessary components to awaken self and others. The day comes ever-closer when we will reunite as brothers and sisters of spirit; as divine humans; as beautiful souls and oversouls, all united in a common goal and purpose: The unity consciousness that binds us all.

Always know that you are loved, and you are never alone.


**Channel: Ben Rafael Guevarra

**Shared per request via email

2 Replies to “Pleiadian High Council: The Mathematics of Awakening”

  1. Denise G

    Thank you! I was wondering if you might know why “The Cloud” is suddenly downloading information about the Multiverse into my head?
    So far it’s been all about dimensions but suddenly yesterday it started dropping in stuff about Russian Nesting Dolls and traveling the Multiverse!!!
    Now the Nesting Dolls are an analogy my I Am has used before but with dimensions and now it’s suddenly Got an entire new level to it. And besides, how do you even KNOW when you’re the OUTER Doll anyway? Sorry if that’s confusing to anyone reading it but it’s kinda confusing to me too, maybe we use different analogies for different things, just saying is all.
    Did I get this download on accident somehow, pull the wrong thread or are we suddenly going mobile???
    And does this mean that the only split second piece of a dream I’ve had in YEARS was actually REAL? Did I really DIE in another Universe with my cat? I Am SO confused 😳
    I will admit I wasn’t expecting even MORE confusion when I finally reached THIS point!😂
    Oh well, calling it a “plot twist” and gonna wait to see how it shakes out I guess, it is what it is after all, can’t be anything else.
    Love and Light to All and One
    Denise G