Tunia: Suffering Is Not Good For People

My dearest brothers and sisters,

This is Tunia speaking. I love you so very much.

As explained in previous messages, there’s a group of hostile galactics, demons and their Earthling minions that have been ruling Earth for millennia. We call these the dark controllers.

This current time is about Earthlings breaking free from this control. This is why this period is so confusing and why nothing really seems to make sense. I guarantee that Earthlings will break free. However, this is not an easy or painless process.

These hostile galactics and demons feed off the negative emotions of Earthlings. Your suffering is literally food for them.

If you have ever wondered why there is so much suffering in the world, this is why. Your society is literally set up to maximize suffering, without making it obvious that you are being ruled by a small group of dark controllers.

After all, if the majority of Earthlings ever realized what was going on, they could put a stop to it, as is happening now.

If I asked you to design a global Earthling farm that maximizes suffering, without making it obvious to the Earthlings that you are controlling and farming them, could you design a more effective system than what currently exists?

This is why everything is currently so terrible on your world. You are living in a global farm that harvests human suffering.

These dark controllers parasite on Earthlings because they have disconnected themselves from Source. Because they have disconnected themselves, they do not directly receive the only energy in the entire universe: LoveLight. Instead they parasite this energy indirectly, from other beings – in this case, from suffering Earthlings.

That said, these beings could restore their connection to Source in a literal minute and resume gaining LoveLight, simply by genuinely feeling remorse for their actions and asking Source to take them back under His / Her wing. Source is infinitely loving and infinitely forgiving, after all. So you don’t need to worry about what will happen to these dark controllers once they stop being a parasite on Earthlings. They can simply turn to Source and if they do, they will be fine. They know this, they just choose to be parasites instead.

Now, suppose you are indeed designing a global farm that harvests human suffering. What is one message that is absolutely essential to tell Earthlings, over and over and over again? It is this: suffering is good for you.

It is obvious why this message is important to tell Earthlings, right? This way they won’t revolt against a society that causes them to suffer, and instead they will just allow themselves to be farmed.

However, this message “suffering is good for you” is yet another example of what we call “inverted information.” Inverted information is a message that is the exact opposite of what is actually true.

Demons and their human minions really love spreading information that is the exact opposite of what is actually true, just as they enjoy inverting symbols or turning symbols upside down. For example, the upside down cross is a popular symbol among minions of demons, although it can also be used as the Cross of Saint Peter.

Demons enjoy taking existing symbols and turning it upside down. Or they enjoy spreading inverted information, the exact opposite of what is actually true.

This is because they are disconnected from Source and do not gain LoveLight from Source. Hence they literally do not have creativity. If you gave a demon a sheet of paper and a pen and asked them to draw something, they literally could not do so. They cannot create anything, they can only twist and corrupt and destroy existing things. Hence they invert symbols and they invert information.

As we stated, one piece of inverted information that they spread is: “suffering is good for you.” No, in fact, suffering is bad for you.

One way to illustrate this is the following. We Pleiadians are practically the same people as Earthlings. We are so alike that Pleiadians and Earthling can have children together in the normal way. In fact, in these messages we have been using the term “human” to refer to both Pleiadians and Earthlings.

However, we Pleiadians experience zero or practically zero suffering in our lives, in Earthling terms. And this is the most important factor why we are so loving. We are not better people than you are – we simply did not suffer as you did, and so our hearts did not close to protect itself. And so we love.

Or consider Earthling vs Pleiadian children. Our children do not suffer and are not controlled by us – we never tell them that they must do this or what they must believe or what they must think, except in the rare cases where they could seriously hurt themselves otherwise. At most we will answer questions and share our perspectives, while clearly stating that these are perspectives.

And because our children do not suffer, they automatically develop what you would consider to be supernatural abilities. Even if we do not discuss supernatural abilities with a child or show these to them, even then our children usually spontaneously develop them.

This is not because our children are somehow inherently better than yours. In fact, Earthling children have a greater psychic potential than ours because of their more diverse DNA. No, it is simply the case that if children do not suffer, they automatically develop innate abilities. This is natural. Your children do not develop these abilities because on your world, nearly all children suffer, for example by being told what to do, or what to think, or what to believe, or what not to do.

Yes, it causes suffering to a child to be told what to do, what to think, what to believe or what not to do, except in cases where it is made very clear to the child that this is needed to prevent direct serious harm to them. When we share information, we present this as being our perspective, not as this being absolute truth that the child has to believe. This actually makes a big difference.

We do not force our children to sit in a classroom and learn things they don’t want to learn. Instead if a child wishes to learn about say drawing, we ask a suitably skilled adult to show them ways in which they can draw.

We do have something similar to a primary school that teaches basic information, but it is short and voluntary. Children can decide to take a break from this school to, let’s say, meet various kinds of animals for a month before resuming their lessons.

If ever an Earthling tried raising a child in this Pleiadian way, they would be absolutely shocked at the wisdom that the child would show. In fact, if an Earthling child was raised in such a way, they could easily become a spiritual teacher of mankind, even when still a child. Children often have profound wisdom in them.

However, suffering closes people’s hearts. It shuts off the mind – heart connection and the mind – soul connection. It makes people turn away from their brothers and sisters. It creates shame. It shuts down supernatural abilities, wisdom and it saps people’s strength and joy and lifeforce.

Some people may say that suffering brings wisdom or compassion. Well yes, in some situations it can, but you can also gain wisdom and compassion without suffering. We Pleiadians are able to accomplish that just fine.

Humans, whether Earthling or Pleiadian, are inherently motivated to learn and explore and experience things. Suffering can shut down this natural desire. Because of suffering, some people become so hurt that they just start auto-piloting through life, never trying out anything new. And so sometimes these people get shaken awake by some further suffering that befalls them, and this further suffering gets them out of their auto-pilot. And thus, this suffering may seem beneficial to them.

However, if these beings had never suffered in the first place, then they would never have switched into auto-pilot mode in the first place.

If we had a hurt person in our care, we wouldn’t hurt them even further in order to so-called motivate them. We would care for them and give them what they needed and we know that in time, their natural motivation would come back.

This is also why I very much do not like the current message that is being spread by the white hats or counterforces, which is that it’s good for Earthlings to go through a period of suffering now in order to “wake up” and learn their lesson.

We do not agree. We Pleiadians do not think that it is beneficial for people to suffer, and certainly not this much, for this long. This much suffering just breaks people. In fact, it has already broken a lot of people.

Even if someone wants to argue that suffering is necessary for people to learn their lesson and to not let themselves get manipulated in the future, I would argue that people have suffered more than enough already for this purpose.

We would also like to note that in many cases, these white hats or counterforces are not themselves at risk of becoming homeless. Plus in many cases they have access to reliable information so they know what’s going on, which means that they themselves do not suffer from the confusion and uncertainty that many Earthlings are suffering from.

I really do not like this Earthling pattern of someone letting someone else suffer, and telling them this is good for them, while not undergoing this same suffering themselves.

From our point of view, what would be most beneficial for Earthlings is the following:

One: have the white hats or counterforces arrest the bad guys, as soon and as completely as possible. Children are suffering terribly on Earth every single day, and in our minds this weighs heavier than many of the concerns that the white hats currently have. Yes, there are risks and drawbacks associated with arresting a large amount of bad guys in the near future, but there are also risks and drawbacks associated with not doing so.

White hats: if you think there are concrete obstacles to these arrests, feel free to talk to us. We are available to help in supportive roles. Also: don’t underestimate yourselves. There is almost nothing you cannot accomplish.

Two: make sure that as many needs, of as many Earthlings as possible are met, as quickly as possible. Most people who are suffering will not be open to completely changing their world view. If you first make sure that their needs are met, then they may be open to accepting new information. In my previous message, I have offered a framework under which we Pleiadians would be happy to share technology with Earthlings, for free, in order to reduce Earthling suffering and make sure that people have what they need.

And three: actually start giving out truthful and complete information to Earthlings, on mainstream channels. You don’t necessarily need to tell everything in one day, but start the process of disclosure.

With that said: I am beyond impressed that many Earthlings are still good-hearted, even after suffering so much. I genuinely have a hard time believing that you are so resilient and so loving even after so much pain and sorrow. And many galactics share this point of view. To us, you are an inspiration, even though we also hope that soon you will be living in a better situation.

We suffer very little ourselves, so we could not imagine the amount of pain that the average Earthling goes through. Even less we can imagine someone suffering so much, and still maintaining a fundamentally good heart. The dark controllers can imagine this even less, and they keep underestimating you and keep being baffled by your resilience and good-heartedness, even in a world with so much pain and darkness.

Everyone has my unconditional love. If you are able to maintain a fundamentally good heart, then you also have my great and deep respect. You don’t need to be kind or nice every moment of the day for this – if you just try to do your best for yourself and the people around you, then I think that’s fantastic.

I genuinely do not think that if I lived the life of some of you Earthling light workers out there, I would do as well as you are doing. You are genuinely amazing and inspirational to me. In fact, more and more galactics out there have started using Earthling light workers as shining examples of what the light and what the human spirit is capable of. Some galactics even refer to Earthling lightworkers in the lessons that they are offering to their children. You are an inspiration to many, many beings out there.

Better times are coming in the medium term. Earthlings will be free, no matter what happens: the question is how quick and how painful the process will be of becoming free.

I love you unconditionally and endlessly.


For Era of Light

**Channel: A.S.


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14 Replies to “Tunia: Suffering Is Not Good For People”

  1. Gerald Farley

    Dear Tunia and Hakann, this one would be honored and extremely grateful if you both would consider the possibility of being members of the Board of Directors of Our Worldwide humanitarian projects of 5D and Beyond Unity Conscious Communities with Michael’s Schools, Quantum Healing Centers, Offices of Peace and Community Gardens. Everything is free for all who choose to live there including homes, food and health care. It is also free to all who visit. Thank You Both for Your Consideration.
    Love, Light and Life, Gerald

  2. Monica Lopez

    Hello Tunia thank you for your message, I always thought suffering was not necessary, this is taking to long and we are losing hope and faith, I love Pleidians, it seems humans and pleidians are much alike, I wish for a better world for humans, animals and nature.

  3. billy mac

    Letters in reply 11-2022

    Tunia: The off planet messengers never mention all the noise we deal it and the apparent free will of these noise makers to constantly destroy the free will of others to enjoy quietness and peacefulness along with the nerve stress and heart stress we endure from the fireworks, loud mufflers, and a planet full of nuisance barking dogs. It is a virtual impossibility to have harmony under these conditions between these two types of people. The noise alone is enough to make Souls and people get off the planet as soon as possible, and many times some us would just as soon as die rather than wait any longer for people to acquire a shred of consideration or maturity sufficient for everyone to ascend together. The gap between mature and immature people (to put it politely) is way too large for the quiet mature people to have or maintain any more patience or nice feelings for and towards the noise makers.
    Over and over and over the higher dimensional Galactic souls and Angels have simply said to ask them for their help; and for 30 years I have asked for help with this situation and yet it has gone on and on and on and utterly destroyed an immense amount of Good-will and every ounce of desire to stay on the planet or to co-exist with souls who have such a wanton inconsiderate desire to destroy other peoples peace.
    So, either please help us, and eliminate this noise, or at least explain to us why this cannot be done. I have tried every conceivable loving thought I can think of towards the dogs and all other noise-makers, but I have been un successful. It certainly seems to many of us that the free-will to trespass is greater than the free-will to live in harmonious peace – here on Earth.
    Your last 2 messages in Nov. 2022 were utterly wonderful with your clarity, your transparency and your understanding and I myself and probably 10,000s of others greatly appreciate them also, Thank you, Billy

  4. Marilyn

    Tunia, I thank you so much for ALL your heart felt messages, I f we have White Hats, WHY would they want humanity to suffer, I thought that was the Black Hats!!! OMG, it sounds so wrong!! What the want more humans dying and giving up because our God/Source always reflect LOVE!!!!!!!!! I pray for the White Hats every day so I am praying for them to make humanity to SUFFER!!! NOT!!!!

  5. asd

    Brothers and sisters of Pleiades, please help me. I have severe pain in my head due to vaccination. Can you help me remove graphene oxide and hydrogel from my head? Please, I’m really in pain. It’s like being in hell

  6. Yup

    Truth is I’ve been concerned for some time that demons have been intermixing with white hats to cause confusion in the ranks. I also think that human feelings of vulnerability have made white hats hesitant in some instances as to what they themselves believe they are capable of doing about those who mean harm for direct gain. I’ve agreed with your Pleadian views on sex without acting on my beliefs due to the repercussions that I would suffer due to what others believe since I am directly in their society – a society I did not design – a society with people at odds with their own development even when they are well-meaning good people, simply because of their inability to grow enough under these circumstances. You are correct, there has been multi-faceted suffering that has been well-orchestrated for thousands of years. That has been obvious to me for decades now. The only way around it for me has been the basic sense of what is decent and at least somewhat fair in a place so convoluted and yes, all by design. It is an intricate design, but it is indeed presently unraveling and fast. However, the best recourse to to jump to get the job done, I agree, and not wait as the less suffering, the less power they can get. Also, since awakening is occurring exponentially now, there is momentum enough to do it now and so it should be done without delay. I’m hoping those in position to do so can find a way to accomplish this and we should lend our positive thoughts to them to this end. Not using hate, but using love for all as we wish those guilty to turn to our kind creator and we wish those hurting to be relieved.

  7. unionylibertad

    Thank you Tunia for sharing your feelings about our current situation here on Earth…I couldn’t agree with you more about everything you mentioned…I did not agree with you about a previous message you brought, and I think you know which one I am talking about, but I realize I am in a lower vibrational world where our perspective can be limited on some things, probably on the majority of them, and it is like you said, our hearts closed to be able to protect ourselves from further pain…The think that bothers me the most if how much the children suffer…They go through so much stress and most of the time is caused by even us the parents…There are other horrors I am aware children go through…I wish for that to end once and for all…I agree that financial freedom would help us advance much more quickly, especially for those that are ready to handle more responsibility and are ready to help others unconditionally…Disclosure is imperative now, not in the future…We will be able to handle what comes…We have been preparing for decades detaching from that which does not help us…I am wondering why those in charge are not pushing for this disclosure and the total arrest of those still in control of our decision making…Blessings and much Love to you, A.S. and those up there following these words…

  8. jane

    This message brought tears to my eyes. It’s so beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing. We all need this.💖

  9. David

    Tunia, for me, what doesn’t break you makes you stronger. I guess that has to be a popular saying on Earth. Patience has to be a virtue I am afraid, totally agree with your feelings on the suffering here. We have to act NOW, too many children, way too many tears every day I cannot thank you enough for your prospective on our stance here. It means the world, literally. Seltherin a al ajarten. Much love x



  11. vaarrr

    “Yes, there are no risks and drawbacks associated with arresting a large amount of bad guys
    Light wins, all quickly be shine, always be good

  12. triciadimeo

    Hi Tunia I am so glad your here and observing this situation. I agree with your perspective 100% about the suffering, the white hats and in the last message let’s free earth, it is confusing to me why it’s going on too long sometimes. I can appreciate it is a huge operation draining this swamp On Earth but I would have loved the Pleiadians plan in 2020 I would be loving life right now, we would have moved mountains together in these two years. I do feel earthlings need to grow up and be treated like adults, they been conditioned to take instructions on nearly all they do. I long for the day till we can meet I’m so ready x love you all 🙏💖❤️