Tunia: Be Gentle With Yourselves

My dearest brothers and sisters,

This is Tunia speaking. I love you so very much.

To me, Earthlings are some of the strongest and most wonderful and most amazing beings in the universe.

To me, you put yourselves down far more than is justified.

Many of you have been lied to and gaslit by your media and your governments for your entire life. Yet you demand of yourselves that you know the truth.

Many of you are justifiably and understandably worried about your ability to keep paying the bills, so as not to become homeless. Yet you demand of yourselves that you are not stressed.

Many of you have been hurt, emotionally neglected or abused. Yet you demand of yourselves that you do not experience emotional pain or exhaustion.

Many of you have been told repeatedly what to do, what to think and what to believe, to the point where, as children, you lost contact with your inner guidance system. And yet you demand of yourselves that you know what to do and what to believe.

Many of you have been repeatedly shown images of so-called attractive people and been told that only these people are beautiful. Even though a large part of this is just the appearance that these people were born with, and sometimes surgery and photoshop were used to change their appearance. And yet you demand of yourselves that you attain this beauty standard too, somehow.

Many of you have been told that you should simultaneously have children, have a career, have a relationship, do things to keep your relationship exciting, volunteer for a good cause, read books, travel the world, have a rich social life, take the time to cook your own food, visit your family, do all the things that are needed to maintain the appearance of a successful modern lifestyle, maintain a religious or spiritual practice and also keep up with news and current social trends. Even though there is no way that this all fits into a 24-hour day. And yet you demand of yourselves that you somehow do all these things.

Many of you are in effect being gaslit by social media, where people pretend to be happier than they are, and pretend to have more joyous and more interesting lives than they actually do. The image that people put forward on social media is very often not true. And yet you demand of yourselves that you meet these fake standards.

Many of you have received little to no true unconditional love for your entire life. And yet you demand of yourselves that you are feeling happy most of the time.

To me, it is a miracle that many Earthlings are doing as well as they are doing. When I look at Earthlings, I mostly see people doing almost miraculously well, given the circumstances.

Most of us benevolent galactics live in societies where literally all of our needs are met all the time, where we receive endless amounts of unconditional love, where we have access to any information or service or object that we wish, where we don’t have to work if we don’t want and where we have free access to everything that we need to live self-actualized lives.

So when we look at a society of people who don’t have all these things, and yet who mostly maintain a fundamentally good heart, we are very deeply impressed.

A common reaction when a Pleiadian first looks at Earthlings is something like: “wait, these brothers and sisters of ours suffer HOW MUCH? So they must all have turned away from the Light long ago, right? Wait, they didn’t? How are most of them still oriented towards the light after all they’ve been through? This is amazing, these brothers and sisters of ours must be very strong and have a very strong inner orientation towards the light. Let’s help them.”

We are in awe of you, because you receive so much less than we do and are hurt so much more than we are. And yet, the vast majority of Earthlings remain fundamentally good-hearted.

I would like to invite you to give yourselves some credit. Given the circumstances, most of you are doing amazingly well. You’re doing better than the average galactic would do, if they were born on Earth. Many of them would just break psychologically.

This is why only a very few souls were even allowed to be born on Earth at all. If you are on Earth at all at this time, you are one of the strongest souls in the galaxy, in the category of souls of a human-like level of consciousness.

And if you are receiving this message, you are very likely a lightworker on top of that. This makes you the strongest of the strong.

From my point of view, you have absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. Even if you sit a bit more behind a screen than you think you should, or if you have a bit more belly fat than you think you should, you still have nothing to be ashamed of. Yes, you may have stumbled a bit in your lives, but if I were in your place, I wouldn’t have just stumbled, I would have broken my metaphorical legs. You really are doing amazingly well.

I love you so very much.


For Era of Light

**Channel: A.S.


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11 Replies to “Tunia: Be Gentle With Yourselves”

  1. Monica Lopez

    Thank you Tunia for your kind words they mean so much, yes we go through so much and still keep on going, even if we are down or sick we keep on going, I don’t know where the end line is, but, I am very thankful for my blessing and your presence is very inspiring to me, at least we have someone whom sees how hard we have it.

  2. blueflame1177

    Such a lovely message and lovely way to shift our focus always towards the light and love, for it is always present. Many an arduous journey and it makes me feel pride that our suffering is a contribution to the whole. It somehow is becoming a blessing, to shine light despite pain. Thank you.

  3. khann61

    I think of I was given do much love and care as she has described I’d go mad always waiting for the other shoe to drop and lose all that happiness.

  4. DG

    I’m at a complete loss, I’m pretty concerned that I’ve seriously lost it.
    I don’t know what to do, I’m being told that apparently Joan of Arc is one of the Perspectives in here which, OK, I can get that but She is the reason for some insane dreams I have been having and unable to figure out the “WHY” of having them.
    And THIS is where I’m concerned I’ve lost it, but SHE wants to play PROFESSIONAL FOOTBALL, she sees it as the modern day “battlefield” where All Life is spared basically? I have NEVER been big on actually playing sports and don’t really care about watching it either BUT I have always been a Saints fan as my Father was and my husband is but other than that and the Tigers of course, I Am a Louisiana native after all but wanting to PLAY it? NEVER
    Had to play in High school for PE didn’t like it. I’m a 54 year old 5 foot tall woman for crying out loud! She plays with NO PADS!
    She wants to play for the New ORLEANS Saints. We don’t just play football though, I thought it to be some deeper psychological thing but no, as All time exists at once, on the day she died, my 19th year was also her 19th year, on that day I was getting married to my husband, pregnant. I’m very confused with all of this, I found it when I found out the Templar’s were founded 1118, my birthday. She is the reason We have been requesting a 17 year old Lightbody, our perfect peak conditions.
    At The Event it seems THAT is what She wants to do and I’m shocked, I believed these to be freakin metaphors and now I’m seriously considering checking in to the nut house!!! How is this POSSIBLE???
    I KNOW that as She BURNED I spoke MY Wedding Vows, although She never knew it then, We shared a birthday too and I somehow KNOW this! I now also know ONE of Us is INSANE and I don’t know WHICH!
    She even has a PLAN, it’s Her ultimate BATTLEFIELD, like Her Valhalla or something. Mother thinks it’s funny. I prefer being The Dragon frankly, not beating the crap outta the Male species on the field of Battle and I just can’t see any way forward because it’s insane to me.
    So yeah, confused

  5. Carlos Carvalho

    Quando li essa mensagem, entendi que a autora estava falando das comunidades abastadas dos Estados Unidos. Aconselho a olhar para as comunidades da Líbia, Síria, Afeganistão, Ucranianas, Servias, que os americanos destruíram. Olhe também para as comunidades indígenas e negras da própria América. Olhe para as comunidades das favelas brasileiras, do Caribe, de Cuba. Olhe para as comunidades quilombolas brasileira. Olhe para o povo de Gaya.

  6. Max

    Thank you Tunia for such a wonderful message. It is a God-send to read such reassuring words and helps us all to look in a positive light of where we all are.

    There are, indeed, many difficulties on earth, in each country, with people having to contend with different situations locally, nationally and globally. We also have individual situations that may be negative and have to keep shining our lights despite all these negative circumstances. It is all part of our ascension experience….

    My hope is that all the “good” changes manifest soon, as, many of us have continual daily challenges to deal with, at present. The changes would, at least, make life so much brighter….

    We, earthlings, are grateful for your words and assistance…may first contact take place soon….

  7. David

    Tunia, thank you so much for this. There are so many people with a deep heart here, and your post is a light in the darkness, love is driving us all forward. I am like many, who will make the very best of what we can. It is who we are, and always will be. We are from Shan, Terra, Gaia….and a few laughs here and there also helps enormously….the dark doesn’t have a chance. Namaste x

  8. linda rozner

    Thankful for this message, timing is perfect and uplifting ,as we travel in this unchartered time. Lightworkers are paving the way, certainly before me. As we focus on the light, may we have the courage to be kind, and shift to higher love and being.