Moving from 3D to 5D: A 3-Step User’s Guide

We have been programmed to doubt ourselves, and that is never clearer than on the spiritual path. Am I doing ok? Am I worthy? What do I need to heal next? How am I such an awful person? Why am I not more….? Why don’t I experience what __________ experiences? Am I meditating right? Is anyone even out there….?

Our 3D minds are amazing instruments when they help us create plans and follow through on our 5D visions and dreams. That is when the horse is pulling the cart. When the mind is planning, organising, fearing and replanning in an endless cycle that recreates what you already are, have and do… That’s the cart pulling the horse.

So, in order to move from the 3D to the 5D, we have to learn a completely new operating system. What worked in 3D will sabotage you in 5D: it’s like using a hammer to fix an electronic device. They aren’t compatible.

The 3D functions on image, power, security… that last one is the worst. Security keeps us in our hamster wheels, never looking up as we run exhaustedly through our daily To Do list. Sleep. Repeat.

The 5D is led by the soul. The soul never shouts, it whispers; that’s why it’s so hard to hear, but it’s not impossible. It has some very clear signs it uses to guide us.


Social programming squashes out our creativity. Twelve years sitting in silence in classroom rows wearing gray clothes will do that: by design. Because it blocks our connection to our soul, our creativity, it deprogrammes us out of the 5D. When we are creative, we follow our intuition, we explore, we express, we expand. Those are all 5D traits, not 3D traits

By exploring any creative endeavour for the experience of it, we ground ourselves more firmly in the 5D. We expand into our authentic selves. But be aware! The moment we’re trying to ‘perfect’ or ‘beat’ someone, we are lowering the expression from 5D to 3D. Creativity can be about improvement and refining our skills, but as an expression of us, not to prove something to the outside world, or our inner critic.

Now, all that being said, it’s infinitely better to muck around in creativity than to wait until we healed all our shortcomings! Get out there! Let’s become more US!

Excitement and Joy

Follow the ‘feel good.’  This will run against everything you have been trained to do, specifically because the entire system has been set up to keep us in slavery. Understanding that one fact can give us a little more courage when considering choices that seem to go against 3D rationale.

In the previous post, the Divine Mother said we have to be willing to lose our reputations, the false identity or character we played to get by in the world. We are invited to be truthful about who we are, what we value, how we want to live. There is an energy to that integrity and authenticity that holds moral power. Not power over others, but power to honour ourselves, to free ourselves, to make our own choices. I’m not saying that’s easy, I struggle with it, but I also try. And that matters, turning up, trying…


Our universe is alive. It is intelligent. It is constantly communicating with us.

I remember feeling paralyzed from taking action for two weeks in my twenties because I experienced a massive insight that showed me how my actions impact on Everything else. Everything is interrelated. There are no coincidences.

Synchronicity is the universe speaking back to you. We act. The Universe responds. We can’t force a response, or act with the desire to get a response. We are asked to act because it is our truth, and then to trust.

I once decided to move to another city and leave my job and everyone I knew, because I wanted to study a particular branch of counseling: psychosynthesis. As I was giving notice to my boss, my phone rang with a job offer in the building where the course was taught, all through word of mouth: synchronicity.

Now, it wasn’t a great job, and I decided to leave the course after finishing the first year, because I had gotten what I needed. But it was the clearest proof I had that the universe sees me. It’s got me. Even if it’s not always as well timed as it was on that occasion!

I know all of this is old hat to most of you reading, and perhaps I’m writing this for myself as much as for anyone else, because my life is going through tectonic shifts at the moment. Almost everything in my life that was stable is gone; there’s no where to focus. I feel like Dorothy going through the whirlwind, hanging on to Toto. I write this to remind myself of the basics, when life shifts.

Let me know on my site if your life is taking those massive shifts as well ~ we can tumble together!

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2 Replies to “Moving from 3D to 5D: A 3-Step User’s Guide”

  1. Marilyn

    Thanks for sharing Jennifer, yes it is very helpful. I’m going to focus more on the things that make me happy and for the good of ALL!!! Love and Light!!
    WWG1WGA 🥰

  2. Denise G

    I understand exactly what you mean! Before this latest phase started a month or so ago I was feeling SO different than now, calm, centered, and Null but ever since this newest phase it’s like what the Universe and the Synchronicities are telling me is insane and impossible.
    I’m very uncomfortable with the thought of any kind of attention on me and the One I Am bringing back, so far anyway it’s just Her, has a plan that will take miracles to pull off but I’m being shown how I was actually CREATED for the very purpose She has in store for Us, no matter HOW insane it is.
    She did put my mind a little more at ease a while ago though, it will only be for a year that I have to do this so that’s something.
    Love and Light to All and One
    Denise G