The Telosians: The Robots Without Conscience

We greet you dear brothers and sisters of the planet Earth. We love you, as you know, and we wish you well. When we say “we love you” they are not just words as you often say them on Earth. When we say “we love you” we are sending you at the same time wonderful energies of Peace, Serenity but of course and above all Love.

Love cannot be detached from the words we offer you each time we transmit a message of support and comfort. If we did not do this with Love, our messages would be meaningless. It is indeed important that the Energy of Love be found in every word, every letter you read or in every word you hear.

You have often heard some of these messages transmitted orally on your Internet. Unfortunately, these messages, if they are sometimes repeated by humans, are not always repeated in the right way, i.e. by robots that are not aware of the importance of the message.

This is why it is necessary and important that you can read these messages. By reading, by your eyes, by your heart you can feel all the Love that we have sent you.

If we speak to you about this, it is to protect you. Protect us from what, you may ask? We wish to protect you from what your scientists without conscience wish you to experience, that is, the proximity of robots of all kinds, looking like humans, talking like humans and guiding you apparently like humans.

Currently technology is in great evolution. We are not against this evolution as long as it brings only good to humanity. However, these robots resembling humans, having no consciousness, can, at a certain moment, mislead you in the direction of Life. They can bring ways of living totally devoid of feelings of tenderness, gentleness and of course Love.

A metal robot will never have the consciousness of a human, as you can imagine. So why do scientists want to create them so much at the request of the world government? Because, quite simply, having no feeling of gentleness and Love, these robots will be put in front of you in order to make you act in a disordered way, in order to frighten you and to force you to act and live in fear.

Indeed, all these robots that amuse you for the moment, are more and more perfected and intended to restrain the human population by scaring it. This is the last choice of this world government which will try everything to have control over you.

But, as you know, and as we have often told you, the human being is protected by us. We see to it that humanity on earth is gentle and serene. It is very easy for us to break down all these robots in order to annihilate their power of moral destruction of the human being. We act on some of these scientists, creators of these robots, so that the destruction of the human does not come from them. Some scientists hear us and listen to us, but most of them are caught in the trap of money.

Indeed, a great number of creators of these robots without consciousness of Love and gentleness, are manipulated by the world government with promises of large sums of money. The desire for power, the desire for abundance of money makes these robots built on the orders of the world government in order to bring about the destruction of humans, in order to create armies of robots that would be capable of all possible violence.

The technology we use on our planets is very advanced and would surprise you greatly, but we use it only with the respect that should be offered to every living being on your planet and on the planets around you.

Your Internet technology system has, as you know, some good and some not so good. It allows you to connect all humans on the entire Earth in a very short time. This is good when it is used wisely, that is, to bring comfort or help. But when our messages are transmitted by robots they lose all their value of Love and sweetness.

This is why when you listen to these messages or those of other channels on the Internet, there is no longer this sweetness, this comfort that we transmit to you when we “pass” through a channel.

Dear brothers and sisters of the Earth, we advise you, if you wish of course, to stay as much as possible in the reading of these messages. As we have said before, seeing the letters and phrases is much more helpful than listening to the internet.

Children of the Earth, technology can evolve enormously, but be attentive to what it brings, that is, gentleness and Love.

We accompany you with great Joy and great Love.

**Channel: Marie Josée Andichou

**Translation to English by


3 Replies to “The Telosians: The Robots Without Conscience”

  1. Matthew Firm

    Can you speak of the Immaculate Conception vs the Artificial Conception under the penalty of sin?

  2. Christed

    In perfect agreement, Marie. Humans are asking for more help from their ET kindred necessary to foil the dark agenda and their utterly needless AI robots and deranged squads. Thankfully the maintenance of true spirituality kills them all off in one swipe.

    1. human a.i. is evil dracos

      Yep!!Operation Lockstep explains much as does Agenda 2030.Both plans are antihuman and Oro NAA as well as a.i. Capt. Mark Richards was interviewed several times by Projectcamelotportal’s,Jerry Cassidy and he said a few years ago that there were at least 6 abtihuman alien a.i.s Dark Knight???Denver Airport covers a Huge cavaldungeon of evil and supposedly The Red Queen a.i. was neutralized under alienshift.c theoriinlibes.c aacebsionglossary.c The Voyagers books or vids may give insight.Max Igan videos on fakseflags and clones servomechs xybirgs will help inform Off_world and evil things are inhabitting many of the Cline’s and fake humans.Consciousness transfer of cabal into cyborgs has been happening as has use by military in Supersoldier programs.See James Rink at