Avoiding Chemical Overload

Whatever we place on our face or on any other part of our physical vessels eventually gets into our cells—some within several seconds, some within hours, and most within a few days.

Essential healing oils move into our cells within seconds or minutes which is wonderful.

However, chemicals that are used for preservation of face creams, body lotions, etc., are not good for wellness.

Unfortunately, most companies that produce cosmetics have preservatives placed within them because it takes time for the products to be shipped to various stores throughout the world, and then the products sit on the shelves for a while before being purchased by customers (and for these reasons, many companies do not place expiration dates on their products).

Many people trust brand name products and do not realize that they contain potentially harmful substances.

It is wise to always read the labels on the products that are being considered for purchase.

Also, products rotated to the front of the line on a shelf are the oldest because stores need to get them purchased.

Newer products are placed at the back.

There is less concern about shower gels because they are quickly rinsed off as we shower.

However, there needs to be caution about bubble baths and gels because we soak for a time during a bath, and unwanted chemicals can be taken into the cells.

Be sure to check labels on cosmetics and avoid the following chemicals:

    1. Polysorbate, Laureth, Ethoxylated Alcohol=all of these can cause various types of cancer
    2. Propolene Glycol=damages the kidneys, the liver, and causes skin irritation
    3. Sodium Laurel Sulfate=another cause of all types of cancers
    4. Parabens (for example, Methylparaben, Propaparaben)=disrupt endocrine glands, upsets hormonal balance, causes reproductive cancers in both men and women
    5. PABA (Oxy-dimethyl and “Padimate O”)=causes genetic mutations by attacking DNA
    6. Benzoic=causes anemia, causes a low blood cell count, causes liver and kidney damage, causes birth defects)
    7. Acrylamide=causes breast cancer
    8. Mineral Oil, Parafin, Petrolatum=all of these clog the pores by coating the skin and cause toxins to be trapped in the cells, disrupt normal hormone function, can cause cancer
    9. DHEA=causes insomnia, fatigue, abdominal pain, hair loss, irregular heartbeat, heart palpitations, nasal congestion, liver damage, and can cause psychotic disorders

Many health challenges that adults experience can often be attributed to the soaps, creams, and lotions used since childhood.

So, it is not just poor eating habits or alcohol consumption or smoking cigarettes or usage of prescription medical drugs that can cause illness and disease. It is also the cosmetics rubbed into our skins.

It is best to search for products from companies that are naturally-oriented whose substances are primarily from plants and flowers and who also supply an expiration date because obviously something that is natural and not preserved by harmful chemicals expires faster.

However, even natural products can be used for about one month after the expiration date.

People who tend to create their own gels, creams, and lotions often use “Vitamin E” as a natural preservative.

One of my friends makes her own face and body creams using shea butter, almond oil, and various essential oils, and she places “Vitamin E” in the products as a preservative.

There are many natural cosmetic companies whose names I will not mention because I am not paid to advertise for them; however, they can be searched for on-line.

I will mention, though, that for those who want to use natural products that are also not tested on animals, consult “PETA” (“People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals”) and “Leaping Bunny”.

Sometimes people who are trying to save money will shop at what are called “dollar stores” in the USA.

Most items cost literally only one dollar or less. Some items cost a bit more.

It is very unwise to shop in such places because the cosmetics (and food items) sold in most of these establishments are from places that load their products with dangerous chemicals.

It is alright to purchase paper products for parties or decorative figurines or picture frames from such places, and many of them even sell floor rugs and bathroom towels.

However, I would still be careful of towels that are going to be rubbed over the face and body because even these items often have toxic coloring in them.

If towels are purchased from such places, be sure to launder the towels before using them.

It may seem like quite a chore to search for safe items for ourselves and our family, but it is worth it in an attempt to be healthy.

There are enough chemtrails being sprayed into the air and radiation devices being used (cell phones, computers, micro-wave ovens, etc.), and chemically-laden foods in regular grocery stores (as opposed to reputable health food stores) without adding to the toxicity by using dangerous cosmetics too.

So, for review, here are the steps that can be taken to insure safe usages:

    1. Search for natural cosmetic companies (and I prefer the ones that do not conduct animal testing). Some natural products are more expensive than the ones laden with dangerous chemicals. I am told that this is because it costs large sums of money to acquire them from the gardens and orchards that supply the necessary flowers and plants. Many prestigious companies have their own gardens.
    2. Consider making your own products. It could become a way in which to obtain extra income.
    3. Throw out all products containing the dangerous chemicals listed above. Do not say: “I just purchased some products with these chemicals, and I do not want to waste my money, so when I shop next time, I will shop for natural products.” TOSS THEM OUT! What is more important? Your health or saving a few dollars?
    4. Although this article does not focus primarily on food, I will add that groceries should be purchased from a health food market that sells fresh organic foods. Even for those persons who eat meat, at least obtain it from a health food market because they obtain the meat of animals that have not been fed hormones and chemicals which can get into human cells when the meat is consumed. Of course, in my opinion, the best eating regimens are vegan and vegetarian.
    5. Make a list of the natural non-chemically laden cosmetics that you discover, and spend time at a department store or boutique that sells them exploring the products, and ask for samples before making a purchase.

Even though, as I mentioned, I am not giving information on the exact names of the brands that I use, I will say that I have been told by friends who are in relatively “high” positions in certain companies that the best “natural” cosmetic brands are those from France and Japan.

There are also some completely “natural” brands available from Australia.

A few are also manufactured in the USA.

Since it is holiday season, if you are considering gifting cosmetic items, please consider natural brands.

**By Dr Schavi M Ali


2 Replies to “Avoiding Chemical Overload”

  1. Martin

    Reality only consists of 4% matter. Ignoring 96% of “reality” ( = science) is probably not really relevant: what do we think we actually know about this dimension?

  2. Zack

    As if nature bypasses its own laws :-). Compounds always come into existence through chemical processes and even if something is called “natural”, it still can be very dangerous or even deadly. Water is also very dangerous when you drink 6-8 liters of it at once: water poisoning actually exists! It al depends on concentration, route of exposure, temperature, pH, etc.

    The idea that humanity is not a part of nature and that everything man-made is therefore unnatural is absurd. It is an idea that is being perpetuated by the globalist elite so it can be used to impose all kinds of restrictions in order to maintain total control. Leftists are only really interested in total and absolute control, even if you need to be killed in order to obtain that goal.

    If all these kinds of fear mongering had any link with our actual daily reality, mankind would have gone extinct already a long time ago … Even after many so-called pandemics with a so-called very dangerous “virus” mankind still roams the earth as has been the case already for millions of years …