NASA Released Pics of Alien Towers From Mars and Censored Them Soon After

Recently, a series of photographs taken on Mars showed alien towers. NASA might still be aware that alien towers are present on Mars’ surface, which could indicate that they seek to suppress their existence.

Jose Luis Camacho found these pillars first in 1999. According to him, each one stands at least 3500-5000 ft tall.

This means that the Martian Towers will be twice as large as the largest structures ever constructed by humans.

This could be due in part to the fact that Mars’ gravity has changed. Therefore, the colonists built their structures higher up to ensure more stability.

These towers were discovered for the first time in Terra Meridiani, the region NASA first decided to move the rover.

If this doesn’t have any updates and is evidence of alien operations, it will enable the discovery of definitive proof of alien life and NASA’s concealment.

These images were made completely invisible by NASA shortly after they were discovered, perhaps to conceal the truth. This additional evidence supports the theory of life on Mars.



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    Funny how easily people learn an overly simplistic view of reality (whatever that might be) …