The Arcturians: Inextinguishable Fire of Your Divinity

In this trance-channeled transmission, the Arcturians share with us a powerful reminder about the truth of our own divinity and the inextinguishable, eternal fire of oursoul.

As always, the Arcturians share a message in a sharp, precise, practical and profound way but with the greatest level of unconditional love and wisdom for all.


“We are so very happy and excited today to be able to co-create with you! Today, we would love to describe a phenomenon that is very present in humanity.

Every person has a truth within their own heart and the truth is shining its light. This is the truth of your own divinity, the truth of your own purpose on this planet. This is the truth of what you desire to manifest in your life and what is happening for you now. It is also how you want to create life with other human beings and the planet earth.

When this truth is present, it is like a fire! It is a fire that cannot be extinguished.

The interesting phenomenon within humanity is that humans spend a tremendous amount of energy trying to extinguish this very fire. This is very counterproductive because this fire cannot be extinguished, dear one!

That fire is the eternal fire of the alchemical transmutation of your soul embracing the perpetuating movement of evolution.

If there is one fire amongst all time and space reality that cannot be extinguished, this is the fire of your vibrant soul saying YES to life. It is your soul saying YES to everything that you are supposed to experience, that you want to experience, that you came here to experience.

Why do humans resist this fire?

Humans tend to fight this fire inside of them, thinking that it is too much, that they are too much.

We reflect the fire of humanity’s soul back to humanity

What we Arcturians share with humanity, we share from your own burning fire.

When we reflect this fire back at you, it can feel like very intense poking or like burning.

This burning doesn’t burn you, dear one! It simply shows you what is happening inside of you.

This is the burning or the poking of the outdated ego that is present, still trying to hold onto something that doesn’t exist.

This holding onto something that doesn’t exist (which is a fear, a limiting belief, or any resistance) is what creates all challenges and distortions that you experience.

The truth of your own divinity is the burning fire that will make everything implode from within.

This will look like an explosion coming from the outside, which it is not!

Nothing comes from the outside. Everything that you think comes from the outside is a mirroring of the implosion that is already unfolding within you. This has been unfolding in your for eons!

The resistance is crippling the body with diseases, pain, exhaustion, anxiety, and depression.

Humanity holds onto its own limitations as if their lives depend on it

Humans take their hands and they try to grasp air. Try to grasp air! It doesn’t work.

Human is like ‘I’m going to use all of my energy to grab the air!”

The air here that we share is actually nothing. It is limitations, fears, doubts, all of that.

Humans spend their whole life trying to hold onto something that was never there to start with.

If you were only to use your strength, your power, and your creativity in union with the alchemical fire, without using any of your energy into resisting the alchemical fire blossoming into creation, then imagine who you would become.

Understand that when the fire comes back at you and when the triggers arise it is all because they are being burnt down. Allow the fire to burn down outdated paradigms of your reality.

We trust that this served you.

And as we say, so it is. As it resonates with your soul, so it is.”

**Channel: Cendrine