The Collective: Ascension Symptoms

Greetings, dear ones! We are very pleased to have this time to speak with you again today.

Someone recently asked us to speak on the issue of Ascension symptoms, which have been particularly acute lately—quite serious, and quite far-reaching.

And we don’t mean “serious” in the sense of, “Well, everybody’s in trouble! If you’re hearing that ringing in the ear, or if you’re finding that your sleep state is getting a bit confused or chaotic with intense dreams.”

Or if you feel you’re going through a lot of upheaval—reliving, re-experiencing old pain, the old issues you thought you’d grown past, we can reassure you that what is happening is a kind of housecleaning, energetically.

And you’re all aware of this! You’re all aware that just like with this stream flowing past, there is constant movement in this Universe, and that there also needs to be constant movement in your life.

And when people start to stagnate, this generally is not a good thing.

If they’re not moving forward in their understanding of their path, of who they really are—if they’re not growing—if someone is stuck in neutral, one might say, this is not positive for their soul growth.

Sometimes they choose to leave, and sometimes they stay and move beyond that.

So, we never say, “Oh, well—that person’s finished.” We would never say that. They might not be finished with Earth life.

And it’s completely fine if you feel to be a bit stuck at times! This is all right.

We’re going to look at this beautiful Sun of yours, because what is flowing in from it is life-changing, yes.

The Sun’s Transfiguration as it moves to a higher level—a higher dimensional frequency—that beautiful Transformation and Transfiguration mean that the Light that it is flowing to you is particularly powerful.

And that you are also caught up in that Transformation and Transfiguration.

And since the Earth Herself is beautifully caught up in Transformation, as are all of you, all the Light comes in there’s going to be more change, not less, and it’s pouring in at astounding rates.

The rate of Transformation, the rate of change on the planet has never been quite this powerful, outside of when civilizations fell and were destroyed.

In this case, it’s not destruction. It’s Rebirth. And there’s a huge difference.

So you’re going to feel some days some reaction, some deeply buried memory of Atlantis or Lemuria or some other great civilization falling—being either destroyed and sinking into the sea, or falling to dark influences.

And you’re going to feel that dear ones. You’re going to wonder, “Is this going to continue? Is this a comment on where we are going right now, on this planet?

“Is this going to spiral out of control?”

And we would say that the thing that is spiraling powerfully is increasing levels of Divine Love on the planet.

Not increasing levels of chaos. It can feel that way on the surface, yes.

We do see much chaos on the surface, and we don’t deny that. Your instincts, your reading of the situation is correct.

But these symptoms you’re feeling physically, mentally, emotionally, etherically—they’re indicating to you that it’s time for your Light body to awaken.

They’re also indicating to you that it’s time that you remembered why you are here!

And this can be a bit vexing, because you already feel a sense of responsibility to humanity and the Earth—you’re probably already doing a lot.

You’re maybe contributing to community cleanups, and you’re recycling, and you’re eating organic foods, and you’re drinking a lot of water, and you’re meditating. And you’re saying, “Look, I have to work to pay the bills! I can’t do it all. I can’t save the planet all by myself!”

And certainly, no one is suggesting that you try! But what is awakening within you is the joining of that day-to-day consciousness with what you experience when you’re in the etheric—when you’re in your sleep state—and what your higher self and your Spirit team, as well as your soul family and twin flame, are all involved in on a daily basis energetically.

You’re walking around the Earth having what you feel is a basically normal life—not a problem-free, issue-free life, but your basic sort of life of working and seeing people you care about, and learning about things you care about, and seeing to your responsibilities. And meanwhile, your higher self, joined by you in the etheric in your sleep state, is shifting a whole planet.

Now, we’ve spoken of this before—that you’re going to feel very strange some days.

Because the transition from being entirely caught up in the day-to-day, then you have this separate life at night when you’re traveling in the etheric, and waking up [the technologies and energy vortices of] sacred sites, and connecting with numerous ET cultures and shifting the Earth energetically, or assisting humanity to move to a higher consciousness. . . The joining of those two very separate lives can feel a bit cataclysmic at times. It can feel to be a bit much!

And we don’t at all blame you, if you’re saying, “You know, I would love the energies in my life to flow as swiftly and easily as this water. “Happily, just gliding over rocks and carrying leaves here and there. Gliding past the trees and the grasses and being very happy. “But it just doesn’t feel like that! It feels like thump, thump, thump all the way down the road.”

And this is understandable, dear ones!

No one’s going to tell you, “Well, you’re not being high-minded enough, and you’re not being spiritual enough!” Because you’re being plenty high-minded and spiritual! It’s just a rough road some days, that’s all.

It may help to think of yourself in a beautifully stream of Light, just flowing forward easily, perfectly, at a pace that you can easily withstand and enjoy. So, we’re going to listen to the higher selves, and see what they’re saying, as we often do on the “Abundant Living” podcast, to see what they’re saying, so just one moment . . . [pause] So what they’re voicing, is that people are feeling very separate from Earth life in a lot of ways.

They’re sort of feeling like, “Well, I just don’t belong here! What am I doing on this planet? This isn’t my planet!” Or “I ought to be up in a ship!” Or “Can’t I just move to Inner Earth, where things are much nicer, I hear—at least partly!”

Or, “Can’t I just fall asleep and wake up on the day that NESARA is enacted?”

And you can’t really be a Rip van Winkle at this particular time, because all of you have come in at this time to answer Earth’s call for assistance, and many of you are very high level Light Beings.

It is very difficult for you, and for Starseed as well, to be in a human body. But you’ve come in at this time to be very active energetically.

The human aspect will look around and say, “Well, but it’s just a mess out there! It’s just dreadful. Why am I here?”

Meanwhile, your spirit will say, “We are in Rebirth! This is to be expected. Everything is fine! “Everything is moving ahead perfectly. We have so much help from the higher realms that it’s just amazing! “Nobody should be disheartened at this point. They should feel very happy and very fulfilled, because wow—look at this! We came forward at this time, all of us!”

There was quite a press—quite a crowd that wanted to be born onto the Earth at this time. And you’ll notice that the Earth’s population had gone up to 8 billion at one point. It’s slightly reduced now, but it is absolutely the time to be on the planet. And you refused to miss it.

And this feeling that you don’t fit in here—that you don’t belong here, and that you ought to be able to move on, and that you want to be with your loved ones—your star family and your twin flame—that’s completely understandable. That’s getting stronger, because you’re connecting with that aspect of yourself that lives there all the time. The two are joining!

This is a beautiful, and even, some would say, miraculous moment for you, dear ones! So, we ask that you exercise what patience you can, and move beyond these feelings of, “I wish I weren’t here,” which is extremely dense, because if you aren’t in your body, that can be highly problematic. You are, most of you, already dealing with entity and energy intrusions.

So, stay in your bodies [energetically], dear ones! Stay present. Love who you are! Love where you are, even when the day is rough.

You’re going to have to find a way [to stay centered]—listening to high vibrational music, meditating, time out in Nature, as we are here now—you’re going to have to find a way to come back to that quiet center that you instill in your energies every morning as you’re meditating.

Or just having a very quiet time. Or listening to high vibrational music, tonal frequencies, or whatever assists you. Go back to that center, and put your hand on your heart, and say, “Here is my reality! Never mind what’s going on outwardly. “Never mind all the people who are causing a ruckus in my life or anybody else’s!

“I understand what’s going on, and I’m not going to reject the moment.”

You’re going to need to be very calm and quiet within yourselves, dear ones, because you may sense at times that you’ve shifted to another timeline—a higher vibrational one.

The old timelines are closing down, [as] they have been.

So whole parts of what you have experienced as a human being [on the old timeline] are being erased, or revised and lifted to a much higher level.

And if you look into your records in the Akash, you’ll see this.

You can do this, even just in meditation. There are wonderful meditations regarding the Akashic records, and practitioners who do this as well. And we can assist with that as well, if you wish.

But we do ask that like this leaf we are following here, you flow with the moment! And allow yourself to experience the beauty of it.

And say to your [Spirit] team, “I want to see the beauty of what’s happening on this planet, and with me, and not just the roughness.

“So, I charge you with the responsibility of showing me some very beautiful moments!”

And they will do so, absolutely, dear ones, they will.

So we are sending out Light right now to all of your heart-spaces . . . joining you with that Great Central Sun, to where you make your Peace with these energies flowing in . . .

So that you become increasingly transparent to all energies. They just flow through you. They don’t get stuck in your being; they don’t disturb you.

They flow through you—in and then out again, just like this water.

And we’re just assisting you in releasing some of the density . . . You can put it in that Violet Flame of Saint Germain as well.

You can image that you’re in this beautiful stream of sparkling Light, or you can put it in that beautiful cool Violet Flame.

Or you can just stand in that Flame! It won’t harm you; it just transmutes all density to a higher level.

[Offering energy work] Just lifting all your thoughts and emotions . . .

Wonderful, dear ones! Remember who you are!

Put your finger on that third eye, and push up as if you were opening an eyelid . . . touch the crown of the head, as if you were opening a great channel there . . .

Say, “Open up! Time to remember Who I AM!”

Wonderful, dear ones! We send much Love, and many blessings, with great Thanks for your presence on the Earth at this time.


**Channel: Caroline Oceana Ryan