Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine merge in Hierogamic Union

When we speak about Divine Masculine and Feminine energies we always have to relate this back to those energies we carry within. There may be karmic, ancestral and collective belief systems, programs and implants in our templates that we carry and that are then projected out into our realities through these stories playing out in our life’s. So if we believe f.e. that that we are not safe and being protected and always attacked or dismissed, rejected, disrespected, projected at, mocked and/ or abandoned by ‘him’, we have to look behind those stories and look at their origin. Where did we start believing in these stories we tell ourselves, consciously and unconsciously? Often we may not be aware of them, they most certainly will always lead us back to our childhood. Maybe we grew up in a household where there was a lot of fighting and we saw our mothers being treated that way.

We have to make the adjustments within our own inner masculine/ feminine, heal and forgive these wounds and traumas so we can finally release the imprints and change those deep seated beliefs systems from the inside-out!! Which is what is completing now for many Forerunners as we complete our Healing. Only when we change our deepest held beliefs in our subconscious will our realities start to reflect the healed and Divine aspects of these new templates and of these ‘new’ sacred Divine Relationship Blueprints back to us. Most importantly this affects these energies at a collective level as we are healing the patriarchal dominance, gender divide/ war and victim-victimizer programming, and so much more. Of course we are also healing any unhealed Feminine aspects such as submission, co-dependency, manipulation, not standing and speaking up for ourselves to keep the peace etc. We all have to heal these masculine and feminine woundings within us so we can merge our own inner Divine Masculine and Feminine Essences and come to Divine Union Within, which is what changes everything.

Those that trigger these wounds within us are assisting us in the unravelling, healing and release. A huge part of this is healing the relationships with our parents, ancestral lines and other influences that played a big role in our life’s of how we perceived and defined these energies in our early life’s, as they represent our own inner masculine (electric) and feminine (magnetic) energetic aspects within us, and how they interrelate. Only then can we come to peace, harmony, balance and Divine Union within and without. We have to get to a point where we fully forgive, have compassion for, understand, accept, LOVE, integrate and unify all of these aspects within ourselves. As we come to harmony and balance within ourselves, we can finally access the realities that will reflect this inner state of being back to us.

Indigo or Starseed Twinflames and Divine Counterpart relationships are playing a big role in bringing this whole Ascension process to completion as they hold the Original Divine Blueprints and Edenic/ Paradisian Source and Ascension keys and codes for the Collective, as they assist in healing these aspects, Original wounds and traumas within ONE another. Some of these couples have never met in the physical as they work together at a higher dimensional and Consciousness level, some couples work through the clearing, balancing, integration and merging whilst they are physically together. Some others have a twin that is not physically embodied and there are many layers to these relationships and how they can show up. Every relationship is unique just as we are.

Profound energetic shifts are happening now that are assisting many of us to step into full Embodiment of the Divine Holy Trinity within. The Embodiment of our multi-dimensional Diamond Avatar and fully integrated with our Divine Masculine, Feminine and inner Child aspects, which is Divine Union and the re-birthing of the New Androgenous Krystar SAphiRA Diamond Rainbow Plasma Lightbody and Blueprint for the New Divine Cosmic Citizen. These couples hold the new Hierogamic Divine Union Blueprints that carry the new Divine Relationship patterns and Templates. They hold the foundation for the new Unity Field and Organic Divine Creatrix Field as everything is based on this new Blueprint that offers rehabilitation to ALL races across the Cosmos, back to a minimum of 13 strand DNA potential, as part of the Divine Template of the 144 plus three as ONE, of the Eternal Kryst, who lives in us ALL.

Many sacred Divine Counterparts and couples shall now start to come together to unify in the physical as this is part of the Collective Ascension playing out and part of us returning back to the start, back to the future, back to the Beginning and is also part of bringing our Divine Cosmic Re-Union fully online. All from the inside out first. These relationships play a very important role on many multi-dimensional levels. Many will unify in the physical, for some it may remain non physical or are just meant to connect for a specific timeframe and purpose and then move on, as not all align on that level and these relationships also do not have to be romantic in nature, some are same sex, they come in all shapes and sizes, just like people do.

The main purpose has been that of accelerated Polarity Integration so we can now move from distorted polarity to Unity Consciousness collectively, which was part of the anchoring and activation of the Unity Grid and Field, that is part of the Zero Point Field of the New Divine Organic Creatrix. Where the polarities become neutralised, harmonised and balance each other out within this field of Divine Love and Neutrality, within the Holy Trinity of the ONEness. Many of those that identify with the term Twinflame/ Twinray/ Divine Counterparts or likewise, will know/ remember what I am speaking of. We carry important Ascension Key’s and Codes which we carry to IGNITE in this NOW, OUR NEW EDEN and Heaven on Earth from within us. All as WE UNIFY AS ONE IN HIEROGAMIC UNION & DIVINE LOVE.

These couples have been here to accelerate the Ascension process and anchor the new Androgenous Krystar SAphiRA, and sacred Divine Relationship Blueprints, Templates and Unity Field. All comes back to relationships, and the relationship we have with ourselves, which is what builds the foundation for the relationships we have with others, whether it’s with a partner, children, parents, friends, coworkers etc. Everything is an inside out manifestation. When there’s a conflict within us, then this will be very likely reflected back at us through our relationships with others. Couples have children and families are at the very core of any society, hence the push of the negative forces to destroy the family unit, gender roles, reversal technologies and implanted sexual misery programming, to name a few. Thankfully all of this is ending now as the Forerunners have come to Divine Union with Self and are/ have energetically merged with their Divine Counterparts, now we can come to Divine Union with One another in the physical too.

Twinflame relationships can often be very challenging as we work through and clear the distortions held within our fields and Blueprints that connect us to the Collective wounds and traumas that we came here to clear and heal on behalf of ALL. Much have been prevalent for many eons reflecting back the imbalance, division, fragmentation, conflict and war of the genders and these energetics playing out, that we all carry within us. A lot of what we’ve clearing are karmic, ancestral and collective imprints, and it’s not been easy but oh so worth it! We took these huge karmic loads on in order to clear them on behalf of the Collective, on behalf of our families, Soul Groups and Tribes. We have literally healed the whole Cosmos as we have healed ourselves. We have trained many, many, many lifetimes for this moment in no-time for all to come to its full completion now. For it is our true RE-MEMBERING of what has really happened, of our true history records and Cosmic Origins, and us Awakening from the dream within the dream, which awakens that what is true and really REAL from deep within us now. As all time is truly simultaneous, ALL is ACCESSIBLE in the NOW. Timeline/ REALity Corrections to our past and future always happen in the now moment. That’s where we change it all from as we course correct as guided. Now is all there ever is, ever was and ever will be.

When we unify our Divine inner Masculine and Feminine energies, we birth the Divine Child within which has moved us from the old distorted duality/ polarity/ bi-wave/ reversal patterning to the Tri-Wave/ Trinity Wave patterning/ template. The Holy Grail within, which is the Holy Trinity of the Holy Father, Holy Mother and Holy Child. This is also connected to the sacred Hierogamic Divine Union Blueprints and Templates that we are now fully activating and awakening from within us and One another as we come together in Divine Union. So Ascension is much about us healing, integrating, unifying and merging our inner Divine Father, Mother and Child aspects as ONE, and now also the DIVINE COSMIC BLUEPRINTS and Templates, as all has been upgraded. So it’s very much about us embodying a New Divine Cosmic Masculine and Feminine Energy, as well as Child, where there is no longer any division between the three energies as they have become and UNIFIED fully AS ONE, as well as them being embodied in these three physicalised forms individually. It’s bothand. The distortions and reversals have now cleared to reveal our true Divine Essence and Nature, and have returned us to our Original Innocence with the lessons learned. Now we can start all over again, now that we know better and have unified the singularity of The ONEness within ourselves, without losing our own sense of self. Indeed we have found our TRUE authentic, unique SELF, that no longer feels separate from any other, or afraid to be rejected for being who we truly are, as we have re-birthed as ONE CONSCIOUSNESS now RE-MEMBERING ITS ONE TRUE SELF.


This is bringing Cosmic Christ Consciousness mainstream as we as the anchors for the Unity, and New Divine Organic Creatrix Field, radiate this throughout the Collective field as the new Cosmic Consciousness Broadcasting towers, network and system that we are, fully taking over from, and overwriting, the old mind control programming and technologies. We truly carry all we need right inside of our own bodies and Crystalline Technologies that are fully igniting now along with the New Ascension Earth holographic Blueprints and Diamond Grids, Krystal Cathedral Network with its Golden and Crystalline Cities and New Earth Realities. This can also be understood as the Zero Point Field of NOW, or Divine Neutrality, from where all new creations are birthed from, free from the old distorted energies and inverted/ reversed programs/ imprints/ templates that kept us looping in the same old stories over and over again. We are now fully reconnected to Source and Eternal Source flows through the Trinity Wave currents that also run as Rainbow Rounds throughout the Grids and our fields, anchoring pure Source Light and liquid Rainbow and tri-waves of Diamond White, Golden and Platinum Crystalline Plasma Ray currents, that are assisting the Collective re-encryption of our matter world’s and Consciousness.

Ultimately all relationships are here to assist us with achieving Divine Union, which is Ascension and it’s about us coming to Divine Union with Source and ALL of life everywhere. It’s Our Return back to ONEness. Which is what is unfolding in this now as we re-member again who we truly are and our inherent AtONEment with ALL. All relationships may assist us with polarity integration and deepening into the Essence that is true Divine Love. The Twinflame journey is one that holds up the perfect mirror to all that still requires to be integrated and healed within us, often showing us our polar opposite and our core wounds and traumas shared, which is why it can be so very challenging, painful and maddening at times. We came here to find out and remember what true Divine Love really is and all that it is not, and anchor new Divine Relationship Templates and Blueprints and that of the New Divine Human and Cosmic Citizen. All is inner-connected!

Divine Love is what we and the Cosmos is made of. It’s the most powerful energy in the Cosmos, it makes the impossible possible, the invisible visible, it moves mountains, breaks all the laws of The Cosmos, and it is what holds everything together. It’s what makes the world go round and it is who we ALL are at our core. All else is confusion and forgetfulness.

Eternal Love,

**By Ramona Lappin