Tunia: Raising Your Level of Consciousness

My dearest brothers and sisters,

This is Tunia speaking. I love you so very much.

The situation on your world keeps being harsh and unfair, but things are also slowly improving. In particular, the level of consciousness on your world keeps increasing, which we consider to be of critical importance. The higher the level of consciousness is, the less that the dark controllers will be able to execute their plans and the more that civilians will feel empowered to build alternate structures.

It has been said on your world that you change things not by criticizing existing structures, but by building better ones. This is very true. There are some promising initiatives along these lines, such as the One Small Town initiative and many more.

One way in which this situation can end is if the white hats or counterforces arrest the bad guys. Another way in which this can end is if enough normal civilians simply exit the system, so that it collapses.

The time is ripe for ordinary people to build different and more humane structures and communities, outside of the current system. If you feel called to do this, now is a great time for that. That said, if you do not feel called to do this, that is fine too –perhaps you contribute in another way, or perhaps right now it’s best to work on yourself or your own situation.

Due to the rising level of consciousness on Earth, both scenarios are becoming more likely every day: either that the white hats arrest the bad guys, or that enough people start leaving the system so that it collapses.

So, what kind of things are and are not good for your level of consciousness?

One thing that’s not very good for your level of consciousness is watching mainstream media, because it’s overly negative and because often it discusses things that are not within your power to change. That only stresses people out.

We would also recommend you not to consume too much alternative media and alternate news. It’s good to have a broad idea of what is going on, but beyond a certain point, consuming that does more harm than good. Alternative media, too, often focus on negative stories that most people are not able to do anything about.

Aside from this, it’s important not to suppress or judge or try to change your emotions. Often Earthlings try to focus on the positive, and that is very valid, but only if it’s genuine and if you don’t have to suppress negative feelings to accomplish that. Hakann’s message discussed a method to work with your negative emotions, titled: “The Observation Path.”

So, what kind of things can you do that facilitate the raising of your level of consciousness? Well, just observing or feeling your emotions and thoughts helps, so long as you don’t suppress or judge them. Spending time in nature helps. Spending time with loved ones helps. Having enough rest helps. Moving your body helps. Doing things you enjoy helps. Meeting your needs helps, even if those needs are so-called shallow.

You may have your own ways too of raising your level of consciousness.

And despite how much I have talked about raising your level of consciousness in this message, it’s completely understandable and fine that some people right now are not focusing on that. For example, maybe you need to get your current life on track. Maybe you are focused on some practical project. Maybe you are struggling just to get by and are in survival mode right now.

I would like to ask you two questions today. You are invited to write your answers in the comment section.

One: what is the primary goal that you are trying to accomplish in the coming months? Are you just trying to keep your head above the water, are you trying to meet new people, are you trying to accomplish some task, anything else?

Two: what is your strategy for accomplishing this goal?


For Era of Light

**Channel: A.S.


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20 Replies to “Tunia: Raising Your Level of Consciousness”

  1. Veronica

    Hi Tuina! I love to read your words! The resonate so much to me. Being in this harsh world on Earth, I wonder why I have chosen to, above all, get three cancer diagnosises. I understand that there is some kind of lesson for me. One thing for sure is that even though I’m in young years already experienced this, I still find love, gratitude and meaning in my life. I want to use my experiences to help others but I have not found the way yet. Can you please talk, in upcoming channeling, about why souls choose these kind of sufferings above the hard times here one earth? It’s not like this is an easy place to live in as it is, in these times! Please enlighten me and us all! 🙏♥️

  2. Neti

    Thanks for all the clarity. I have a question: The reptilian and orion races are of divine origin, or if God did not create them, who did? Thanks.Namasté.

    1. AzureLeaves

      Based on what I realized, learned and observed, all creation came from ONE Divine Source/God/Goddess/Prime Creator/what-have-you.

      Hence every organic existence there is in all of Creation, e.g. Souls, living things, etc., are a fractal/aspect/extension of the Divine Source.

      So it doesn’t matter if an individual that you see is the holiest, or the most evil, despicable existence–it’s all the Divine Source just playing a different ROLE of Protagonist and Antagonist in this Divine Grand Play/Opera/Show.

      Such difference in roles are all so that the Divine Source can expand, learn and not become stagnated–lest it returns to Nothingness/Void; until the “End” of the current Cycle: Mahapralaya (Great Dissolution). And the cycle repeats.

    2. AzureLeaves

      And since I operate on that paradigm that I explained on the few sentences above, I can fulfill my duties as a Spiritual Worker and Spiritual Warrior without any hatred and other such negative thoughts and emotions towards those Fractals of the Divine Source who took the “Antagonist” roles, such as the 13 Families, Cabal, so-called Dark Forces (I call them Entropic Forces instead) and so on.

      I can fight without hatred and any of such deadweight negative emotions and thoughts weighing me down and clouding my heart and mind and “dulling my blade”.

      Hence Unconditional Love, understanding and even forgiveness also comes very easily, due to the realization that they are just my co-actors, co-scriptwriters, co-staff in this Divinely-orchestrated Show, just doing things appropriate for the roles they have chosen as individual expressions of the ONE Divine Source–they are me, and I am them.

      You can watch/read the “The Egg – A Short Story” by Andy Weir online or at “Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell” YouTube channel to have a succinct presentation of the paradigm I operate in.

  3. Max

    I think there are many people, like myself, who would certainly like to do things. We, at this moment in time, simply don’t have the resources to do these things. By resources, I mean “money”, as that is an important resource, in which it clears so many obstacles from our paths.

    I, for one, would like the GCR to happen very soon! We all need an influx of funds to help us in our lives and to help fund the projects that we have in mind. When?

    My projects will be as ambitious as the funds we receive…whatever the funds might be….

    We earthlings struggle on a daily basis without sufficient funds.

    On a more spiritual level, yes, continuing to develop spiritually is a never-ending process! There are 352 levels to the Godhead or Source. Collectively, we are approaching the 5th dimension…so, still some way to go!

  4. Zena Jann

    I want total focus on clearing activity with the violet flame energy and I am entraining to sustain staying in full force of love every moment, step, breath. Hopefully my Manhattan feels it.

  5. Erik

    1. There is no goal for the coming months, i live day by day, for almost 52 years now. Planning ahead just leads to disappointments due to restrictions across the board.
    2. The task is to make the best of it of my ability, moment by moment.

  6. Alexey

    1_ I want to ascend and I want to help with collective ascension and I’m trying to enjoy it all by the way.
    2_ I’m ascending myself and I conduct high frequency energies to me, to our collective, to our planet. I’m changing myself during it, I purify blocks, traumas and limitations in my consciousness (and in collective as it is one) – this is not the goal (to clean it all), but I have to do it to get where I want to. So the strategy is to live into a more higher frequency life as much as I can.

  7. Jared Love You Very Much

    I need a wife like Tunia, godang buddy godang what a divine babe she is. Love you Tunia!!!!!

  8. HeyStranger

    I am, working from the depths of darkness to create unfathomable love filled light.

    When low is as low gets there is but only one way. Up.
    Be good all of you, do not lose love.

  9. Tenisha Roderickson

    Was I anyone famous in a previous incarnation? Is there anyone that I have met who is from my soul family in this incarnation, if so, what is their name?

  10. Scott Hilsen

    I am focusing on raising the love, joy, peace and harmony through healing prayer and meditation, either buy myself or with another (where two or more are gathered, I AM there…) As well as exploring ideas on how to help all of our world. As you say, we need to find our own solutions to these problems. God bless. Scott

  11. Jacques Vincent

    Hello Tunia , this is a very good question and I am not to sure what to say.Iam old enough and a retired person having a lot of time on my hand. Every day i read a lot on the internet on a lot of subjects trying to educate myself and to see where as a human we are all going . This , for me was very important to see where we where going . Physically , I do not do very much but spiritually I am trying to put my mind in a way to express for humanity all the wonderful things to come by ending all that suffering ,
    the disease , the famine , hatreds etc. Sometime , I am wondering that doing so is enough but at the end of the day I say to myself that I am exactly where I am supposed to be . Due to the situation on this planet right now , I have lost all my friends and part on my family due to a kind of irreconcilable way of thinking and frankly this did not affected me to much hoping that one day all of this will be as it was before .. Let us stay positive , happy , and in accordance with the law of the Mighty One …

  12. terry summers

    Help bring in the New Earth and also always look within myself before deciding something Important.

  13. Matteo

    Find my twin Soul and People to relate in totale light,love,truth.armony, Joy. The true soul family. I Plan do this by meditatation and consequenlty manifestation. clearing myself Is prior now. I send You and the Pleiadians all my love and my light. Thank You

  14. David

    Hi Tunia and A.S, to raise my vibration as high as possible, by living the best and healthiest life possible, and being kind to myself and others. Keeping motivated everyday to do so. 🙏