Ashian: Ascension Upgrades

Jennifer: Hello dear friend! Apologies, it’s been a rather sporadic few months. How are you and what would you like to share?

Ashian: You forget, time is of your making, not ours! We are not counting minutes since we last spoke, we are following the energies. We welcome you back into our energy and we share this with you and all who feel these words.

We observe, in the rapidly rising energies on your planet, there is a major review cycle present. You are invited to return to moments of your past where there wasn’t what you call ‘closure’, in order to review these events from different angles so you may release them more fully.

J: Wow! Exactly right. I just did a profound karmic clearing – the second in six weeks – yesterday. I’ll blog about that later so others can use it as a template for themselves, if they feel it might help them.

A: Do share it, it’s a profound tool and humanity requires everyone to do their part of the work now more than ever, whether that is personal clearing or sharing tools and information.

You are entering an age of information rather than disinformation. Truth will resonate within your cells, ringing out with knowing and confirmation, when something is right for you.

J: Oh! And again, exactly right! I had a surreal experience looking at a ‘random’ photo that showed a numerical alignment, like when you see the clock reads 11.11am on 11/11/22 for example. Every cell in my body vibrated, it felt like an energetic explosion, and my brain went completely blank. I couldn’t think. I just felt … goodness I don’t know how to describe it … expansion? Joyful expansion.

A: Yes, these are the physical manifestations of ascension; it is two-fold, it is your physical form releasing old programming and it is your soul embedding more deeply into your physical form. This is a step jump, when you have such a profound physical experience. Many people are having these experiences and they will only increase from here on in, as you release the limiting thoughts and beliefs that bound you to your 3D expression of self.

J: Exciting stuff! What can we do to bring forward these experiences?

A: Excellent question, we thought you’d never ask!

J: Thanks! I’m not firing on all cylinders these days, despite the activations.

A: That is because you are integrating and evolving, the rewiring process can appear as confusion, because your old mental frameworks are being broken down and new, more intuitive formations are being introduced.

In answer to your question: the spiritual journey is not rocket science, it always comes back to noticing how you are. When you are in flow, joy and synchronicity, you are in the grounding phase of work you have already completed. That is the time you are getting to know and navigate a new level of awareness. It is like walking across the mountain tops.

When you feel stuck, depressed, overwhelmed or angry … those are the times to slow right down and become curious about what triggered you into feeling that way.

When you feel you have sunk into the valley, it is the time to clear.

In many cases, simply becoming aware of the thought or interaction that triggered you to feel wounded – or re-wounded more precisely – will bring you to the moment that requires healing. Invite the violet flame to clear and cleanse the energy / beliefs that created this painful moment, and that will be enough.

But here is the caveat: in your case, for example, you were repeatedly falling into fear and you felt unable to move. Because you experienced the same debilitating emotion arise time and time again, it was a sure sign this was karma that needed to be cleared, it was an energetic pattern that extended beyond this lifetime. And you cleared it. Sometimes it takes several attempts to clear a deeply held pattern, as layers can become deeply ingrained in your character, so if you find a clearing doesn’t immediately help, it’s not because you didn’t ‘do it right’, it’s because it is deep and needs to be dissolved in layers. Equally, sometimes you are so ready to release an outmoded pattern that grace is invoked and the remainder of the limiting pattern / trigger is released for you by the Divine Mother.

It will be very useful if you provide a video of the process to instruct others on this.

J: Ok, I will do that.

A: Thank you. You are here to create change and you do that most profoundly by loving yourself back to your perfect form. Your compass is how you feel. Trust yourself.

Remember, dearest brothers and sisters, you need never face these moments alone. Each of you are surrounded by a team of helpers, both angelic and galactic, who are ready to assist you whenever you call upon them. They can guide you to the right people, thoughts and synchronicities to help you evolve with even greater grace and ease.

And we are always here for you too, all you need to do is call upon us.

This is your time. You are being invited to step into your freedom, to join with us and we are honoured to support you every step of the way.

J: Thanks Ashian, to you all.

**Channel: Jennifer Crokaert


One Reply to “Ashian: Ascension Upgrades”

  1. Xena

    Thank you Ashian for your lovely message, and in this case Galaxy Girl and more, for answering my questions directly. All my love and recognition for your effort as well, in communications. A weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Yes, humanity made a deal, go to the darker side and bring light. And here we are.
    But there is a detail that I still do not understand, if I may. Actually, there are two questions for the channel:
    1. If the dark beings “were created”, (they are not creators like us…) Who created them?
    Did Creator God do it to “play the earth holographic game”? Thanks.

    2. I have been reading lately about earth contacts with Pleiadians, great beings whom I admire and love. However, many accounts speak of somewhat “cold” people who were also subjected to some minor interventions, such as taking blood. My question is twofold: Do I understand that by doing it with the best of intentions, this did not violate your free will, or had you previously agreed with your soul? And the second is, I have the feeling that the Pleiadians are actually fun, loving and have a whole range of warm and happy emotions, they even live passionately, maybe having to come down to Earth they had to lower their vibration frequency and that would explain that feeling in some people? Thank you. A huge earthly hug and once again, recognized for your Rescue and Support work, without which we would have nothing to do. Namaste.