Celestial White Beings: Ascension Initiation Seeding

Greetings magnificent beacons of light. We are the celestial white beings. We come forth radiating our Cosmic and Celestial light.

It is our purpose to support you in understanding the Ascension shifts taking place at this moment, while also beginning to seed those Ascension Energies into your being into your reality and into your Creations for the coming year. This is a wonderful time for nurturing your being refocusing your mind and seeding Energies, anchoring vibrations into your being so that you may embody them and they may serve you in the year. That is coming.

The Ascension initiations taking place at this time and throughout the coming period, a focused upon power. There are two areas that require your contemplation. The first is to explore your power.

What does it mean to be powerful? What are your power qualities? What color is your power? What vibrations does your power Express?

The second area of contemplation is: how can you manifest your power in your current reality and what would it manifest, as would you feel the power within your being? What would it feel like?

How would you experience it and then how would it manifest in your reality, if you were able to look forward a year, can you imagine yourself living powerfully expressing your inner power? What would you be doing? What would you be saying? What would you be thinking with these two areas?

We can begin to understand the Ascension shifts taking place now, and we can also recognize that many experiences in your reality are connected to power you claiming and accepting your power. Sometimes, when you heal yourself or change your perspective, which is you claiming and accepting your power.

Sometimes, when you choose kindness over anger or chaos, that can be you accepting and claiming your power, it is important to begin to recognize that many of your experiences, maybe even your challenges or areas that are causing confusion or struggle, that there is simply a need for You to claim your power in a unique and perfect way for you by recognizing that many of your challenges at this time are connected to you claiming your power. You are seeding, the Ascension energies and the Ascension initiations. You are grounding and anchoring them deep into your being.

You are embodying them. This allows you to move through your Ascension initiations, with greater ease, because you’re calling forth all of the energies that are required, the activation energies and the embodiment, Energies and you’re drawing them into your being to serve you. It is not for you to struggle alone.

The support is all around you. You are safe, you have everything that you need and require to achieve these Ascension initiations, and you can begin by seeding that support that energy and those qualities to serve you – and you do this by contemplating your power and recognizing that many of your experiences are encouraging. You to claim your power and, with that whole process, understanding and acknowledgment comes the seeding of your Ascension.

It grounds and moves at a quicker pace, which means that you move through your Ascension with a quicker speed because you’re grasping everything and allowing everything to be at your fingertips or embodied within your being now. The next question comes: how do you claim your power and how do you even Explore it? The exploration can be achieved in quiet time or meditation, where you invite your soul.

Your essence to show you your power to allow you to feel descends to acknowledge to see your power within you. Let it come forth in a way that serves you. It might be a symbol or a vision, a sound, or a simple knowingness.

Imagine that your power is a new friend that you want to get to know deeply, so ask your power questions, anything that comes to your mind and allow the answers to Flow. You may not understand them or you may, whatever you receive, is simply accept it. Now, the seeding of your power, the recognition, the embodiment, the creation of power in your reality, comes through overcoming the current challenges.

Discomfort struggles, confusion in your reality because, as you resolve these aspects and recognize them as you claiming your power, so you plant the seeds of power, so you ground it anchors into your reality.

You become an embodiment of power.

So if there is an area of your reality that you dislike or causes discomfort contemplate it, what would this area of your reality look like if you were in a space of power and if you’re able to achieve this, you can understand what do you need to Move into that space of power, what do you need to receive or what you need to do and that will act as a seeding of your power.

It’s almost like a root, extends from your power and grounds itself very thoroughly and deeply into your being and your reality and each time you do this you’re seeding your power you’re, claiming your power you’re, overcoming Ascension, initiations and you’re, walking as your power on the Earth And you will feel liberated through this process, because not only are you resolving stuck energy you’re, claiming your power, maybe bit by bit until you can recognize it more fully within your reality and within your being – and this is something that we encourage you to achieve in The coming days and weeks, it is a unique Journey for you to explore and achieving this you are in alignment with the Ascension shifts, and so the Ascension energy will carry you forth, offering to you all the support and nourishment that you require, and, of course we, The celestial white beings are present to serve you as well.

We love you dearly.

Please call upon us to surround you energetically and assist you. We are here in service to you. We thank you.


**Channel: Natalie Glasson


2 Replies to “Celestial White Beings: Ascension Initiation Seeding”

  1. harrrrrie

    Of course, this is Natalie. She is real. Beautiful message. I need this. I welcome the CWB into my life. Thank you CWB, Nancy, EOL and everyone for everything you do.
    Love and blessings to you all.

  2. Hagqob8168

    Shine bright, you all.
    A galactical awakening is here. Feel your being. Feel your massless mass and expand light unto dark corners within your vision of field, when eyes closed and the light is out, vibrate it from the center like the warmth of the sun. Expand and create. You are love. You are loved.

    With love, yours,