Spiritual Growth, Vitality and Wellness

Intuition brings you direct information on the true nature of any situation.

Once you make a habit of looking within and focusing on your spiritual nature, you open up your awareness to the intuitive information that can come from your soul consciousness. Intuitive insight is available to both men and women and, with its development, you can achieve more than you have ever imagined possible.

The conscious, reasoning mind assesses a situation using the physical senses as well as past information. Intuitive reason is possible when you include intuitive information in the process. Intuition comes from your inner, soul consciousness and is directly tuned into the thoughts and energies that surround any situation.

Intuition adds to your knowledge and understanding of a situation, allowing your actions to achieve objectives with greater ease and harmony.

With intuition, you know what action will best work and when.

Intuition is your doorway to direct information on the consciousness of people, places, and events. It can also warn you about danger ahead and reveal what hidden risks you could avoid in order to stay safe.

Intuition prompts you to take actions which will help you in ways that you had not been able to detect using the physical senses alone. It also puts you in touch with the natural flow of unfolding situations so that you can adapt to them and, therefore, succeed with relatively effortless action.

**By Owen Waters