Ancient Submerged Airport Was Discovered on The Bottom Of The Pacific Ocean

In the Pacific Ocean, a mystery building of enormous dimensions was found. Is this a strange structure? What could this ancient structure be? Or is it a natural structure? Mac Mclver noticed this strangeness recently.

He is an amateur underwater archaeologist. Mac spends his time using Google Earth to search various places around the globe. He claims that he first saw this building in August.

The mysterious structure can also be found in the Pacific Ocean, 50 kilometers northeast from Cocos Island, Costa Rica. Cocos Island, a Pacific Ocean island that has been abandoned, is located in the Pacific Ocean. It’s located in Puntarenas (Costa Rica).

It is known for its wealth, which was hidden by well-known pirates. It is located at 2000m off Costa Rica’s coast.

You may discover it in Google Earth by entering the following coordinates: 6° 04′ 56′′ N and 86° 03′ 16′′ V If you look attentively at this structure and modern airport photos, you will see a striking connection.

It is hard to determine if this structure was constructed intentionally or accidentally without extensive underwater research. The obvious question is: Why would someone build an airport at the ocean floor?

One theory suggests that the airport was built long before there was any land in this area. Another explanation is that the anomaly could be due to a sonar error. One thing is certain, the oceans of the world are still mystery realms full of secrets.



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  1. Scroogle McDuck

    No, no. That’s just the way the sidescanning radar looks, sometimes. It’s not an airport.