Atlantis and the Inner Struggle of Lightworkers

Lightworkers have been on their way for many incarnations.

In this article I’m going to talk about their role as perpetrators in the time of Atlantis and the victim lives that took place afterwards; about the inner conflicts that arose from these conflicting experiences and how they ultimately led to the birth of the Christ consciousness.


First of all: what is duality? Duality is the denial of the inner unity of the universe. It is the belief in the division between people, and man versus nature; men against women, races against each other, nations at war, nature that threatens us and therefore must be subdued. Duality is the belief that we are surrounded by enemies we need to fight. Duality is a mental illusion that imprisons humanity; an illusion that arises when our thinking is no longer based on love, but on fear.

What does this have to do with Atlantis?

Atlantis was a civilization that arose long ago when a certain group of cosmic souls, who originated elsewhere in the universe, decided to incarnate on Earth. At that time, there were already people on Earth, which you could call the Earth people. They had a somewhat different inner attunement and a different consciousness. They were very “down to earth” and felt a part of Earth’s nature; for example, they saw animals as equal co-inhabitants. Because of their bond with the Earth, the Mother energy plays a major role in their psyche.

Atlantean people were more cosmically oriented, they were aware of their origins. They were more mentally, more intellectually, developed and they had the powers of the third eye. They also looked a bit different, they were taller and lighter in color, and they considered themselves superior.

The consequence of their incarnation on Earth was that a class society emerged in which the Atlanteans formed the upper class, the ruling class. Among other things, they had come here to help and protect the Earth people. But they also looked down on those earthlings, considering them less evolved beings who needed to be taught and enlightened.

You can compare what happened then to what happened much later in human history – inspired by subconscious memories of Atlantis – during the Age of Colonization. The white colonizers saw themselves as those who came to enlighten, Christianize, and instill modern civilization in the “savages.” They even saw this assignment as “the white man’s burden”: it was the white man’s duty to enlighten the rest of the world.

It was only later that people began to understand that we can learn much from these so-called “savages”: their bond with nature, shamanism, the spirituality of Indian tribes, and from a country like India that brought, and still brings, many new insights into our Western society. The ideals of the Enlightenment that so profoundly changed our society originated in the encounter with Indians who often had little sympathy with the hierarchical and material gain-oriented society of the Europeans. “Liberty, equality, and fraternity” is not a European invention.

We are now beginning to see that this colonization has brought immense suffering and misery to the colonized peoples. This is a repetition of Atlantean themes. The Atlanteans also thought they could bring progress and civilization and acted from a certain arrogance and a lack of appreciation of the value of the existing “primitive” cultures.

At some point, that Atlantean civilization ended. This was partly due to forces of the Earth (natural disasters), and partly due also from a growing awareness of the Atlantean people themselves that they were doing the wrong thing and were achieving the opposite of what they intended. The result was that the Atlantean civilization collapsed.

Then, in subsequent incarnations, the Atlanteans mixed with the Earth people. They became part of them. However, the long-lasting Atlantean civilization, which lasted about a hundred thousand years, did have a deep psychological impact. It functioned as a kind of energetic mold for future societies.

Earth people began to imitate the culture of their previous overlords, trying to recreate Atlantis in their way of life and work. And with that, the mistakes of Atlantis were also repeated. They had internalized the dualistic ideas that arose at the time of Atlantis.


I will mention here three examples of dualistic mindsets that originated in Atlantis, mindsets with which we are still struggling.

  1. The creation of a ruler class

To begin with, the Earth people internalized the idea of ​​an Atlantean ruling class. This internalization led to the creation of nobility from among themselves, a class of people who had special rights because of their blood and descent. This was a ruling class of people who were special by birth, and often, as with the pharaohs of Egypt, even considered divine. Divine powers were attributed to them from a memory of the third eye power of the Atlanteans.

That nobility, with the royal family as the highest nobility, is still here today. Based on heredity, people are placed above others and called king or queen. The fact that the influence of royalty is diminishing shows that humanity is freeing itself from the psychological consequences of Atlantis. Nevertheless, the hierarchical idea that certain people are better than others runs deep and is still the cause of much injustice and suffering.

Those rulers themselves were often more concerned with expanding their power through wars and self-glorification than improving the well-being of their subjects. Their belief that they were chosen by God to rule over others did not help them.

  1. Subjugation of nature

Another result of Atlantis is the idea that the Earth is something to be controlled. The Atlanteans never really felt part of the Earth; they knew they had a different origin and identified with that cosmic origin. They looked down on the Earth and believed the Earth and nature had to be controlled. And in doing so, they created a growing tension with nature that would eventually come to a fateful eruption and cause the demise of Atlantis.

In our time, this belief has led to an alienation of man from nature. In striving to imitate the Atlanteans, the Earth people forgot what they had been given: a deep bond with the Earth and all its living beings. This also explains the sometimes-bizarre contradictions of modern man. People can love their pets dearly and still eat meat from the meat industry in which animals are horribly abused. People spend so much of their energy on appeasing their boss and not on their children and family. All around us we see clashes between old energetic patterns originating from Atlantis and the natural energies of Earth people.

  1. Hierarchical Spirituality and the False Unity Consciousness

Closely related to this, and of great importance, is the fact that Earth people, following the Atlanteans, established a hierarchical form of spirituality. Because the Atlantean souls strongly identified with their cosmic origins, their experience of spirituality was strongly oriented toward the cosmos, the otherworldly. The Earth itself, terrestrial nature, was considered lesser. So, they essentially introduced a dualistic spirituality.

We live with this legacy today. Most spiritual teachings from both East and West condemn the earthly, the sensuous, the physical and sexuality. You are supposed to transcend these and focus on “the sublime”, the otherworldly; the terrestrial is the lower, the mundane. That is essentially Atlantean consciousness, which is aimed at the cosmos. It is aimed at subduing the Earth and it also proclaims the idea of ​​an upper class who will teach “the people” about it.

This hierarchical spirituality often promotes a false idea of ​​unity. Examples of this are:

  • There is one God, but there is also the devil.
  • There is a heaven, but there is also a hell.
  • Everything is one, but your ego, your personality is not part of it.
  • We are all one, but some are more “one” than others, and some do not belong to that oneness at all.
  • Everything is one, but the Earth is not part of it and life on Earth keeps us away from that unity.
  • Everything is one, but we must let go of the outer world; it is not a part of it.

It is very simple: when everything is one, everything belongs to that unity. Personality, ego, play, money, illusions, sexuality, Earth, inner, outer, time and space – everything that has a name belongs to that oneness and may be seen and loved and has meaning. Resisting something, denying something, always leads to duality, and the belief in duality leads to psychic tension and to inner and outer conflicts.

The consequences of duality are dramatic: suppression of one’s own sexuality, suppression of a natural spirituality and creativity, and the emergence of deep feelings in people of guilt, shame, and inferiority. The suffering and psychological damage these ideas have caused are almost beyond comprehension. Not only are the major world religions to blame for this, but everywhere we see “enlightened” gurus who preach unity consciousness and meanwhile sexually abuse their students.

It was mainly the Atlanteans themselves who, reincarnated after the fall of Atlantis and now aware of their mistakes, clashed with these hierarchical ideas. They rebelled against their own inheritance, and were usually condemned for doing that by the societies they lived in. They went from ruler to persecuted, from perpetrator to victim.


The road taken after Atlantis was not easy one for the Atlantean souls. Living among the Earth people, and under the energetic burden of Atlantis, were painful experiences for these souls. It became a path of self-discovery, but also a path to true teaching. It was a confrontation with the past.

As mentioned above, the structures and ideas that the Atlanteans had created lived on in the Earth people after the fall of Atlantis. They had internalized these concepts: the ideas of hierarchy and class, and the subjugation of nature; the idea of ​​an upward spirituality and the neglecting of the lower chakras.

They turned out to be structures that the former Atlanteans, both because of their natural arrogance and because of their growing heart consciousness, could not bear at all. Ironically, it was they who clashed most with the hierarchical ideas and social structures they had once created. They became the rebels, the outsiders, the revolutionaries – and also the witches burned at the stake.

Psychologically, however, a very valuable development took place: they began to identify with Earth people; they saw their warmth, their humanity, their love for their children. And they saw what the system was doing to them. For the first time, real love and understanding arose between them, something that had been lacking in the days of Atlantis. The first step toward true teaching had been taken.


The fundamental mistake Atlanteans made was that they wanted to make people aware of their divinity by imposing external authority upon them. That did not work; the people started to believe only in a (divine) authority outside themselves.

Only when they started living among the Earth people, and often became victims themselves, did they start to make contact with the earthly reality from within and change things from the inside out.  It was only then that many fulfilled their spiritual mission. By staying true to themselves, despite persecution, despite being burned at the stake, they showed the people something. Namely, that there is an inner power, an inner authority and divinity that cannot be subdued by outer power. In doing so, they showed what spirituality really means. Their inner light showed itself in their powerlessness: an inner light that is free from authority.

Victimization took on meaning.

Thus, Atlanteans became the teachers they always wanted to be they became lightworkers. The Age of Enlightenment began. Humanity began to free itself from its mental shackles.

To consciously complete the transition from Atlantean to lightworker, three steps are required.

1) Letting go of victim thinking

Victim thinking implies that there is a perpetrator. Those perpetrators are of course the current rulers. Dark, sometimes extraterrestrial conspiracies are often suspected behind those rulers. In a sense, which is correct, only the plot is the energy of the past, of Atlantis. The Atlanteans themselves are the conspiracy they are fighting against. The culprit is not in the outside world, but is inside themselves.

The transition from Atlantean to Christ consciousness can be made by lovingly embracing the Atlantean within yourself from Earth consciousness, pointing the Atlantean to the power and harmonious beauty of nature. Look at the Atlantean in yourself and say, “Look at the wisdom of an Indian tribe, the intuitive connection to nature. Feel that the light is in everything, even in every stone. Feel what unity means, that really everything belongs to that unity, including the lower chakras, as well as sexuality and emotionality. Feel nature, feel the love of the Earth.”

2) Letting go of superiority thinking

By recognizing and embracing the Atlantean in yourself from the wisdom you have now acquired after all those incarnations, we dismantle the ideas that the Atlanteans brought to Earth and from which the Earth still suffers today: the superiority mindset; thinking you know how to do it for others.

Every human being has a soul and at a deep level every human being follows their path. You can never know for someone else how that path runs, and which experiences, sometimes difficult, someone seeks out and what their reasons are. If someone needs advice on their way, they will ask for it. Many people who call themselves spiritual masters are essentially pulling others away from their soul path. A good teacher instills confidence in his or her students in their own inner authority and makes themselves superfluous as quickly as possible. As long as you are not All, as long as you are not the One, you can never fully understand the choices and the path of another.

3) Transcending inner duality

We have been both perpetrator and victim. We can come to a loving synthesis of both when we understand that duality is not something of the outside world, but of our own inner world. Both perpetrator and victim are within us. In the end, the victim is not a victim of an external perpetrator, but of a perpetrator within us. After a long journey of many centuries, the perpetrator energy found its way back to us. We transcend that inner duality by lovingly looking at the perpetrator within us. He started with the best of intentions: to spread his light and knowledge. At the same time, which is the beginning of the error: the belief that others cannot find the way on their own; that they are lost without you, because you know better and see the right way.

This is how the helper became the perpetrator, and eventually that perpetrator energy comes back to you. Almost all structures that lightworkers collide with in this world, rigid ecclesiastical and secular authorities, organizations that exploit the Earth, etc., were created by themselves at some point in a now forgotten past. The way to dismantle those organizations is not to go to war against them, but to remove their breeding ground by lovingly forgiving and integrating the perpetrator in yourself. This is what we call Christ consciousness.


Christ consciousness is unity consciousness. It is the recognition that the same divine origin is present in all living things. Christ consciousness involves an unconditional love for everything – and everything really means everything. So not: you can only reach the higher if you push something away, if you suppress the earthly and say “no” to the earthly part. Love your enemies; love everything that you think does not belong, because it does belong.

In a deeper sense, Christ consciousness is born of the marriage between Atlanteans and Earth people. The Atlanteans had the cosmic attunement, the Earth souls the attunement to the Earth and nature. Love, and the integration of both attunements, arise from an equal meeting of both, the equal appreciation of the earthly and the cosmic. Seeing the incredible richness of the outer world with its beautiful nature and recognition of the inner divinity: appreciation for the big and the small.

It is the combination of the belief in the divine in man (Atlantean) and the belief in the equality of all people (Earthly). The spirituality that comes from this is the recognition of the divine in everything: a true unity consciousness.

The birth of Christ consciousness has also ultimately been the deeper esoteric mission of the Atlanteans. They came to Earth with the intention of helping the Earth, protecting it from hostile forces and enlightening the people here. But deep down, they also knew that they themselves had something to learn on Earth: emotional warmth, connection with the Earth and nature, living in the now—and that this was the path to Christ consciousness.

The Secret of Christ Consciousness

We make a distinction between the inner and outer worlds, but for Christ consciousness there is no such distinction. The outer world is a reflection of our inner world, love in our inner world leads to harmony in the outer world. Inner struggle creates duality in the outer world.

That inner world is not limited to the present: once we integrate the past and become inwardly free from it, it radiates out to all lives we have ever experienced on Earth. By lovingly integrating the perpetrator in us, the Atlantean in us, we dismantle the power structures from an ancient past.

The secret of Christ consciousness is that it is not just something of the now, it is a loving consciousness that flows through all our incarnations bringing healing. A loving wave that touches all facets of us wherever they are in time and space. It lifts all history into a different consciousness.


We have come a long way. We first lived as superior rulers to the Earth people, and we saddled them with ideas and structures that still hinder them today. Then we started living among them and started fighting against those structures; against the power structures, the upper classes, against the imposed hierarchical spirituality that condemned sexuality and suppressed the earthly. Now it is about embracing Christ consciousness, letting both forces come together and feeling that we find the oneness in that. Christ consciousness is born of the marriage of the earthly and the cosmic. It arises from transcending the inner duality, that of both perpetrator and victim.

Christ consciousness is born when we let go of the inner struggle; it is born of the realization that everything in us belongs and longs for love. It is born when we give love to everything within ourselves; it is born from the harmony that then arises.

It is a healing consciousness that spreads its light not only in the present, but to every moment we lived and breathed here.

It is love that transcends time and space.

**By  Gerrit Gielen

**Translation by Maria Baes, Frank Tehan and Pamela Kribbe – Edited by Frank Tehan


4 Replies to “Atlantis and the Inner Struggle of Lightworkers”

  1. Adrienne Smith

    It’s time to dispel the myth that indigenous peoples didn’t separate into separate tribes, didn’t have a hierarchy and didn’t go to war with each other.
    They did.

  2. Scroogle McDuck

    Atlantis is something people need to get over and let go of. It wasn’t good at the end — at all. Sadly, the Fallen showed up a little later and REALLY messed everything up.