Proof Of Extraterrestrial Participation In The Emergence Of Man Must Be Sought In His DNA

For hundreds of years, people have felt that they are not the only ones in the vastness of the Universe.

When people pay attention to the Earth, they find evidence that extraterrestrial civilizations visited it in the distant past. To solve the mystery of the origin of life on this planet, scientists have constructed sensitive radio telescopes and spaceships.

Kazakhstani scientists made bold assumptions about the possibility that alien involvement in the development and maintenance of man may be closer to us than we might think.

They believe that DNA is the key to many of nature’s most fundamental secrets. The experiments of aliens thousands of millions of years back led to human evolution.

This viewpoint was also shared by Francis Crick who discovered the DNA sequence.

Francis Crick believes that human DNA is too complex to have evolved over Earth’s history. He suggests extraterrestrial interference in human DNA.

It’s fascinating to see why these researchers made such assumptions. They discovered that DNA could be used to prove the existence of mathematical sequences.

It was discovered that DNA could be represented as a combination of ideographic and arithmetic patterns that make up some type of symbolic language. Even more amazed were they when they discovered their ability to perform logical transformations and their consistency and precision. It is fascinating that DNA follows a pattern called “37”.

This is unlikely to be dismissed by scientists as an accident. In the decimal system, for example, this number corresponds to the usual human temperature – 37 degrees Celsius.

This could be an indication that there is a hidden message, which requires further attention. For nearly eight years, research has focused on this region. There have been many fascinating facts discovered over the years, but there are still some amazing discoveries.



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