Archangel Gabriel: Surrender as a Power Move

Dear Ones,

When you are feeling the need for change but don’t know what direction to move in, all you must do is simply surrender into your highest life expression.

While it may not seem like much, surrender is the greatest power move you can make, because it activates your team of helpers and allows your higher self to lead the way. Because it is an empowered act of non-resistance, you become very easy to lead into the right time/right place scenarios and the discovery of the next important step on your journey.

Further, you are allowing yourself to be guided by your guides and soul, who have much more information than you do about the perfect matches that exist for you that you haven’t yet discovered, and your soul’s truest desires.

If you pay close attention, when you surrender you will feel a lightening of your energy. There is no special ritual required, just a heartfelt declaration that sets the universe in motion. It can be as simple as saying with your inner voice, “I surrender. Please lead the way to my highest life expression.”

Our partner in transmission surrendered by saying, “God you need to take the wheel. All I know is that I want to help people,” and that one beautiful act of giving up – not giving up in terms of losing but rather of giving Up by giving the reins to spirit – led to our working together.

A wonderful thing happens when you surrender. Your guides wait with bated breath when they sense you are close to surrendering, and when you do it is a time of great rejoicing from your guides and angels, because it indicates the most remarkable progress can be made on your journey.

It is you stepping into true partnership with spirit, which is a glorious thing, indeed. Then all you must do is stay in the flow with your faith and trust long enough to discover the magic that has been waiting for you all along.

**Channel: Shelley Young


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