Tunia of the Pleiades: Tunia: A Broader Perspective

My dearest brothers and sisters,

This is Tunia speaking. I love you so very much.

I have a tremendous amount of respect for you, for being in such a harsh place and yet you maintain your inner light and your good heart. Truly you are the strongest of the strong.

I wish that you were already living in the upcoming love-based society, and that us galactics could already meet you face-to-face. I wish we could already talk with you, dance with you, hug you and give you a hand with whatever you needed.

Unfortunately, that is still a little while away. So instead, today I would like to present you with a broader perspective. I hope this helps.

Earth has been controlled by the dark controllers for a very long time.

Many hundreds or even thousands of years ago, most of you volunteered to help Earth. Many of you then trained to help Earth for several hundred years. Those of you who were chosen have then lived on Earth for hundreds of years.

Many of you can think of yourselves as galactic special ops soldiers, who have been on a “help Earth” mission for hundreds or thousands of years.

Of course not everyone is a soldier in the sense that their purpose is killing other people. But most of you certainly are on a very special and important operation, namely the operation to help Earth.

And you are doing your job splendidly. Earth’s lightworkers are the best ground team we have ever worked with.

Today I would like to remind you that most of you are special operation soldiers who have been spending hundreds or thousands of years to help Earth.

And you are so very close. It is likely that a few years from now, Earthlings will be free and we will be likely to meet up with you face-to-face. And the more work that Earthlings do, the sooner this will be.

Therefore I say to you: keep heart. If you take the perspective that you are a soul who has been working to help Earth for hundreds or thousands of years, then you literally are at 99%. You really are nearly there.

Yes, from the conventional human perspective, it seems very long that Earth’s liberation may still be a few years away. But from the perspective of your soul, you are very nearly there. Keep heart – you are at 99% and this is not the time to give up hope or abandon your mission.

There will come a day when you will live in peace and freedom and unity and the galaxy is open to you to explore. And we will be right there besides you to show you what wonders the galaxy has to offer.

I love you endlessly,


For Era of Light

**Channel: A.S.


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6 Replies to “Tunia of the Pleiades: Tunia: A Broader Perspective”

  1. Henrik

    I got repeated visions of a home coming on Ayahuasca and other entheogens back in 2015. Didn’t know what it meant but found QHHT sessions where ppl described the same things under hypnosis.

    After listening to a thousand sessions (literally) and continuing my spritual expansion and researching the subject of a coming Flash, Shift or an Event/ Ascension (for almost every waking hour since 8 yrs now), and being awake since the 90s, I would say I got a pretty good understanding of where we’re at.

    The overall batshit-craziness the world over, the high energies combined with the collective awakening we’re witnessing and so on, is a clear sign we are close, very close.

  2. Marilyn

    Thank you so much Tunia, we Love you more for your support and encouragement!!! God Bless 👊🏼🎁❤️🥰

  3. Casey Plummer

    Still remember being told “soon” in 2010. I don’t think they experience time the way we do. There’s so much freewill at play.