Archangel Ariel: Until Your “I” Merges With God

Two lovers are God and man, once desire has awakened in man.

Beloved human being,

at a time when God has been removed from life, it is of utmost importance to bring God back into life.

Support and protect every undertaking with God! Think, feel and act through God and you will attain perfection.

A person who lives far away from this reality must now lose his orientation – and he will believe the lies of this system. The one who has banished God from his life will walk through time without a companion and without a navigator and will no longer find an anchor.

What matters now is your vital relationship with God – and vital it is when God is involved in all the processes of your life.

Breathe with God and live with God, this gives you support and is the key to your happiness.

Perfect devotion makes you perfect – as a lover thinks only of his beloved and a beloved thinks only of her beloved, so your relationship with God should be now: absolute and perfect in love.

Closeness to God comes through devotion. Drop by drop, love is instilled in you until your longing awakens and your heart is opened to a living exchange with God. The storms of this time pass and what remains is you and is your longing for God.

Then the seeker and the sought become one and any separation ceases to exist. Then it does not matter on which of the worlds you live, for in union with God, circumstances no longer have power over you.

Open your heart so that your longing awakens and God can find you. Consecrate your life to God alone until your I dissolves in HIS being.

In perfect love,

**Channel: Jahn J Kassl

**Translation to English by