Where Do Certain Spirits Come From?

When Kardec has coded Spiritism, he brings comfort to the souls incarnate, once humans begin to understand that life goes on, even with the death of the physical body. In a way, humanity has received a thread of Light in their consciences, for understanding that death does not exist for the soul, was in fact a great achievement in terms of knowledge, for each incarnate here on Earth.

Even so, the Spirit Doctrine of Kardec has been confined to the Wheel of Reincarnations. All those who have been interested in studying it, have interpreted that every human being is a Simple and Ignorant Spirit, seeking improvement and evolution.

In a way, this is correct, as a consolation to those who strive for that evolution. Once you have learned all the lessons of this soul school, the cycle of reincarnations is closed. But there was always one question: WHERE DOES IT START AND WHERE DOES IT END?

It took almost two Centuries for human consciences to at least begin to understand what goes beyond Kardecism. Gradually, when you have the understanding of something beyond its doctrine, an infinite stream of information emerges, bringing more and more information about who we really are.

We first discover that we are not a Spirit, but a soul fragmented from the Spirit. We are Monada, that is, unlimited consciousness, created in the Divine Source, as a DIVINE ATOM-SEED. This is the Spirit of truth, our HIGHER SELF. Made in the image and likeness of the Creator, for He Himself is a Consciousness, the Source itself, what can be called GOD.

Who is God? US, that is, the sum of all US, which is in fact all that exists in the Infinite Cosmos. He is the Tree that brought all seed. We are all Seeds. And to spread, populate, and create worlds, each Atom-Seed split into 12 Super Souls, then into 12 more Super Souls. Subsequently each Super Soul split into Souls, and these, in turn, into Fractals, to be able to reach the lower worlds.

Therefore, whoever is incarnated as a human being of the Earth is a Fractal of soul, that is, a tiny part of each monadic consciousness. Some earlier texts have been written here, explaining how Monadas are. So, the fractal is the smallest part of a consciousness that can still return to its higher version, without completely losing its monadic link. Even subjected to the veil of oblivion, she will ascend when she has done all her experiments here on this Planet.

It has been said that to be in a World of Duality, of Atonement and Trials, is the furthest point a consciousness can experience life. Today, we begin to understand that, this is the point where reason still accompanies consciousness, even subjected to veils, but it is not yet the farthest point from the Source, where parts of the consciences have permission to go create, learn and evolve.

We have also said here before that at the end of learning, these experiences are integrated into our higher self versions. And this is being carried forward until it reaches our HIGHER SELF, which is in fact the individualized Spirit. Once such experiences arrive there, they are integrated also into the EVERYTHING, since each Spirit is part of the greater Consciousness, unique as Source, that is, the Creator Himself: God. (O.S.)

Given this, the souls incarnate on Earth, even though limited, are consciences with a reason. They are aware of their actions and can decide, through their free will, every decision to be made. It’s these decisions that advance or delay your development, and also the time that you have to stay here in order to complete your learning purpose.

Because we have this conscience and reason, we cannot classify such souls as Simple and Ignorant as we believed until now.

Certainly, other plumbers have also received information from Alto regarding the subject discussed here. Meanwhile, I was instructed to post the subject today, in order to get to you who do not yet have such information about it.

The point is that souls incarnate on Earth already came as Fractals of higher versions, therefore they can’t be simple nor ignorant. They are only subject to the veil of oblivion.

God does not create the worlds as we once believed. Your seed is your seed. Remember the line: “Go and multiply; create and populate the worlds.” So wherever a tiny Fractal of each Higher Consciousness is, it will be carrying Light to each place. It is the Light that creates, even in its smallest particle. And if God is Light, the Source is Light; you are Light. You are and always will be part of the Divine Atom-Seed.

So if every soul incarnate on Earth is a part of that Light, it cannot be simple and ignorant as we understood it. Today I was given another part of our own Monada, which I didn’t even imagine existed. Our even inferior versions, which cannot even be considered fractal, for it is such a tiny part of our consciousness, that it does not even possess reason.

This part of us is materialized in the form and condition of Kingdoms inferior to the hominal, that is, in the mineral, vegetable and animal kingdom. We already knew that such Kingdoms were also consciences, even in a primitive and evolving form, but we did not have the information that they are parts of each Monada to which we also belong.

Even being consciousness without reason, every animal, every vegetable and every mineral particle, is a version of us that went to experience life in those conditions. Each consciousness of these Realms, one day evolves from mineral, to vegetable; from vegetable to animal; and then from animal to hominal. Arriving in the hominal form, it acquires the soul condition, adding reason to consciousness, and it is at this stage that it moves to the condition that has been called “Simple and Ignorant Spirit”, because this process is the reverse of the incarnate soul that descended to say Trying from a higher dimension.

This soul predicting the Lower Realms, brings the experience that no soul from above can take to the Higher Self. Once taken to the Source, everyone can know and understand what such an experience is like, for we are all ONE in that Source.

When we study Genesis, we have a lot of information about the evolution of the worlds, but there is always some complementary missing, which I believe can only come, when we have the ability to understand such complexities. Our current consciousness is expanding rapidly, and it makes it easier to understand what is coming.

One of the reasons why many souls come from Higher Dimensions, to experience life in a Third Dimension World, is no doubt, to bring shelter to these evolving souls, also known as Simple and Ignorant Spirits. Glorious times we are living in now! More information comes with each passing day. Thus, we will quickly finish assembling the great puzzle, which is this amazing work of the Creator. Each one of us is a part of this game. Praises be given at all times for the revelations are already visible on the horizon line.

I am Vital Frosi and my mission is enlightenment.

**By Vital Frosi


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