The Council of Light: Gaia Unshackled

Greetings to you dear beautiful soul of love and of purest light. 

We come to you on the very auspicious ‘date’ in your calendar – The Solstice – the  ‘Summer’ Solstice in your neck of the woods and of course the Winter Solstice in the  Northern aspect of the planetary alignment. 

This day/night marks the longest and shortest day of the so-called calendar. We say  ‘so called’ as the very calendar that you currently utilize will be updated in the very  near future as the true alignment with the Sun and Stars will become more apparent  once the layers of deception from the Dark Overlord structure are fully removed and  the positive organic ‘timeline’ is fully instigated upon the planetary Being once again.  The axis and pathways will be rotating to such a degree with the new alignment and  shifting of frequency that the current calendar will no longer apply. 

The current day as we have been so eager to say is indeed a time for rejoicing at  this time/space reality as the takedown of the DARK ORDER has come to a full head  and the balance has been reached where all dark entities are now removed from  their so called ‘chair’ and there is now no ‘top banana’ or any form of great influence  over the land of the Great Earth Plane or Dominion of Earth. This means that all  negative agenda AI system and any followers of top order are immobilized and have  been rendered dis-functional for all time – never to be able to function in ANY  CAPACITY EVER AGAIN – This is very good news on all levels of awareness and  we of the cosmos are in much celebration at this time dear one. 

Know that there is much rejoicing going on in many planes as the resonance of this  event will be felt throughout all galactic structures and existences throughout the  entirety of the Universitality. This is a great ‘time’ in the lineage of Earth-Gaia-Terra,  she is unshackled dear one – the reigns of control of the overlay have been dis embodied and thus a purity of existence that has not occurred for millennia will now  be able to move into functionality for a full and true embodiment of light within the  Earth field. 

The light coming forth and embodying the planet is indeed a new and enhanced  photon light belt which previously would not have been able to penetrate the  overlayed structure and can now fully mobilize as part of the overall upgrade of  photon light particle waves available upon the planetary body itself and accessible by  those ready to receive this influx of light encoded particles. 

Know that the turnaround has occurred dear one – the announcements of this will  become apparent over the coming months as the systems in place begin to crumble  as all corrupt governments, CORPORATIONS and so-called SERVICES are  exposed for the criminal activity that has been underpinning these structures for  eons and the temples that have served as wells of deceit and dark practices are to  be exposed to the light. Many will go into hiding and never again show their face in  the public arena – many are already removed, and some will still have the  opportunity to return to positive activity and continue on with their own Karmic cycle  of evolution into a light encoded structure on the path of Ascension. Know that the  cracks are now no longer cracks but great cavernous grand canyons of truth  exposing the darkness that has underlaid the function of the Earth Planet and this

will in turn give rise to new government imposing of new ‘temporary’ structure in the  intermediary form until the correct type of overlaying form of societal functionality can  be formulated in correlation with the ‘will’ of the people of the Earth Planet. This part  will indeed take many many years as the freedom of Earth citizens has been  captured for so long now that it will take much evolving for Humans to once again be  able to sit in peace and come to true Unity – which they will achieve over time. 


Do not concern yourselves with the exposure of corruption that will be coming forth – DO NOT be shocked into judgement for this indeed is counter productive and the  Humans will be at large very angry – those of light must now hold the balance in  order for this energy to stay on an even keel and not be spun into yet another form of  violence bringing down the frequency of ascension as it expands outward into the  Ether. 

Know the expansion is occurring – those ready will find the shift into the new  structure of great enhancement in the life that has been lived. Be part of this new  wave and expand into it. 

The crystalline energetic structure of the body will now meet that of the Earth itself  and create a huge tidal wave of conscious awareness expansion as to the like the  planet has indeed never seen. As this happens the flood gate of possibility will once  again awaken – like the Giants that are coming forth again with new knowledge – the  captured are released and the souls stuck in the ice-age of consciousness will now  be releasing the information hidden and suppressed for many eons. 

As we move into this new cycle it is imperative that Humans take time to find their  feet so to speak – to take stock of what is serving them and what is not – to receive new knowledge with the grace it is given. To step up to the plate and to integrate the  new knowledge into forms that will be of the utmost service to bringing the planet  back into alignment with its own soul and the collective soul (oversoul) of the people  – it will take time however – the bubble will burst and the wave of light coming forth  will create a strong and powerful shift of consciousness so that many more Beings  will be ready to receive. 

Of course, many will be leaving – however a new wave of souls are already waiting  in the wings for the opportunity to come forth and assist in this new growth era. 

It is time dear one to roll up your sleeves and BE ALL YOU HAVE WANTED TO BE  – BE YOUR TRUE LIGHT – BE ALL YOU ARE – ALL YOU KNOW IN YOUR  HEART OF HEARTS THAT YOU ARE – YOU ARE LOVED AND BLESSED BY  CREATOR – GOD OF ALL THAT IS – YOU ARE BEAUTIOUS – BE YOUR OWN  BEST FRIEND – LEARN TO LOVE YOURSELF LIKE YOU NEVER HAVE BEFORE  – LOVE ALL THE PARTS – THE GOOD, THE ‘BAD’ AND SO CALLED ‘UGLY’ – see the ugly coming out from behind the dark curtain of your mind – this will now be  possible – LOVE THE DARK ASPECTS as they seek the Light – they SEEK  HEALING. 


We are of service to you – HUMANITY, Council of Light .

**Channel: Tracy Reed

**These channelings are exclusively submitted to by the channeler. If you wish to share them elsewhere, please include a link back to this original post.

2 Replies to “The Council of Light: Gaia Unshackled”

  1. Deb

    Dear Mary, i am not the author of this article however i really am moved by what you posted. Thanks for your courage, bravery and true speak. I have similar circumstances to yours and understand. I can offer you this, be shining your light even brighter, it has been working for me. Happiest of new years to you.

  2. Mary

    Everything is being blamed on the ´´elites´´ what about the everyday people who were doing the most damage…Family members,neighbours and friends. To be sincere i have never met any of the so called elite. The trauma and brokeness i have now was done by my own family members