From 3D To 4D And 5D: Duel Part 7 and 8

On December 29, 2022, at 05:47 PM CET, came the final details on karmic Duel of Worlds, occurred two weeks earlier (see Disclosure News, Duel Part 3, 26 December 2022).

A few minutes before the treacherous strikes on the Light Pole at 09:00 PM CET, on December 15, Calladion tried to restore the backup a copy of the Global Predictor. Recap: Lightwarriors and Guan Yin destroyed the original during operation in Uzbekistan (see – DNI, Duel Part 6, 28 December 2022).

On the Internet, there are many schemes of the Global Predictor. Including very detailed ones, with names and titles, from the lowest level to the top, where the all-seeing eye of Calladion is depicted.

To restore the Predictor’s Matrix, Calladion used biological sources. They were 333 people, carriers of its backup segments in their physical and multidimensional DNA. They were constantly in incarnation and were Matrix keepers from birth to death, passing on its parts by inheritance.

Higher Light Hierarchy knew about Calladion’s plans to initialize Start-Up Code that activates all latent segments of the Predictor’s Matrix. And on 15 December 2022, at 09:00 PM CET, he sent such a signal. The accelerated assembly of the Global Predictor has begun.

Fierce blows on the Subtle Plane, which the Dark Pole on Shasta inflicted on the Light Pole on Elbrus on the night of December 15-16, served, among other things, as a cover for Calladion’s main objective – to restore his monster at all costs.

But the Duel of Worlds ended before he had time to do what he planned. Around 04:00 AM CET on December 16, 2022, Light Forces struck such a crushing blow on the Dark Pole that it shattered into small pieces. Calladion lost the opportunity to use its energy to restore the Global Predictor.

The Light Pole received significant damages from the fragments received, but remained viable. The strength and power of the opponents was incommensurable: The Dark Pole was significantly weaker, and had no chance in direct contact.

Their other diabolical plan did not work either. Knowing about their vulnerability, Darks went to an insidious trick. As it turned out, the black fragments contained the strongest toxic substance in the form of viruses. Calladion’s calculation was that when they hit the Light Pole, they had to kill it from the inside, if they couldn’t destroy from the outside.

This plan also failed. With the help of Co-Creators, Higher Hierarchs and other Light Forces, including the ground team, Pole’s rapid recovery kicked off. Now it successfully annihilates by the Radiant synthesis of all viral black substance.


But, celebrating the victory, the Light Forces do not relax, as there is still a lot of hard work ahead. The restoration of the Causal Matrix of the Earth’s Logos (see Part 6), the cleansing of the planet and its Subtle Plane from the anomalies left after millennia of Darks’ domination, the dismantling of their structures in all spheres of life are to be carried out. And most importantly: helping earthlings in their Transition to 4D/5D.

Exactly ten years ago, many of us expected fateful changes on Earth: some – the end of the world, others, on the contrary, – its Transition to 5D. And on the Subtle Plane, such changes have indeed occurred, and in such a way, that the expectations of both have been met. And here’s why.

As soon as Earth entered the Photon Belt of higher dimensions, and it became clear that no serious changes occurred at the physical level, the confrontation of Dark and Light Forces, trying to take advantage of the delay that had arisen, sharply intensified.

For both camps it was a signal that the time had come for active efforts on the physical plane: for the former – towards the mass killing of earthlings, for the latter – to accelerate mankind’s salvation.

The Power Pyramid, slavishly serving Calladion and Darks on Earth, started to implement their program for the extermination of humanity with double speed. And the Light Forces are more actively rescuing it, filling people and Earth with high-freqs energies for easing their move to 4D/5D.

As a result, the stratification by vibes among all of us has significantly increased over these 10 years. Those, whose vibrations remained at the same 3D level or even lowered, obediently felt into line with the monstrous program of the globalists, not realizing that this leads to the complete degeneration of self.

Those of us, whose consciousness and bodies, thanks to intensive inner work, were ready to receive the high energies of 4D and 5D’s quantum fields, began to grow Spiritually much faster, drinking in new knowledge about theirs and Earth’s Transition to the Fifth dimension.

Many have experienced this for selves and their loved ones. We see how our environment has changed – how many unnecessary connections and so-called “friends” we have lost. Moreover, it happened naturally, without enmity and bickerfest, but only thanks to vibrational “disagreements”.

The last three years were decisive in the confrontation of the Light and Dark Forces on the physical plane, which, like a litmus test, have shown the qualities and aspirations of each Soul. And this also occurred not by chance, since there is less and less time left before the Transition to 4D and 5D terminated.

The Power Pyramid had to compress to two years what they had planned for a decade. Without the least delay, it began to depopulate Earth through crisis, wars, coups, epidemics, intimidation, blackmail and threats. That’s why a large number of human Souls, ready to Transition, succumbing to pressure, consciously and unconsciously switched to the Dark Side.

But those, who resisted, and didn’t stop inner work to raise their vibrations to 4D/5D, gained invaluable experience of courage, fearlessness, and self-preservation. These are the true golden grains of sand that, having passed through numerous sifts and screening tests for the strength of their Spirit, could stand against DS and Calladion’s Global Predictor system and win back their right to control their own destiny.

What is happening on Earth now, in the last days of 2022, is important milestone in the struggle of Light and Dark Forces on the physical and Subtle Plane. The final is already close, because Earth can no longer wait. It has already moved to 4D/5D, and this process can’t be stopped or slowed down.


Part 8

By Part 7, Disclosure News planned to summarize the karmic Duel of Worlds on the night of December 15-16, 2022.

But on December 30, at 05:03 PM CET, the Higher Light Hierarchs reported new sensational details in the development of the topic, which add and clarify a lot.

After the original and backup copies of the Global Predictor’s software were destroyed (see Part 7), Calladion, as a virtual digit Intelligence, IS NOW SIMULTANEOUSLY PRESENT EVERYWHERE AND NOWHERE.

For him, the structure of the Global Predictor was a means of realizing his global plans. His further future is now being handled by Co-Creators, who have not yet shared information.

On December 28, 2022, a TEMPORARY Causal Matrix was installed in the Earth’s Logos. This is done to prevent the uncontrolled growth of entropy and chaos on Earth for the transition period until March 21, 2023, when it is planned to introduce a new, PERMANENT Matrix.

Darks and their elites in the still-functioning Power Pyramid, even devoid of Calladion’s soft, did not recognize and did not accept defeat in the Duel of Worlds.

This is bad news. Considering that they still have colossal power, financial and military capabilities, and many levers of control over the Gray eons and Earth, Darks can be dangerous even without Calladion, who run them for thousands of years. Now, they try independently to determine their actions, if, of course, they could agree among themselves. And here, as we see, they have a lot of headache.

Higher Light Hierarchy warns that they have decided to continue the confrontation with the Light Pole, and will not abandon the attempt to destroy it. Their tactics are changing. They are afraid of a global war and do not want it. In the nearest weeks and months, their efforts will focus on external pressure through the incitement of military conflicts and civil confrontation in different countries. Wherever is possible, to drag in and weaken the Light Pole.

A separate direction is the destabilization of internal political and social relations within states, the intensification of protest movements and separatism. Their goal is to derail the global situation from the inside, and push it to collapse by fierce pressure and provocations.

At the system level, the Darks’ strategy should, according to their plans, lead to an avalanche-like increase in entropy and chaos in the Earth’s Causal field, where events’ energy accumulates and manifests. Reached a critical mass, it will lead to the planet’s collapse. Yes, Calladion taught them a lot.

Of course, the result of the Duel of Worlds is final and undeniable. On its basis, Higher Light Hierarchy will take further actions to form a new planetary reality. But in 3D, such things are not done quickly. For some time, the bacchanalia on Earth will continue. We all just need to hold out and not succumb to the traps and maneuvers of Darks.

Disclosure News continues to closely monitor developments.

**By Lev