Jeshua: 10 Items for 2023

Today’s blog post message is straight to the heart.  What is the true meaning of life, why are we here?  We are here for miracles.  We are here for witnessing blessings on Earth.  We came for a show.  Each soul has its own path, individually you are working on different items.  Some want to learn the importance of communication, some want to challenge themselves.  While as a collective you want to reach a higher ground.  You didn’t come here to say, “Let’s be boring.”  Trust your body when it takes you through a hard time.  Trust that you asked for it.  Trust that you said, “My greatest fear I will overcome.”  You agreed to put fear aside and live life.  So, in 2023 please do the following: leap, jump, stretch, and bounce when asked.  Don’t slither away quietly.  Grab the bull by the horns.  I need to shout to you; time is running out! You don’t have time to play it safe.  You don’t have time to please people.  Grab your life and accelerate it! Things will be thrown at you; put on your glove.  I can’t tell you what’s to come, but trust that you want to have an open mind.

I give you the 10 things I want you to work on for the upcoming year:

Item # 1. Be aggressive – Go after what you want.  Don’t wait for it to come to you.  You want it, go after it.

Item # 2. Plan – Plan for the unthinkable.  What would happen should the power go out, do you have candles and a flashlight?  Plan for different scenarios.  Generators help.  Plan for natural disasters.  What would happen in a flood, what is your plan?  Who are your go to people?  Have evacuation plans and think of the possibilities.

Item # 3. Engage in self-love – Do not go through the year with bitterness.  Resolve all your issues now.  You cannot hold grudges.  Talk it out, reach an agreement.  It’s too important to build relationships than pettiness.

Item # 4. Trust your own self – Don’t let anybody persuade you.  No one is going to know you better than you.  People have their own interests in mind, and they will take you down their path.  Please don’t follow.  You got to go your own path.  By all means stay on your own road, no trainwrecks please.

Item # 5. I want to stress. The media, ban them – Complete ludicrous.  Everything is fabricated.  Turn it off, don’t listen.  My passion toward the media is outrage.  How can they… but they do.  They are real bullshitters, and I don’t say that lightly.

Item # 6. Transportation – Your mode of transportation has to be flexible.  What I mean by this is what would happen if the power went out?  Could you get from A to B?  Do you have spare gas?  Could you if you had to escape?  Can you be self-reliant, for 1,000 miles?  Pretend all the power was out and you needed to reach another destination.  What would that look like?  Imagine how the journey would go.  What would you need to pack, food and water, your personal supplies.  Plan it out.  Please don’t be scared I am just giving you things to think about.

Item # 7. Money – Keep cash, keep cash on hand.  When the ATM’s are down, what are you going to do?  Take the amount that you are comfortable with and find a safe place to keep it.  Cash is your best friend.

Item # 8. Communications – How will you communicate with your loved ones besides a cell phone.  No place to charge them, what is plan B.  Look into the alternatives.

Item # 9. Medicine – If you are reliant on medicines, please have a back-up supply.  Do you think stores will be open?

Item # 10. Fortitude – The spirit of fortitude, carry it with you.

My list I give to you as my 2023 advice.  Take heed that I have seen what is coming and want the best for you.  This list is possibilities not definites.  The future is always shifting based on where the collective consciousness goes.  Your power grids are safe for now, but all it takes is the fear of the people to create a wave of possibilities.  What direction are they going to persuade you?  You are awake and aware.  You know that you create your own reality.  Don’t get sucked up into the wave.  You can ride on top of any storm.  Nothing has to affect you.

It is my honor to speak with you as we close out 2022.  The energy of the next year is excitement, and I leave you with that.  All my blessings, Jesus.

**Channel: Krista Energeticleigh


4 Replies to “Jeshua: 10 Items for 2023”

  1. Denise G

    I live in Hurricane County so I’ve always been prepared like that but clearly you’re telling us you’re about to rain a bunch MORE crap down on us but we’re gonna smile and take it huh?
    It’s not us, it’s you
    Don’t forget to pray so we can make everything worse when we answer
    Be joyful, while running for your lives
    You did this to yourselves you just can’t remember but don’t worry one day you’ll get some vague superpowers as long as you smile through it, just not today
    Yes I’m aware these aren’t like my usual comments but that’s what happens when the supposedly “impossible” occurs to you, you question that which you never did.
    Sorry but you had to expect these kind of reactions after telling us it was impossible to go back to the preawakened state when in reality it clearly is possible.
    Because of all of this I haven’t even prayed the last 2 nights since those prayers only worsened the situations of those prayed for.

  2. LJ

    Thank you Jeshua and Krista! Excellent advice to start out the new year. I have shared this with others. Very grateful for this message.