Message from Tala Nee: The Only Way Out is Through

Greetings, I am Tala Nee, and I come in light and love, in service of the Divine and to All That Is. I open up this transmission today to speak on behalf of the galactic community and the Pleiadian star system, my dear brothers and sisters, as we all look upon you and your planet in this time of transition, in this time of ascension, in this grand time of reunification.

While you are deep within the maw, the darkness, the confusion, and the coming apart and destruction of things…we know that many of you feel hopeless, confused and even ungrounded.  The disinformation, misinformation, and outright lies surround you at all angles; not just from what you term your mainstream media, but also within many pockets and avenues in what you now call the Truther community, and what some refer to as the conspiracy theorist community.

There are many who don’t know where to turn to know the truth of what is happening. And this is a great gift in disguise, for the truth can only be found within.  The various untruths and illusions that surround you at all levels do serve the purpose of guiding you to turn within in order to find your own truth, your own meaning, and your own pathway through and into the light.

This is all part of the growth process and the awakening of consciousness.  For far too long, many have given away their sovereignty to the narratives that are spoon-fed to you from your external reality, and the many levels of deception, manipulation and control which exist in your world.

The truth can always be found within. We know that this may be a great challenge for those who suffer from internal turmoil and confusion, but again, this is all part of the journey of self-awakening. For one is not going to arrive at the doorstep of ascension without having done the inner-work required to step out of one’s own inner shadows, and into the light of unity consciousness.

This is the work that needs to be done by each individual.  There is a longer journey for some than for others, but those who are in the first wave of ascension are easing the way for those who are to follow. They are doing the hard work, the heavy lifting, as you would call it. Much like an individual who creates a pathway in the wilderness for others to follow, so too, do those in the first wave of ascension do this on behalf of everyone on your planet.

Each individual must do their own work, their own inner seeking, and their own methods of integrating ego and shadow. And as the saying goes on your planet, there is no way out but through. And so, each of you in your own way must go through and do the work.

All the chaos that you see reflected in your external world on a global level is but a mere reflection of what many individuals are going through within themselves, on their own personal journeys of awakening.

And yet, for those who have been doing this work for some time now, the light at the end of the tunnel can be seen. For there are already individuals upon your planet who are at the higher levels of awakening and are experiencing the first glimpses of the new earth, and the more awakened 5th dimensional/4th density consciousness.

There are many of us cheering you on from the other side of the veil, and we’re ready to be of service in any way that we can without directly interfering. This is a job each individual must do on their own, and as a collective species, you must find a way through, free of outside intervention.

Rest assured, you have already made it through, and now this just needs to unfold in your waking reality. That is all for today, dear ones. We wish to express our great love for you and all of humanity.


**Channel: Ben Rafael Guevarra

**Received via email

2 Replies to “Message from Tala Nee: The Only Way Out is Through”

  1. Felicity Kendal

    I have read this type of information dozens of times. Not once is any explanation ever given on how to go within, how to integrate ego and shadow, how to go through and do the work.

    What exactly are we supposed to be doing? These woolly words offer no insight into what an individual should be doing.

    It’s like someone wanting to heat soup to eat (using a microwave) and they don’t know how to, but the only guidance they are given is that there is an object in a room in which food can be prepared.

    1. popgoestheweazle

      It (the process) starts by monitoring/QUESTIONING your thoughts/thought process 24/7. That’s how you go within. Everything else comes from that practice, but not before it has become a routine like breathing.