Full Moon in Cancer, January 6th-7th, 2023 ~ Emotionally Healing

We begin this New Year of Wisdom by having two planets, Mars and Mercury retrograde, for those who resonate with this collective illusion, and with a Full Moon at 16 degrees Cancer, on January 7th.  A Full Moon in Cancer that will too close this year 2023. A frequency that represents the gentleness, care, and nurturance of this 2023. An essence that will assist us to heal and clear our emotional body, as this is pivotal, during this first trimester of the year.

As the Sun conjunct Mercury just before the Cancer Full Moon, we will have a wonderful opportunity for us to evaluate our journey, processing all we have previously experienced, and created and that serves us now to continue mastering ourselves. A time to discern, rest, rejuvenate and clear our mental and emotional bodies of all the previous baggage, confusion, and beliefs that no longer are in resonance with who we are, at this moment.

We begin this year by revising where we have been, what we have created, and what we are yet giving form to, for each now moment creates the next, and conscious intention and focus on the present is what will manifest aligned outcomes.

January is an eight universal month. It is a time for us to create more stability, and the strong pillars that sustain our creations, for when we build strong structures, rooted to the ground, we create something endurable, lasting, and therefore what always remains in balance. A number that represents endings and beginnings intertwined, a frequency that the 1/1 portal activated.

An abundant creational eight universal frequency that is energetically supported by Saturn semi-sextile Neptune. This is a planetary encounter that will help many who are beginning to embrace and expand into their soul mission, by materializing it, descending all they receive in the non-physical worlds into our tangible realm, where they can assist those who need more healing, love, and guidance.

Saturn and Neptune will help us in being more devoted, and disciplined in our spiritual practices, assisting us to unify both our purpose and earthly job, so we can make of our living something we enjoy and that we offer from a space of unconditional love and non-resistance, as often when we are not working in what we truly desire, we create more resistant which makes harder to embrace the authentic mission.

This is a time when many will realize that they have all the inner resources necessary for them to become sovereign beings, making a living of it, and generating more love, not just for others, but for themselves as well, for there is no such a thing as living in lack when we unified who we are and what we do.

To continue supporting us emotionally, the Cancerian Full Moon comes at a time when many need a period of rejuvenation and emotional restoration, so they can begin anew by carrying no emotional wounds and past traumas. Cancer offers us the nurturance frequency required for us to create a healthy healing cocoon, from where we will emerge restored and renewed.

It is with Cancer that we can dissolve all emotional baggage, working on our emotional body, linked to our second chakra, and all emotional wounds that we, as humans, carry, within our emotional body, and that may be genetically inherited, experienced in this present lifetime. The most important is to activate our light body, and second DNA layer, so all the healing that we achieve in this present self, can also reach our parallel ones.

It is also a time with Cancerian energies to work on lunar distortions, and feminine manipulations, and begin to embrace our heart and soul consciousness, moving from our egoic plane into the soul one. During this Moon, guides invite those who feel guided to work on soul retrieval, removal of ovarian-genital imprints/implants fear, addictions, miasmatic cords, emotional trauma, feelings of guilt, and victimhood, as false programs that have been impeding us to embrace our authentic essence, as divine free sovereign beings.

This is a very important time before stepping into a new creational phase, for us to work on self-love, harmony, restoration, and healing, as it is not until we, and our bodies, are totally cleared of old energies, that we can begin a new life experience. It is never about our human times, but about our micro personal cycles, and inner work, what determines our next destination.

It is time for us to regain wisdom, as this seventh universal year reminds us, and move away from limitations and old mental beliefs that impede us to see ourselves as free beings. The fear of losing ourselves in the unknown keeps many from experiencing their true potential.

However, once we jump into the unknown and embrace the higher aspects of us that we are descending, gracefully, openly, and trustingly, we will never fear again, for we have finally remembered who we are, expanding into the infinite possibilities of our Divine nature, and its many blessings,

I wish you all a loving and healing passage, Beloveds!

Within Infinite Love,

**By Natalia Alba


2 Replies to “Full Moon in Cancer, January 6th-7th, 2023 ~ Emotionally Healing”

  1. Denise G

    This One here sees “8’s” constantly, even her address but sometimes it frustrates her because they pick up in frequency without any context so she never understands what they’re trying to tell her. Lol
    She is working on a new perspective with this third person game and is gaining many insights but still no context on the “8’s”, however she does feel she has narrowed it down to either leaving the planet or it’s referencing Ascension in some way but cannot be certain of anything! Lol
    Then again so many things can change from insight to insight so she tries not to attach overly much to any one thing. But she still has trouble figuring out the messaging, lack of context.
    Anyway Peace and Love to All and One
    Denise G