It’s Time for the World to Wake Up

It’s time for the world and America to wake up and grow up and end the ignorance and beliefs that have nothing to do with God or the origins of humanity. We no longer have the luxury of remaining in ignorance and acting outside of Universal Law. What is being done in the name of God and country is an abomination. We have been lied to and mind controlled our entire existence and it must end.

Earth has been visited and colonized many, many times going back hundreds of millions of years. The Annunaki… Those who came from Heaven to Earth were one of these colonizers. Some of these races operated under Universal Law and service to others, others were self-serving and took advantage of the primitive people meaning us the human race.

They came in physical ships and ships that were just pure energy. They had weaponry the human mind can’t even comprehend. Earth was started and restarted many times due to ongoing wars. Sunken cities and pyramids underneath the sea are testimony to these wars.

Governments and Religions know all about this, they know all about our ancient past only to keep hidden, to keep the human race ignorant, divided and brilliantly controlled. There is no right wing, left wing that is all a very destructive distraction. There is a global, a planetary control system that most have no idea about. I know I hammer on the heavily religious but they are totally ignorant to their real handler’s.

This global control system goes off world, they not only control the religions, the monetary system, financial system, medical system but they have controlled our minds and that is about to change. Our entire human history has been one big Manipulation! The DNA of the human race has been spliced and diced many times over millions of years and we are just now becoming that inter-dimensional human hybrid that we were meant to be and this global control system fear it.

We all know the story of Adam and Eve and the story does have merit if you know the science and who the real players are. The Bible makes sense when interpreted esoterically. We are all one consciousness, it encompasses all of us, it’s that spark that sits in the seat of the soul next to the heart and when activated we are unstoppable. The solution for world peace and the end to war is to awaken to truly how things happened here on Earth. We need to Awaken to the real truth to understand the connection between the human race, our Galactic ancestors and what God truly means.

To this day we have been under Draconian Law or some people call it the Archonic grid. We need to ask ourselves why is there so much inhumanity… Meaning death, suffering, pain, satanic child sacrifice, pedophilia, war and disease etc. These inhumane acts are planned and sponsored by these off world negative entities. It’s time to wake up and put an end to this separation game. This will be the solution to personal freedom and planetary liberation. Earth is in the time of liberation and these dark entities are being casted out by some very benevolent races the Pleiadians, the Arcturians and many other positive races here to help our race and our planet be free. These positive forces have taken down the Draconian grid and have put in place the 5D grid and many of us have been feeling the effects.

This is a trans-dimensional, inter-dimensional war and has already been won. The armies of God meaning your guides, the guidance we’re getting from the positive ET’s, your angels, saints etc. This guidance is multi dimensional and they come here on ships as described in our ancient texts. Many of them are physical, some are pure energy and some have magnified light bodies. Do not fear these ships that are coming because they’ve always been here. The fallen Annunaki, Draco that have stepped out of Universal Law are answering to this higher benevolent council as we speak. Some will be rehabilitated some will be sent back to source. I couldn’t ask for a more exciting and incredibly important time to be alive!

**By Teri Wade


3 Replies to “It’s Time for the World to Wake Up”

  1. jakesey

    I fully agree, that force should never be used to try and change anybody, to try and “normalize” anyone. That said I don’t want either gender to force me to behave like Sonny Crockett, Miami vice on any given day especially when driving.
    Love and Light.

  2. Denise G

    When we first started this journey of conscious Awakening this One was never very Religious but the base structure was still there.
    This one never could find a religion that wasn’t off somehow, she always knew there was, what she mentally referred to as “Source”, Source of All, it was a “knowing” She had always carried around however She still developed the structure. She only ever paid attention to 2 books of the Bible even having read others, the First and Revelations.
    When this was brought to her conscious mind for the first time 3 years ago it was the first thing she had to break down and she realized at that point how hard those devoted to religion were going to have it, while it went fairly quick and easy for her because she had certain knowings of things off it won’t be that way for most who devoted themselves to their religions and it has always been these ones that She has worried will have the hardest time.
    However now she realizes that only those not ready to leave that dimension will be “unable” to find their way through to the other side and it should be. She has managed to accept this as some she lives greatly will be affected by this but she doesn’t seek to change that for them as she knows she can’t.
    At first she would give little messages as clues hoping they might help but that was before she realized the only messages that were important for them were the ones coming from within them and as she has made her choices so must they. She just loves them while she can and will be grateful to them no matter where their journeys may lead them.
    It’s All good right?
    Love and Light to All and One
    Denise G

  3. khann61

    It doesn’t look as though any of these off world humans are helping. The dark agenda and these disgusting creatures like Klaus Schwab just roll on as usual. Every decree they make is followed by governments around the world.

    It seems to me, at least from one channel, that the most important thing Pleiadeans want us to get on board with is casual homosexual encounters outside of marriage and the normalization of homosexuality in general. We’ve already had 100 years of this agenda foisted on us, the Pleiadeans don’t need to dog pile on us too.

    Now I am to believe the benevolent ET’s have given us the 5D grid? Why do things continue to get worse?

    It always seems to me I’m getting piss on my head and told it’s rain.

    I’ll sign off off “with love and light”. That will make my horrible 3D skepticism more palpable.