Humans Aren’t the Only Ones Who Matter

Sometimes I think about how bees, worms, and spiders are far more useful to the health of this planetary biosphere than humanity.

Humans have conquered nature. We did it. We’ve well and truly conquered her.

Now that we’ve clearcut, mined and explored every inch from Siberia to Antartica and put Coca Cola bottles and single use plastic bags at the bottom of the ocean and created radioactive waste that will seep into the soil for thousands of years.….now we have a new opportunity.

We get to evolve into communicating with the sentient being known as Earth.

We get to transform from ‘owning’ land to being ONE with land. We at least need to become as useful as worms!

I experience my inner soul consciousness as free and eternal. It’s lovely. Multidimensionality has been my saving grace, otherwise I couldn’t bear to live in this toxic world.

But after traveling up to amazingly high vibrations and dimensions wayyyyyyy up there where all is just sacred geometrics and sound, I plummet back down. I look around at this amazingly gorgeous green planet, and I understand that we are ascending to DESCEND.

I understand that the core of Gaia, our Earth, is actually the highest place we can go. The core of her is a crystalline pulsing web of creation magic.

The purpose of our awakening and spiritual evolution can’t possibly be just to have sacred unions, to achieve abundance through our soul purpose, to create human communities, or to birth amazing children.

These are wonderful, but they can’t be the only purpose, because at this point, we are still not as useful as worms.

New human children could be born here as divine light beings and this toxic environment will break them.

So I perceive this awakening as being about evolving into planetary consciousness.

I often feel that I AM the land of Eiru. My bones are her stones, my hair is her heather, my blood is splashing sea foam from the coast of Skellig Michael. The stardust of her stones is stardust I remember from Tara long ago.

I feel part of the tapestry of the land. I feel this is true for all of us, wherever we may be. We are ONE with her. We actually just are her. Our blood is her rivers. Our bones are her shells. Our heart is her heart.

The rivers will heal the moment we make this connection.

I got naked in the garden the other day. I could feel the entire vibration shift, just like when I said I love you to the ancestors at the stones. I got naked in the garden and the plants and birds LOVED IT!!! Its like they are cheering, “yes, yes, yes!! You are pure, your body is a divining rod, do you hear us? Do you feel us? Do you remember who you really are now?”

The animals remember the garden of eden better than us!

Once we connect into this planetary biosphere and know it as our own selves, we will be able to begin the great restoration of our planetary home.

But we gotta remember our place first. We gotta CARE about non-human life as if it’s every bit as important as human life. Because frankly, we’re not a helpful species as far the health of this gorgeous green place is concerned.

And it’s not about suffering and feeling all of Gaia’s pain in our bodies until our nervous systems are shot, because it’s still ego to feel responsible and believe we know what’s best for Earth instead of surrendering to the wisdom of nature.

This illusion of separation from her is brutal to live in. Instead of listening to the wisdom of the indigenous women and the ‘witches’, humanity burned them off the face of the earth, and men are STILL afraid of wild women. They think they’re going to put a spell on them, instead of what they’re really capable of doing, which is healing water and land.

We gotta listen to the trees, the bees, the water. Ooh, and the dragons. Because they know more.

They will teach us. Then we can perform the earth magic and healing that we are capable of. But it won’t look or feel like a fight, it’ll feel like the sweetest surrender.

To have the courage to surrender to nature’s might and flow as one with her IS the gentle power path of the lionhearted.

Then we can be one with this amazing planet instead of conquering and taming and and believing we know what her beautiful life-giving wildness truly needs.

**By Jennifer O Conghalaigh


4 Replies to “Humans Aren’t the Only Ones Who Matter”

  1. Linda Rosa

    This was just beautiful, Jennifer – very poetic and heartfelt. It was a joy to read this. Thanks for your loving heart!

  2. john

    Thanks for the message Jennifer i will go out of my way to avoid stepping on an ant i stroke the back of bees with my finger tips and usher out angry wasps gently if i’m out walking and see a pretty flower for my beloved i take a picture rather than pick it oh and trees are for hugging and i so dont like mowing the grass and yet i am regarded as ”odd’ its a shame that such a large percentage of humanity takes all these beutiful things for granted it is sad yes but such a wonderful time is coming when humanity is fully awake, much love to all.