Tunia: One Lightworker’s Journey

My dearest brothers and sisters,

This is Tunia speaking.

Today we will do something slightly different. The channeler wrote a story. This story will be shared in its entirety as today’s message.

This is a fictional story about Pleiadian society that was written by the channeler. While I, Tunia, provided some input and some supportive energies and some inspiration, this story is not channeled and doesn’t primarily come from me.

This story is set about a thousand years in the past, back when Pleiadian society was much more isolationist than it is now. In 2023, Pleiadian society is much more aware of the situation on Earth than it was a thousand years ago. Average Pleiadians are also more compassionate towards Earthlings and more in favor of helping Earthlings now than they were then.

I would also like to remark that at the time of this story, Earthlings had indeed not yet chosen between light and dark, but in the present they have – and they have chosen for the light. This means that your freedom is guaranteed, although the actions of Earthlings determine when that freedom will become a tangible reality.

There is a bit of discussion on genetics in this story. Of course, we Pleiadians would never kill or sterilize people for having so-called “bad genetics.”

While this story is fiction and some parts are not entirely accurate, a lot of things in here are true. A number of lightworkers really have gone through something very similar to this. So I think this story is very valuable and I approve of the channeler sharing it in this context.

Next week we will be back to regular channelings from me, Tunia.

I hope you enjoy the story. I love you endlessly and unconditionally.



I could feel every single person who was gathered here.

As we all danced together, the truth that all is one stopped being an abstract concept and became a tangible reality. I felt my wife Eleyna dancing in the crowd – her body, her mind, her movements, her soul, her ecstasy, her bliss. I felt the same from my great great great great grandfather dancing, and Turmalayne, and from so many others.

We were a room full of individuals, but simultaneously also one organism, moving and coordinating as one. We were one expression. Everything that applied to one of us, also applied to the whole. As above, so below.

I could feel Source smile down on us, although “down” wasn’t quite the right word… after all, Source is everywhere and everything and is not just above us. And if all is one, isn’t this right here the universe smiling back at itself? Isn’t this the universe playing with itself and exploring itself and enjoying itself?

Turmalayne had been right. I had always loved dancing, but it is indeed in movement, in daily activities, in joyous activity, in connection with others, that spiritual principles can be clearly perceived. If one has the eyes to see.

I felt Eleyna kissing someone and I could feel the other woman’s lips and breath. I shuddered in ecstacy, just as they did.

And we danced and danced and danced, until our legs gave out and we fell to the floor laughing, hugging, cuddling with each other. As I lay there, my head resting on someone’s stomach, I could do nothing other than watch the stars in utter bliss.


As I was relaxing in the bath, I sensed that the facilitator slightly increased the temperature of the water. My heart skipped a few beats. Does that mean…

Indeed. My wife Eleyna entered the room. She let her suit slip off her hips and joined me in the bath.

She was the kindest and gentlest soul I knew. Her energy always made me feel peaceful and calm. However, right now the sight of her naked body was more arousing to me than her energy was relaxing. She smiled a knowing and happy smile and started kissing me.


We were young and we were in love.

Being newly committed to each other as husband and wife, I and Eleyna spent many seasons on that planet. Our existence became a timeless flow state of dancing, making love, talking while watching the stars together, interacting with the local wildlife, exploring the planet and talking about how much we looked forward to starting a family together.

I really loved how gentle and loving my wife was when she was interacting with animals. Carnivorous animals lay in her lap as lambs, as she caressed them and whispered soft gentle words to them. Sometimes she would sing, and both man and animal would gather to listen to her.

A very few times I took a man into my arms or she took a woman into hers, as we had agreed was acceptable in the terms of our commitment to each other. At one time, an accident happened and I was able to use my skills to save sixty-seven lives. But most of the time we just wanted to savor each timeless moment we had together.

Most days, the only question that was on my mind was what I could do to make her even more happy or give her yet another beautiful experience. I so loved to see her smile.

Eventually I felt guilty that I had been neglecting my commitment to Source and I visited my spiritual mentor Turmalayne. She saw that my mind was still full of desire to go spend even more time with my wife. She smiled and telepathically asked: “Touron, if you desire to be with Eleyna so much, why are you not with her right now?”

I responded telepathically: “I dedicated my life to serving Source. And I take my commitments seriously.”

Turmalayne chuckled. “And what makes you think that you being with your wife is not serving Source?”

I… did not know how to respond.

She continued: “You still seem to think of Source as some external being. But really, Source is just the consciousness of everything, including yourself. So you are not separate from Source – you are part of Source.”

I nodded. I knew that. But apparently this was only rational knowledge for me, and not yet something that was integrated into my worldview.

She continued. “And as you know: as above, so below. So if your desire is to be with your wife, couldn’t also Source’s desire be to have twin flames be together, such as you and your wife?”

“Yes, but – I don’t want to just enjoy myself. I wish to learn and grow and become a better person.”

She intentionally did not answer immediately, to let my words hang in the air so that I could reflect on them. I thought about my own words. I sent to Turmalayne: “you’re thinking that there are all kinds of lessons I could learn from being in a relationship, and also from Eleyna specifically, if only I opened my eyes and observed things more closely. Right?”

Turmalayne gave me a satisfied smile. “What does it matter what I think? You’re just as much part of Source as I am. If that is what you think you should try, go do it and see what spiritual lessons you can learn from being a devoted husband.”

So I did.


After our extended honeymoon, we returned to our home in the Pleiades. It was very good to see and hug our family and animal companions again. I resumed volunteering to do work.

One day I felt a slight nudge from my soul and so I asked the facilitator how the most powerful psychic race in the universe was doing. I knew from my basic education that these Earthlings were actually part of the same humankind species as we Pleiadians were. In fact, our elders thought that it would be quite beneficial for our gene pool to have children one day with these Earthlings – which apparently could be accomplished in the natural way.

To my surprise, I could feel the facilitator evaluating my physical and mental health before it responded. “If you are interested, I recommend that you ask this question face-to-face to our Earth expert. Do you agree to be teleported to him?”

I noticed that I had a dry throat and swallowed. This was quite unusual. “Uh, yes. I agree.”

When I had landed, I saw that our apparent Earth expert was… sad? It was rare for me to see a sad person. I tried to read his mind and he blocked me from doing so, which was allowed but was very uncommon.

He welcomed me and introduced himself. He confirmed that he was indeed sad. When I asked him why, he said that this was because of the suffering of Earthlings. “Then why study Earthlings”, I asked, and he chuckled. “Like you, I wish to serve Source. This is my way. We can’t all turn our heads — someone has to not look away from these people.”

He invited me to sit and asked me if I really wanted to see what was happening on Earth. I swallowed again and said: “well, my mentor always reminds me to not just live my life, but to actually see. And I think us Pleiadians have been willfully blind and living in our blissful little cocoon for way too long. You don’t just need love and bliss to grow as a soul, you also need awareness and an understanding of the whole, which includes seeing things that are not loving or blissful.”

The man nodded appreciatively. “I could not have said it better myself. If only more people thought like you. Very well. I will show you what is going on there on Earth.”

I saw a criminal being tortured to death and a crowd cheering it on, in malice and bloodlust. My blood ran cold.

I saw a little girl being beaten by her father.

I saw a child slowly starving to death.

I saw a mother’s love for her child. At least there was still that. But even this was partly tainted in some cases – the motherly love of some women appeared conditional to the child. Some mothers did not seem to understand that you should make clear to the child that it is loved unconditionally, always, and at most the child’s actions are considered bad. But the child itself is never considered bad.

Even if the child does something that the mother has to stop, or if the child fails at something, then the mother should always remind the child that it is loved unconditionally and is inherently good enough, always, even if its actions are currently not good or not good enough yet.

I also saw a jealous and bloodthirsty demon being widely worshipped, with the people of Earth apparently thinking that this demon was Source. Somehow they did not realize that any being that threatens people with torture could never be Source and could never be the creator of everything. Yet most of the people who did not worship this demon, were not dedicated to Source either – rather they seemed to have a very bleak worldview, that everything was just a coincidence and had no inherent meaning and that there was only a black void after death.

There were few Earthlings who genuinely worshipped the true creator of everything, namely Source, a being who loved all and who would never threaten anyone with torture and who would never demand that only he be worshipped. The being that many Earthlings thought was their creator was also exclusively masculine, which was something else that was somehow not widely recognized as a contradiction.

Few people on Earth seemed to understand that Source was a different being from any entity that would threaten people with torture.

It was a pretty sickening “good cop, bad cop” setup. One demon acted like the villain and the other demon acted like the savior and the creator of everything, when in reality both were demons.

At least there were some people and prophets actually and genuinely inspired by Source, such as this man commonly called Jesus. It was good to see that he and others were indeed great men and women, even if some of their words were twisted as they were passed on.

I saw a poor hungry man sharing a meal with another, even hungrier man. This touched my heart – they have so little and yet they share? How are these Earthlings so generous despite all their emotional and sometimes physical wounds? Perhaps these people are more special and strong and good-hearted than I originally thought.

Then I saw a man violate a woman. I could not bear to watch it. I asked for the visions to end, and they did.

I was breathing heavily. “What –– what was that last scene I saw?”

The Earth expert breathed deeply and sighed. “That is called ‘rape’. It is when a person, in this case a man, has intercourse with another person against their will – in this case with a woman.”

“What – what do you mean? I don’t understand. Surely he can read that she doesn’t want this?”

“Well, these Earthlings are often so traumatized that they are not able to read minds. But yes, the man completely understands that the woman does not want this.”

“But then why does he do that? I – I can’t – why? Why?”

The man took another deep breath. “These Earthlings do not understand that all is one – not even as a purely rational, unintegrated thought. Hence they hurt each other and do not see how much they are hurting themselves in the process. If you study Earth, you will come to learn the phrase: ‘hurt people hurt people.’”

I sank back in my chair, breathing heavily. I felt nauseous.


When I returned home, Eleyna sensed that I was shaken, and furthermore she was surprised that I was actually not allowing her or anyone else to read my mind, for the first time ever.

She gave me a long hug, asked me to lay down and took me in her arms. She told me that she loved me unconditionally, that I didn’t have to share anything I didn’t want to share, that she would always be there for me and that whatever it was, we would get through it together. I started crying and she held me and told me how much she loved me and she expressed all the things she loved and appreciated about me.

When I regained my composure, I explained in broad outlines what I had done and what I had seen.

She asked me, in a very soft and gentle voice, to let her in, because she did not want me to be alone with those thoughts and images on my mind. I hugged her close and told her she was such an unbelievably sweet and loving person. I asked if she was sure, she nodded. I asked my soul if that was wise and my soul told me to let her in.

My wife read my mind. She first became pale and then threw up. I asked the facilitator to clean up the vomit and then it was my turn to hold her while she cried.


After that cycle, Earth did not let me go. I do not know why I kept studying it. While my wife was infinitely loving and supportive – she is the most beautiful and inspiring person in the world to me — I knew that her nature was one of softness and she did not like to see those images or hear those stories, even second-hand. Yet she wanted me to be alone with those stories in my head even less. So I would go to study Earth. Then I would come home, usually at least a bit shaken. She would give me a long hug, take a deep breath, read my mind and we would cry in each other’s arms about what was happening on that distant blue planet.

I felt guilty about causing her pain in this way. She knew that my soul was pulling me in the direction of studying Earth, and she asked me to please keep following my soul’s pull, because the last thing that she wanted was for her to hold me back from my own expansion and soul’s growth.

We agreed to postpone starting our family for now, until our situation was a bit more stable and clear.

I made sure to be as present with her as I could and to be the best husband I could and to make her happy in all the ways in which I was able. I made sure to also do things that she wanted to do, and to take her to places that she wanted to go.

But I did keep studying Earth.


One day a military commander was already studying Earth with the Earth expert when I came in. The military commander did not seem to be especially disturbed or moved by what he was seeing and what he was downloading into his brain. This initially surprised me, but then I realized that of course a military commander would be more used to seeing suffering than a civilian like myself would.

The commander and I had a drink afterwards. He telepathically sent to me: “I’m surprised to see a non-military person studying Earth. Often civilians avoid looking at Earth, not wishing to see the suffering, and in some cases not wanting to feel guilty that we more or less abandoned them after Atlantis. Why are you studying Earth?”

I said that I could feel my soul pulling me in this direction. He nodded, chuckled and said that a soul’s nudging was why he joined the military.

I asked why he was studying Earth, and I could see him briefly consider what he should and should not reveal. He was not allowing me to read his mind, but then again that did not surprise me, seeing as how he would have military secrets that could be dangerous if they were to fall in the wrong hands. Operational security meant that the fewer civilians knew about those secrets, the less risks there were.

He explained to me that a great prophet, often called “Jesus”, had come to Earth around a thousand years ago, reminding me that one year was approximately one cycle of the Earth going around the sun. Another thousand or so years from now, there was a good chance that Earthlings would choose either light or darkness.

While these Earthlings were currently completely blocked energetically, they had the most psychic potential out of any species in the galaxy, due to their diverse DNA and their experience with both the light and the dark. So if they turned towards the light, that would lead to eventual peace and stability in the entire galaxy, plus unification of all the species who wanted that. Not to mention that it would be joyous for us to unite with our fellow humans, and by having children with them we could dramatically expand our DNA pool.

However if these Earthlings turned towards the dark, they could very well start enslaving one species after the other. “At that point”, the commander stated flatly, “it would no longer be up to people like me to protect us. It would be up to Source.”

“But… surely we’re safe? The dark forces may have more people and weapons and worlds than us, but we are with Source, and we love, and we are more far-sighted than they are, and we serve selflessly. Are those not insurmountable advantages?”

“Without Earthlings in the picture, yes. But Earthlings may in time become masters of both the light and the dark, and also become energetically unblocked. If they turn towards evil, may Source help us all.”

He finished his drink and left me to stew on my thoughts.


Eleyna started the conversation that I did not want to have.

“My love, I know you want to go help Earthlings. I know you want to alleviate their suffering and nudge them towards the selfless path. When we asked in which ways we could help Earthlings, we were given two options. And we both know that you think that sending love energy to Earth from afar is not doing enough.”

I sighed and looked into her eyes. She took my hands into hers and continued.

“We both know that in your heart, you have already decided that you want to start incarnating on Earth. And we also both know that the earlier you start preparing and training for that, the better your chances are to succeed, and the more you will be able to accomplish.”

It was hard to keep meeting her unfalteringly loving gaze. I said: “But – but we were going to start a family together. There were still so many places we still wanted to travel to. There are still so many cycles I want to spend with you, so many times I want to make love to you, so many things I want to do with you, experiences I want to have with you. There are still so many times I want to make you smile.”

She just held me and the gravity of the situation dawned on me. I really was going to do this.

“Eleyna, you know that there is a very strict selection process. Even if I train and apply, there is a very good chance I will get turned away. Only the very strongest and most perceptive and most heart-centered star seeds will be allowed to be born on Earth.”

She looked at me with a gaze that melted my heart. “My love, I know that if you train and then apply for this, you will be accepted.”

I nodded. I wasn’t as sure of that as she seemed to be, but she did have a habit of always being right.

“The last thing I want to do is to hold you back from your Soul’s desire. But as you already know, being born on Earth is not my soul’s desire. I wish to remain soft and gentle, and not get brutalized by the horrors of Earth. Yet I do very much admire your courage and loving heart, that you are willing to suffer in order to help those people. To me, you have the courage of a soldier.”

I hugged her, not knowing what to say. She was right. She held me tightly and eventually said: “please, just – I want us to visit my birth planet one more time before you go. I want to lay on the soil, in your arms, and together look at the stars and wonder what other worlds are out there.”

I held her as she started crying. I wanted to scream, to disagree with her, to tell her that I wanted to stay with her forever, to raise a big beautiful family together just as we had once planned. I did not want to go to Earth. I did not. I wanted to stay.

I so very much wanted to stay.

But I knew that I should not turn away from the path of my soul’s expansion.

And besides, those people on that strange blue planet really did need help.


My family did their best to be supportive, but they genuinely did not understand. I do not blame them. I barely understood my own choice to start reincarnating on Earth. I only knew that it was something that I felt I should do.

My sister, bless her, said out loud what everyone was thinking. “So… you are planning to forget your connection to Source and to your own soul. In fact, you are planning to forget that Source even exists. You are planning to forget everything including all the memories from your past lives. You are planning to forget us, your family. You are planning to leave a place that these Earthlings would apparently consider to be some sort of paradise.”

Her words hung in the air for a few breaths and she continued. “And you are planning to be born there, on that world where apparently they torture and ‘rape’ each other, where apparently they age so quickly that they transition from old age just as they are beginning to acquire some wisdom. You will most likely get hurt terribly, you will be lied to constantly, people will try to force you to do and believe things that are not true or that are not in alignment for you. Those in power will gaslight you constantly and work against you, while pretending that they are doing so to keep you safe. There is no guarantee you will even wake up to remember your mission, that you will be able to find your way back to the light. You will experience great trauma and you might even become so lost that you sell your soul to a demon.”

I nodded. “Yes, that about sums it up.”

She continued. This was the first time I had seen my sister get angry. “Why not just leave that bunch of torturers and ‘rapists’ to learn their lessons on their own time? Let them figure out unconditional love first, then maybe we can think about helping them.”

I looked her in the eyes. “That is not fair, Umaya. First of all, there are very many beautiful and heart-centered people there too. They are not all bad. In fact, most of them are still fundamentally good-hearted, despite all the horrors of this Earth planet. I think this is amazing. In fact, I think that is one of the things we can learn from them.”

I took a few deep breaths and did a quick body sweep. I continued: “Moreover, there are hostile galactics and demons working hard to push them to the service-to-self path, together with their Earthling minions. Earthlings deserve a fair chance, which means that if the hostile galactics try to make them suffer, they also deserve some light from us positive galactics.”

My sister got even more angry. “And what about your wife, Touron? You were going to start a family together. You know how much she wants that. I know you want that too.”

That made me feel sick. I struggled to swallow.

Turmalayne put an arm around my shoulders. I felt grateful for that. My mentor said: “Umaya, I invite you to take a few deep breaths.” Umaya first glared at her, but then did so.

After everyone had taken a few deep breaths, Turmalayne continued: “I understand that none of you want to lose Touron. I don’t want to lose Touron either. But this is clearly his soul’s calling, and you all know the importance of following that. You also know that couples should not hold each other back. Eleyna is an adult, she is free to choose another direction for her new life without Touron.”

She looked at every single one of my family members in turn. “Moreover, Touron here is being incredibly brave and providing an incredibly valuable service to Source. Yes, this is scary. I understand. But you have heard how much those Earthlings are suffering. To use an Earth metaphor: a small disk of metal is currently spinning in the air, and if Touron can help it land the right way, then in the future billions of Earthlings will be able to live like us. If the metal disk falls the wrong way, we will see a future where billions of Earthlings will become even more enslaved than they are now, and in turn they will start enslaving other races.”

Silence fell across the room. There didn’t seem to be anything left to say.

My mother started crying softly. Finally the tension broke and everyone started hugging each other, crying themselves or saying supportive or loving words to each other.


I knew that if I applied to be born on Earth without preparing first, I would be rejected – and if I would not be rejected, I would just break psychologically and not be able to help anyone.

So I started studying and preparing for my future lives on Earth.

One of the most painful lessons was starting to treat time as Earthlings do – which meant either living in the past or in the future but never the present; obsessing over the past instead of just letting it go; seeing the future as dangerous and scary and uncertain while not having a clear understanding that the future has possible timelines that you can just sense; not realizing that everyone is ultimately safe because their souls are immortal and it is only bodies that die; and thinking that we are at the whim of the world, instead of realizing that we are powerful creator beings ourselves.

And so I studied and practiced for, as Earthlings would call it, centuries.

Eleyna and I agreed that we shouldn’t keep seeing each other during this time period, because I knew that if I kept seeing her, eventually I would not have the strength to leave her embrace.

I told her that of course she could take another man if she wanted, but she just smiled sadly and said that there was no man she wanted other than me, her twin flame. However, she said that she was absolutely sure that one day, we would be together again and we would start our big beautiful family after all.

And so I prepared. And prepared. And prepared. I spent centuries preparing for life on Earth, and those centuries were long and lonely.

And then one day, I heard that she had chosen to pass on from this life. My beautiful and loving Eleyna was no more.

One Earthling baby was going to be born and needed a soul. Many applied for that position. After a quick initial selection, seventeen serious candidates were left, with me being one of them. Each of us was being evaluated by a different angel.

My examiner angel read my mind and energy at a glance, then asked me: “why do you wish to be born on Earth?” I said that I primarily wanted to serve Source and that my soul indicated to me that helping Earthlings was the most appropriate way for me to serve Source.

The angel asked: “what does serving Source mean to you?” I replied that to me, it means identifying and acting as my greater self and not as my smaller, individual self.

The angel asked: “if you are born on Earth, you will suffer. How do you view suffering?” I replied that to me, suffering was yet another experience, one that could be experienced and observed fully and then let go. I was not looking forward to it, but I would not let it deter me from my soul’s growth. Indeed, suffering might teach me a new perspective and life on Earth might let me explore and integrate parts of reality that I am currently unfamiliar with.

It was impossible to tell whether the angel approved or disapproved of my answers. Yet I felt at peace. The only thing I could do was simply doing my best to serve Source. And I was doing that, right here, right now. Even if I would not get chosen, I would still have done my best to serve Source. No one could take that away from me.

Success or failure did not seem to matter – all that mattered was serving Source to the best of my ability. Let success or failure come as it may.

The angel went to the next question: “if you are born on Earth, how will you help the people there?” I replied that I would be kind to my fellow Earthlings. With small loving actions and kind words and with my energy, I would help lift the entire consciousness of humanity. And I would try to remember to contact my soul for more detailed instructions.

The angel asked another question. “Many star seeds and lightworkers are on Earth right now, and the majority of them have not woken up yet. In some cases, their souls want them to wake up and try to communicate with the person, yet the person refuses to listen and prefers remaining asleep, because it is easier. If we send you, will you wake up?” I answered that I could not guarantee this, because there is so much suffering on Earth and suffering tends to block people’s connection to their soul. I could only do my best to serve Source, and I could do no more.

I sensed that the following was the final question: “what do you think about those lightworkers who are on Earth and have woken up, but they are too busy dealing with their own trauma to help other Earthlings much?” I took a deep breath and answered: “I think they are some of the strongest and bravest souls in the entire universe. After all, very few star seeds even had the courage to give up their blissful lives to apply to be born on Earth, and even fewer were chosen. And even fewer starseeds than that even woke up to realize their galactic nature. They have nothing but my utmost love and respect. Any time those Earth star seeds stumble, many other galactic beings would have broken their legs if they were in their place.”

When all the interviews were finished, the angels looked at each other and nodded.

Somehow I was not surprised when the angels announced that I had been chosen. It’s like I had always known this was going to happen. Or perhaps it was because Eleyna had predicted this.

Ah, Eleyna. My heart ached when I thought back to her.

I was asked if I was sure that I wanted to be born on Earth and asked if I was willing to make a final commitment to that.

So, this was it. I had given up being with the love of life, I had given up on having a family and I had undergone centuries of hard and lonely preparation. And I had succeeded: I had indeed passed the selection process.

And yet from another perspective, my task was just beginning.

Best to get on with it. There was little left for me here anyway. I faced the angel and said: “Yes, I commit to being born on Earth and I promise to help Earthlings and serve Source to the best of my abilities.”

The other candidates left together with their angels.

The angel who had interviewed me smiled broadly. “Thank you for your service, Touron. However, in Earth terms, you still have a month before you have to leave your current body, in order to be born on Earth. There is someone who wants to meet you. And I think you will want to meet her.”

When she entered, my breath stopped.

I had never seen the woman before in my life, and yet somehow I knew her.

It was her energy. She felt like home. That peaceful nurturing energy was unmistakable. I would have recognized her in a crowd of thousands.

“E – Eleyna?”

She ran at me and threw her arms around me and kissed me.

I felt myself furiously, desperately kissing her back, but then I stopped myself and held her at arm’s length so that I could take a closer look at her.

She was not Eleyna.

And yet, she was.

Her beaming smile melted my heart. “I’m Alayne. As you know, I, Eleyna, chose to pass on. I spent some time not being physically incarnated, and then I chose to come back for you. I chose to again be born as one of our kind. In this life, in this incarnation, my name is Alayne. So my body is different. Yet my beautiful and amazing husband, I am still your twin flame, and I am here.”

I teleported her and myself to my room and kissed her until we were both breathless and dizzy and we fell on the bed.

I undressed her slowly, carefully, as if I was afraid that she was just a dream and that she would disappear if I made a wrong move.

We started re-discovering each other’s bodies and energy. It still didn’t seem real.

But when she smiled and moved her kisses down from my lips, to all over my chest, to my belly, and then even further down… all my thoughts and all my doubts finally disappeared.

Then there was just skin on skin, being present in the moment, ecstasy, bliss, intimacy, love, union.

My twin flame had left the afterlife in order to come back for me.


After we had finished making love and lay in each other’s arms, all the grief and loneliness that I had felt about missing her for centuries started pouring out. She held me and whispered: “It’s ok. It is all going to be alright.”

Once that had passed, she stroked my cheek while laying on top of me. It felt good but still a bit strange to feel this new body of hers. She said: “I know you’re still going to Earth. You wouldn’t back down from a commitment, and furthermore I know that even if you had not committed to going to Earth, you would still follow your Soul’s calling. That is one of the things I love about you.”

I just happily looked at her. Everything really was all right, now that she was here.

She continued. “In my previous life as Eleyna, I had chosen to be born with traits that would help me raise a family. That did not work out, of course, and as Elenya I was not very well suited to following you as you live on Earth.”

She paused to give me a few slow kisses which I gratefully returned. I began to explore the shape of her new buttocks some more.

She smiled and then continued:

“I see you still love women’s behinds. I am glad I can hypnotize you with this body too. Anyway. For this life, I chose traits that are very well-suited for supporting you while you live on Earth.”

This shocked me. “Wait, does that mean –”

“Yes, my love. I will energetically support you as you live on Earth, as well as support other Earthlings. I will be with you during every day of your life. Yes, you will experience tremendous pain and hardship. But every step of the way, I will be there, unseen perhaps, but I will be sending you love. I will be there, crying alongside you, whispering loving words into your ears, appreciating you, hugging you, being with you, loving you. You may not be able to see me, but I will be with you every step of the way and you will never be alone. And perhaps one day you will start being able to feel my presence, and who knows, maybe even be able to contact me telepathically.”

I breathed a sigh of relief. Tension that I did not even realize I was holding, left my body.

She continued. “At some point, Earthlings will choose the light. Yes, I know that supposedly this is not decided yet, but I am always right, remember? Then some time after Earthlings commit to the light, we can land openly on Earth. And then, with you as an Earthling and me as a Pleiadian, we will finally be able to have that big beautiful family that we talked about. You are going to give me those cute children that you promised me, darn it.”

I held her. I could not believe my ears.

She added: “or, well, of course you’ll have free will in that life as an Earthling.” With a semi-joking tone and a tap on my chest, she said “I guess that after we meet again, I’ll just have to make you fall in love with me once more.” Then with a more serious face, she said: “I know that you can’t guarantee at this moment that you will want to be with me during a future life. Still, I do want to try this — I want to try any road that could lead to us being together. You are my twin flame, Touron. Life or death, Earthling or Pleiadian, no matter how many millennia may pass, no matter how many planets may be born or how many stars may burn out, I will never stop loving you or wanting to be with you.”

My heart almost felt like it was going to burst out of my chest. “You – you are amazing. I love you so much, Alayne. But you did not have to do this.”

She gave me a radiant smile. “I know. But I wanted to.”

I looked at her. I don’t think I have ever loved anything or anyone as much as I loved her at that moment.

“Thank you, Alayne. Thank you more than words can express. I will share the soul’s expansion and lessons that I have gained with centuries of hard work, and once I remember, I will also share the priceless lessons and energies that I will have gained from my time as an Earthling. This way, we can continue to evolve and grow together. You, you have no idea how… lonely and gray the centuries were without you. You are the reason why the universe is magical to me, Alayne. Without you, this entire galaxy is all just dust to me.”

We held each other for a long time. Then I sat up. Beaming, I took her hand. “I will make this last month the most beautiful and magical time of your entire life. Tonight, I would like to dance with you, on the same planet where we had our honeymoon, under that beautiful sky. I want to get to know you and fall in love with you all over again.”

The end

For Era of Light

**Channel: A.S.


**These channelings are exclusively submitted to EraofLight.com by the channeler. If you wish to share them elsewhere, please include a link back to this original post.

28 Replies to “Tunia: One Lightworker’s Journey”

  1. Lisa S

    Hi A.S.,

    Thank you for the lovely and interesting story!

    Considering Pleiadian, Arcturian, Sirian… how about calling the Human “Earthian”?

    After reading the selection process to be born as Starseeds, I see why Starseeds are so different from the majority of the people on Earth.
    A sad part in the story for me is Eleyna and Alayne don’t look alike physically.

  2. InLovingService

    Hmm I had mixed emotions about this story.

    I felt his pain when viewing Earth people and it made me upset. I never lost that when I came here: The ‘why do they do it factor’ and feeling others’ suffering as if it were my own.

    I don’t believe all hurt people hurt, if that was the case I’d be a very cruel person, which I am not.

    I don’t feel that I am a Pleiadian starseed as I don’t relate to that way of living, or being similar to humans. Not that there’s anything wrong with their way— or any way. I just felt the need to scroll past sections of the story as they did not resonate and were too ‘human-like’ so I did not want to read them.

    I do wish there were other ET species providing messages through channelers so I could learn about other species in the universe.
    ~~Universe please allow me to learn from other ETs too~~
    Nearly all info. I see on the Net comes from a select few species. I can’t help but wonder where are all the others?

    I do relate to the sacrifices he made to come assist—losing all knowledge of who we are and our soul families. I know my soul is very grateful to have this opportunity to help, as painful and as is for my human mind and form to admit.

  3. scotth9510

    This was a really nice story and if tunia hadn’t told us prior I wonder if anyone would’ve thought of it as being otherwise.

  4. Arthur

    And at this time, while Turon was preparing for incarnation on Earth, somewhere far away in the dark worlds of Draco, a reptilian named Adolf was also going to be born on Earth for the first time.
    He went through all the lessons related to violence, power, causing suffering on his planet. And he was eager to gain new experience and strength.
    The examining Angel read his thoughts and energy at a glance, and then asked: “Why do you want to be born on Earth?” He replied: I want to serve the Darkness. I want to take a deep dive into everything related to the dark side of power: power, controlling people through fear and suffering, manipulation of consciousness, worship, greed, ..
    The Angel asked: “What does serving Darkness mean to you? Follow all the orders of the Darkness. And if the chimera named “Conscience” protests, cut it out of the Soul mercilessly, like a malignant tumor.
    The Angel asked, “If you are born on Earth, you may suffer. Are not you afraid?” Adolf replied: the cause of suffering is the loss of what you love. If love is torn out of the heart, then the cause for suffering will disappear. Love is what makes you weak and vulnerable. If you shift the focus of the point of view, then the suffering of others can be enjoyed. They give strength.
    The Angel asked: there are light forces on Earth that will fight with you and resist your dark goals. What are you going to do? The reptilian replied: I believe that the power of Darkness on Earth is greatly underestimated, and the power of Light is greatly exaggerated. It is necessary to turn these light forces of people against them.

    When the Angel announced to him that he had been chosen, Adolf was surprised and embarrassed: how? but are you an Angel of Light? Do you allow people like me to incarnate? Am I on the opposite side? The Angel looked at him with love and smiled: in the Source there is no division into good and evil. For him, everything is one. He is unconditional love. And Earth is a planet of free choice.
    All name matches are random. The authenticity of the story is the same as the story abot the Touron

  5. Jared

    I prefer messages from Tunia and can you please show her face as the picture again? Thanks.


    Many thanks again for the surprising and instructing information.
    Until we meet – much of love

  7. Mickwordman

    Very nice piece. Makes you wonder…about time and things…
    I assume you’ll continue it?

    1. A.S.

      Thank you.

      I enjoy writing and loved creating this story, but continuing this particular story doesn’t super appeal to me because:

      – if I wrote about their last one month together, it would have no surprising twists and the story would be predictable from the start — although maybe I’m thinking too much like a writer right now.

      – Or I could write about the male character’s life on Earth, but to me the core of this story is the love between the two main characters, and to be true to life, he won’t remember her for most his life on Earth.

      I’m open to suggestions and maybe inspiration will strike me. But my current plan is to return to more conventional channelings starting next week, and at some point write a totally new story.

      I do appreciate that people enjoy this piece. I guess “galactic fiction” is an unexplored genre.

  8. Qaesitor

    My oh my did this story resonate with my soul.

    I’ve recently been seeing a guide who confirmed some things I knew or suspected to be true:

    1. I’m a Pleiadian Starseed

    2. I’ve got a twin flame

    3. She’s a Pleiadian with the liberation fleet.

    She was with me throughout that whole story. She’s often with me as I go throughout my day, and we communicate telepathically, although I’m not too good at it yet and I get some things wrong. But holy crap did that story resonate with me. This may be fiction, but many of us had moments in our lives like this. I felt them in my soul. I deeply desire to reunite with her and she with me. Our mission is almost complete here, so that we may return to the stars and reunite with our loved ones, and introduce them to the loved ones we’ve made along the way. Hold the light my friends, we’re almost done.

  9. Denise G

    What a lovely story! Interestingly enough that was always one of the many problems I found with organized religion. Lol
    I always thought of “God” as Source of All, I just always assumed it was because there seemed like there were SO many gods running around this planet.
    When the original Charmed TV series first came out and introduced their bad guy as “The Source” I got so upset for them presenting the dark evil as the Source calling their writers “idiots” for not KNOWING Source was our Creator! Lol
    One of the many, many tiny “clues” laid down by Herself on this journey. 😁
    Love and Light to All and One
    Denise G

  10. Christed

    To the channeler of these lovely stories and messages, the use of the word “Earthlings” is quite belittling, sounds paternalistic and flies in the face of our common ancestry in humanity. It has a racist touch to it, by the way, and Pleiadian racism has been obvious on the planet for too long. “Earth humans,” “Earthers” as some had suggested earlier. Obviously a channel should also like to listen to feedbacks as much as she talks to the world.

    1. A.S.

      Thanks for the feedback.

      I didn’t mean to be belittling. I’m not actually a native English speaker (I’m Dutch). While I may know grammar etc pretty well, I didn’t realize the word “Earthling” had that much of a negative connotation.

      I apologize.

      I’m not entirely sure what term would be best though, and I’m open to input from you and others. Here are my considerations:

      – “Earther” is a term that I personally immediately associate with “flat earther”, and well, associations do matter when it comes to perception.

      – “Gaian” is beautiful on one hand, but the text-to-speech that I use for youtube pronounces this as “gay-an.” I have absolutely nothing against homosexual people, but I think that if someone hears “gay-an” that they may not immediately understand that to mean “human person who was born on Earth..”

      – “Earth human” could work. I like that this implies (correctly) that there are non-Earth humans too. If I get no further input and if no one objects to “Earth Human”, I may well switch to that for future messages.

      – Any other suggestions?

      Finally, I’m curious what you consider to be “Pleiadian racism”, if you are open to sharing your perspective on that.

      My personal perspective is that indeed a minority of Pleiadians (and galactics in general) are a bit too quick to judge us for non-loving thoughts and actions, although most Pleiadians (and galactics) correctly realize that we didn’t have the privilege of growing up and living in their utopian socities. Most of them acknowledge that it is very impressive that most of us are maintaining a good heart on such a challenging world. But, yes, a minority of galactics are a bit judgemental. I agree.

      Pleadians acknowledge that they’re absolutely not perfect beings (using the common, human definition of the word “perfect”). They’re still growing and learning themselves. And there is a large group of Pleadians who feel that there is a ton they could learn from us Earth humans as well.

      I’m curious if you’re referring to this as “Pleiadian racism” or something else.

      1. Finn

        Please don’t mind much of the “flat earthers” who are a minuscule minority. There are a million times more of us “round earthers” !!

      2. Denise G

        As I said, I didn’t see anything offensive in the comments at all actually.
        It’s a human thing I find, we are literally trained from birth to believe in order for us to BE happy someone ELSE must be equally unhappy, to win someone else must lose, to live we must die, to get ahead someone else must go down and so on so we commonly do this.
        For instance this person calls it as as racism perspective while committing the exact same “offense” by labeling them as “Pleiadians”, as they came from the “Pleiades” so do we too come from “Earth” so you either find it offensive or understand these are just the words we use to describe each other.
        How can we ever expect to Ascend to a Higher dimension and exist as One when we can’t even speak without being able to actually SPEAK? As I said, a Human failing we all have dealt and do still deal with but eventually you have to be willing to see past your own perspective if your ever going to take the first step up I feel.
        So no, nothing at all condescending or racist to the story, just yet one more Mirror in the outer world it seems. ❤️
        Love and Light to All and One
        Denise G

      3. Qaesitor

        A.S. You’re Dutch? I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. Your beautiful and wise people have been touching my life lately.

        I wouldn’t worry too much about the racism stuff. People get all bent out of shape over the Pleiadians appearing so much like white people. I’m sure there are others out there who appear like the many other flavors of human. We are made of so much of our other Star brothers and sisters after all.

        One suggestion I haven’t seen yet is Terrans. Related to Terra, which is another one of Gaia’s names, but that might have the same problems. Who knows.

      4. darklord

        people nowadays, even in these spiritual, or god forbid cringe love and light communities just got to find anything to be offended by, as in ANYTHING.

        Earthling is just a freaking term, a word, who dafuq cares whichever term we are called by

        Local language here in my home country has a word for “poop”, but in another neighboring country it’s actually a girl’s name with a very beautiful meaning !!!

        Bottom line is, don’t give a damn about whichever term or word it is, just use whatever is comfortable to you, you don’t and will not need people to judge you. If they get offended, that’s THEIR problem !!

        At the end of the day, none of it matters, none of these TEMPORARY LABELS matters, because each and everyone of you came and are an extension/fractal from the same freaking Divine Source and are each and everyone an exalted, sovereign, powerful soul.

        Stop being so offended about anything and KNOW AND FEEL that you are more than you freaking temporary, perishable, physical body, YOU ARE NOT YOUR LABELS, be that “Earthling” or “Terran” or some other crap, and begin ACTING like who you truly are beyond the confines and labels of your physical body!

      5. darklord

        last few paragraphs of my previous post not directed to A.S. btw

        but yeah, pretty much if a person gets offended by a mere word or term, it’s pretty much an ego thing acting up. yet they usually are the same people who preach about killing the ego (instead of integrating, balancing and utilizing it to help in the ascension process). nice, very nice.

    2. Denise G

      I’m sorry you have that perspective but I find a lot of us on this planet do, even myself at times.
      Humanity is been well trained on segregating themselves from all others sadly. We are divided on every basis imaginable are trained to see the entirety of our Reality through that filter. It is actually similar to what I go through with my adult son, when I speak he hears something completely different than what I actually said. Lol
      I tend to only take offense when it is actually meant to offend for the most part, not easily offended unless it’s something I’m touchy about which I then need to examine anyway and I noticed how much more pronounced the usual “generational gap” in speaking and communicating is in these younger generations today.
      Sometimes you would think anyone who disagrees with them is speaking a foreign language.
      Please don’t take offense as none of that was about your comment, just my own personal observations regarding my experiences, I just said that to hopefully try to help you find a new perspective as I don’t happen to feel that from the story or writer so I shared mine.
      Humanity sometimes forget that it’s only offensive if we choose to take offense and when we choose to take offense taking a step in any direction will change your perspective. Translated to humans that usually means individual perspective through your lives experiences that have formed the people we are, limiting. 🤷‍♂️
      Denise G

  11. Camille Frossard

    Une belle histoire
    Très touchante
    Je comprends un tout petit mieux votre point de vue

    Merci au canalisateur et à Tunia