Famous 19-Sec UFO Footage Could Be Greatest Leak: CGI Experts Say It Is Real Deal

The existence of UFOs has been confirmed by hundreds of government and military professionals. There should be authentic photographs and films of them that have been mixed in among the counterfeits. There is valid photographic evidence, but there are also instances of UFO evidence being confiscated from civilians and military people. However, there is old footage of a UFO flying near an airplane which has always been an element of the heated debate among UFO enthusiasts.

The 19-second footage, which is often claimed to be a clip of the lengthy video, shows a round, saucer-shaped object (like in McMinnville UFO photographs) hovering near an airplane and then moving forward, maneuvering below the aircraft wing, and flying upward. It is said to be a screen recording of the actual video. There are many theories on the origin of the video. It was published on the Internet several times in the late 2000s, which makes it difficult to find out its original date.

The earliest source of the video publication is YouTube. It was uploaded by a user “frossani” on March 6, 2008, with the caption “UFO from plane.” The user described that the UFO was captured from the window of a Blue Panorama flight from Rome to Paris, on April 29, 2006. But there are other sources saying it was shot in the 1990s with the description: “Clear full evidence of military tested saucer reproductions over U.S skies around Nevada Desert. This footage is a late 90s recording, very short as the full video is now offline altogether.”

These two versions of the description of the same video make it really confusing for experts to understand the true nature of the video. But there is more to the story. A Reddit user “usandholt” did a little research and contacted frossani. He asked the YouTube user about the video and found he/she is not the owner of the video. Below is the reply of frossani received by usandholt: (Source)

“It was quite a surprise to discover all this hype and interest about a video I had almost forgotten. I am the owner of the YouTube Channel, but not the author of the footage. I had an interest in visual effects as a hobbyist and I used to collect some inspiring videos and fantasize on what techniques would allow to recreate them. The footage of your interest was copied from a Zip Drive belonging to a university friend of mine who knew about my hobby. We are not in touch any longer and I don’t have further information about the origin of the video (I am not a UFO passionate, to me it was simply a probably-fake downloaded from the internet or some early-2000s CD-ROM). The only detail that could be useful for your research is that my friend’s father’s work was based in Aviano, in northern Italy. By the way, when I put the video on YouTube I didn’t edit it in any way; the only intervention was on the description, in which I reported the details of a Blue Panorama flight from Rome to Paris which had brought me to France sometime before (it was then dismissed a few years later, to my great deception). I am sorry I’m probably not giving you relevant information for your research.”

This exact UFO clip was used in the “60 Minutes documentary on New Zealand (and worldwide) UFO sightings,” marked as a simulation. It was produced with the assistance of Suzanne Hansen, a director of UFOCUS NZ Research Network. Was it really a simulation or an actual video used in the documentary? This possibility can be considered as the actual 8-second film of UFO landing at Holloman AFB used in 1974 Documentary, according to UFO researcher and author Grant Cameron. Journalist Chris Sharp also gives credence to this story.

ideo Analysis

Has the video been debunked? Many people who claimed to be working in the aviation field found the video too good to be real. However, they failed to provide a valid explanation for the video to be fake. It is obvious many would think this could be computer-generated, but some CGI experts say that it requires a great setup to create such effects. Additionally, many find a discrepancy in the audio of the clip, perhaps it was edited.

UFO filmed from airplane window

Reddit user “VCAmaster” explains that the video is likely a second-generation recording of a video playback on another screen, so he finds the main possibilities: 1. The audio is mostly from the camera inside the cockpit, played back on a device, and recorded onto the secondary camera (2nd generation). 2. The audio is mostly from the camera inside the cockpit, played back on a device, combined with the additional background noise of whatever is going on around the person filming the video playback secondhand. 3. The audio is directly from inside the cockpit, 1st generation video.

This video clip has been studied very carefully by military aviation experts (like Chris Lehto), and CGI experts. Lehto said that the aircraft is not a fighter jet, claiming to be an airliner. However, after closely examining, many agree that it could be the USAF T-43A plane.

It is always good to consider another possibility of the UFO origin. One Reddit user writes: “One possibility is that it is a military or scientific 737 testing the flight of frisbee-shaped objects via tow, as the disc is flying with an angle of attack to the oncoming air, rather than flat. Imagine putting a disc out on a tow line and having it ‘fly’ alongside, this is what you would see. The video is so fuzzy you wouldn’t see any line. Our usual concept of UFOs is that they need no angle of attack or Newtonian mechanics-based flight as they use some anti-gravity, anti-drug type of deal. It could fly flat or at any angle it pleased.”

It has been known for quite a while that the secret Congressional meetings included footage of a UFO very close to the wing of a military jet. A while ago, Luis Elizondo claimed that there is a 23-minute UFO video and one more, where the UFO is 50 feet away from the cockpit. So, UFOs flying near airplanes and being captured in photos and videos are true.

**By Vicky Verma


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