Tunia: Q & A On Various Topics

Question: Dear Tunia,

Can you kindly share your perspective on the Afterlife? I lost my Mom over five years ago, and would love to know if you are clairvoyant, or even if you and other Pleiadians can actually go there to the Spirit World with your technology? I would love to know your take on this. Thank You.

Answer: Dear John,

This is Tunia speaking. Thank you for your question.

I am very sorry that your mother died. I imagine that must have hurt you a lot. I am also sorry that Earthlings don’t have a lot of access to good information about the afterlife, because that information could give them some ease of mind and prevent some unnecessary suffering.

Therefore I am glad that you asked this question. I hope that you and others will benefit from it.

First of all, note that everything has a consciousness, on whatever level you look.

One of your liver cells has a consciousness. Your liver itself has a consciousness. The collection of organs in your body has a consciousness. You have a consciousness. Earthlings have a consciousness. All of humanity (which includes Earthlings and us Pleidians) have a consciousness. And everything that exists has a consciousness.

Everything that exists is often referred to as God, Prime Creator, Source, et cetera.

Why is there a universe all around you? Because God created beings that created the universe. Why did God (indirectly) create the universe? Because just existing in an endless void, by itself, isn’t very interesting.

Hence God split off parts of itself, primarily so that it could get to know itself, and secondarily so that it could play with itself.

However, there’s not a lot of excitement in a game if you play both sides of the board. Also, it’s fun if the players grow and evolve over time.

Therefore, most beings that are split off from God start at a very low level of consciousness. Then maybe they incarnate as a rock or as a bit of water on some planet (which yes, have small amounts of consciousness). They learn from being a rock, and after a long time, they graduate and they can start incarnating as an animal. Once they’ve learned the lessons from being an animal, they can for example start incarnating as Earthlings. Et cetera, until the being has learned all the lessons that the universe has to offer and it merges back again into God.

The text “The Law of One” (the Ra material) goes into detail about this process. That text can be hard to read and Youtuber Aaron Abke has a very good introduction to this text.

During each step of this process of evolution of consciousness, you soul has free will. Your soul decides when and where to be born and to which parents. Every single Earthling has chosen to be born on Earth. And souls are free to leave whenever they choose — it is easy for a soul to set up a situation where the person transitions (“dies”). Then they can rest for a time and start another life.

Thus, you can think of your soul as the director of your personal movie. What you think of as your life, is the movie that this director is currently producing.

Directors don’t have complete control — actors are independent people who can make their own choices to an extent, and if a director wants to shoot a genuine desert scene but there are no deserts nearby then tough luck. But directors — your souls — do have a large amount of control over your lives. And of course, your souls are part of you and want the best for you.

In general, it is beneficial if the movie (what you think of as you) doesn’t try to fight against the director (what you think of as your soul). In fact, if you can learn to directly communicate with your soul by simply thinking “soul, what should I do today” then that’s awesome. If you can’t do that yet, joy and intuition comes from your soul too, so following that is a good idea too.

Your soul / this director is immortal. Yes, this movie will end, but at that point the director will take a holiday and then start directing another movie. Any damage and horrible things that occur during your life isn’t damage that’s being done to your soul / to the director, it is only done inside the movie. The director can’t be harmed.

Do most directors produce movies in which people are happy all the time and there’s no conflicts or drama? No. That’s because there’s not a lot to be learned from such movies / such lives. Or in other words, most souls prefer lives with lots of lessons in them as opposed to comfortable happy lives. You could have chosen to be born as a Pleiadian and experience a happy, comfortable lives. But you chose to be born on Earth because here is Earth is where it’s at if you want soul growth.

Your souls and God Himself / Herself care a lot more about soul growth than Earthlings do, and a lot less about comfort and happiness than Earthlings do. I am not saying this is right or wrong, as Tunia I am deeply troubled by your suffering. God himself has decided that Earthlings have suffered enough and that the situation is going to be resolved. But still, fundamentally it remains true that your souls and God cares more about soul growth and less about comfort than you do. I say this without any judgement against you, because I can’t even imagine how challenging life on Earth must be.

From one perspective, you are suffering terribly and it is unfair and we are trying to help you. From another perspective, your lives there on Earth are experiences that your souls have willingly taken on, and are continuing to consent to (otherwise you would be dead very quickly).

So, from that perspective: your mother is completely fine, she’s just taking a break right now in the afterlife and she will start another life when she chooses. Of course, that is just one perspective — another entirely valid perspective is that it hurts that your mother died. Both perspectives have merit.

As I said earlier, your souls have been split off from God. Do you think that God would set up the afterlife in such a way that his parts were well taken care of, or were poorly taken care of? Of course, God has set up the afterlife in such a way that his parts — your souls — are well taken care of. Thus, the afterlife is generally a very pleasant place.

That said, again God prioritizes soul growth over comfort. So while the afterlife is generally very pleasant for the vast majority of Earthlings, the afterlife does reflect back to the soul the state that it is in. This means that if you treated others poorly, you’ll be treated a bit more poorly in the afterlife yourself. This isn’t meant to punish you, this is meant to help you to see “ooooh, so this is what it’s like to be mistreated. Wait, I mistreated others myself. Oh, no. I didn’t realize I was being so awful to them.” And then soul growth is achieved and lessons are learned. At that point you can go to another level of the afterlife that is better suited to your new consciousness.

Your own soul can use the same tactic here on Earth: if you do something, whether good or bad, you may very well experience having someone else do the same to you (although there may be a large time delay between those things). That way, you get a greater understanding of what that thing is like and what your actions have achieved. Hence the statement “you reap what you sow.”

If a certain specific bad thing keeps happening to you, sometimes you can make that stop by simply recognizing that you have done that same bad thing to other people. This way, the lesson is learned and there’s no reason for your soul to keep sending that bad thing your way. Although again, your soul doesn’t have full control over your life, sometimes bad stuff just happens.

So what is the afterlife like? It is a place where souls can rest and rejuvenate and learn things in between lives. It’s usually very pleasant for the vast majority of Earthlings, but it is built in a way that facilitates soul growth, which may mean that there are small challenging aspects to it. That said, it’s more pleasant than challenging. And yes, people can meet other people there.

Any Earthling and any Pleiadian is born with the capability to communicate with people in the afterlife. In fact, anyone who can channel ETs can also channel people who have passed, because the channel-ETs method is one way of talking to people who have passed. We Pleiadians typically use spirituality and not technology for that.

Your mother would like to tell you that she loves you very much, that she is proud of you and that she is in a good place. There’s a twinge of regret there, but your mother did not provide details about that and I did not press her. As a personal note, I love her energy. She’s radiant.

Finally, if you would like more details, Matthew Ward is an excellent source of information and he has spoken in detail about the afterlife. At the start of every month, he is being channeled and those posts are placed on this site, Era of Light.

I hope this was helpful and that it gave you some comfort and peace. We would like to reiterate that we understand that losing your mother is very painful. None of what we have written invalidates that. We are sending you love. When we meet, we would like to offer you a big hug and also medium-services if you want them.

If you have any additional questions, feel free to ask.

With all my love,


Question: Hello a.s. if it’s ok to ask a question is it true I have 3 twin flames thanks?

Answer: Dear Scott,

This is Tunia speaking. Thank you for your question. We appreciate the opportunity to speak about something that is related to our favorite topic, love.

Different Earthlings use different definitions for the words “twin flame” and “soul mate.” We will use those words in the following ways:

A soul mate is someone with whom you have had positive experiences in past lives. Usually if you meet a soul mate, you instantly feel a connection, you instantly hit it off and you may feel like you’ve known each other all your life even though you have just met. Often you just understand each other.

A twin flame is the unique person who completes you in every single way. For example, if Tom is so introverted that it’s holding him back, then Tom’s twin flame has the exact level of introversion vs extraversion that’s needed for Tom to become more extroverted. If Tom and his soulmate spend time together, Tom will naturally become a bit more extraverted without even consciously trying and without it being strenuous or challenging.

Tom and his twin will balance each other out and complete each other and automatically improve in each other’s presence, without even trying. This will go both ways: both partners are happy and turn into better people just by being around each other, without trying.

Using these definitions, everyone only has one twin flame. However, everyone has multiple soul mates. And you can have an incredibly amazing relationship with a soul mate.

You don’t need to be twin flames to be happy together and be good for each other. The vast majority of people are not with their Twin Flame right now. Anyone who has a happy relationship with one of their soul mates is doing better than most Earthlings.

I hope this helps. As always, I am just sharing my perspective.

With love,


Question: What are your opinions towards an anonymous individual that goes by the codename “COBRA” (Compression BreAkthrough) that puts out “Earth’s Liberation” updates, Extraterrestrial Updates and other such related topics, on his online blog “2012portal”, and opinions on his information that he puts out on the blog?

Answer: COBRA is a benolevent and well-informed individual. I agree with a lot of information on his blog. I disagree with some information on his blog.

For example, if I understand him correctly, he claims that one primary reason why Earth hasn’t been liberated yet is that certain negative beings are holding billions of human lives hostage, and good-hearted Earthlings and ETs can only slowly unravel that hostage situation.

From my perspective, the primary reasons why Earth hasn’t been liberated yet is because 1) most Earthlings want comfort and most Earthlings are not consenting to massive change. Of course the dark forces don’t care, but we do. Also 2) while I deeply empathize with the plight of Earthlings, and I don’t know if I personally would have set things up this way if I had the choice, the current situation is facilitating immense soul growth in nearly all Earthlings.

Fundamentally, your souls and Source generally cares more about soul growth than about happiness or the pleasure of your existence. Besides, from their point of view, souls voluntarily signed up for lives on Earth. Also Souls have the option to arrange their death and thus souls can exit whenever the soul wants. Even a partial life on Earth can give great soul growth.

I understand that this doesn’t make your pain or loneliness any less, and I do deeply empathize. I wish we could be helping all of you directly, right now.

But to continue to defend a position I’m sort of uncomfortable with: suppose you had complete control over all benevolent ETs surrounding your planet (but not about all Earthling forces that fight against the cabal, because that’s part of the delay – those forces aren’t always good-hearted or acting in ways that are optimal for a quick planetary ascension. Just because they oppose the cabal, doesn’t mean that they’re selfless spiritual masters).

What would you do with this command? Would you just have us take over the media, announce our presence to the world and then broadcast truth on a continual loop on all mainstream channels? Well, first of all that would violate Earthling’s free will. Second, a significant part of your population would not yet be able to psychogically handle that. Third, imposing any kind of structure or worldview on another society or power over another society is something that sounds appealing, but actually can backfire tremendously. Trust us, we speak from experience. We’re not talking about theoretical spiritual principles here, we’re talking about bloody (civil) wars and regressions of civilization and consciousness.

You all want a better world. What is the critical ingredient that’s needed for the better world that you want to live in? A higher consciousness of people on Earth. How do you increase the consciousness of the people on Earth? Well, I can’t think of anything more effective than the current situation. If your world was somehow fixed overnight, then the catalyst towards soul growth would also be removed.

Another question is: do you want an amazing society for just lightworkers today and screw other Earthlings, or do you want an amazing society for many Earthlings at some point in the future? Well, most of you have souls that prefer the latter. This is a very brave and heroic choice. Yet it does mean that you need to give the sleepers time to wake up. There’s a significant group who will wake up in the future or is waking up right now – but this process takes time.

If you want an amazing society for many Earthlings, then the majority of Earthlings needs a consciousness upgrade, because you can’t build an amazing 5d civilization out of the current crop of Earthlings (unless you exclude the vast majority of them). And the current situation is exactly the consciousness upgrade that Earthlings need.

By the way, as awesome as you already are, there is one major consciousness upgrade that many light workers could still benefit from. Many light workers think that there’s some savior out there who needs to get off his butt and save them. Actually, light workers aren’t the victims who are there to be saved by the cavalry. Light workers are the cavalry. You’re not the ones who need liberating, you are the liberators. In fact, lots of you have spent lives as Pleiadians and now you’ve incarnated on Earth. You’re our special forces, our boots-on-the-ground.

I am not saying this is easy. If I was born on your planet in the normal Earthling way, I would do worse than your average Lightworker. You are the strongest of the strong.

Yet it is important for you to take back your power. This is why Hakann’s central message is one of empowerment. No one is asking you to “save Earth single-handedly”, but the more you step into your power, the sooner Earthlings will be able to live blissful 5D lives. Plus the more you step into your power, the more compatible you become with the energy of benevolent ETs.

Yes, I do acknowledge that the light workers are sort of “shackled” to the willfully blind right now. From a higher perspective all humans are one, from a high perspective you are gaining immense soul growth this way, but from a more practical perspective, this is grossly unfair. I empathize and do acknolwedge that. You’re doing more work and yet your only reward is loneliness and getting you’re getting called crazy for it. My heart does go out to each and every one of you.

Fortunately, overall Earthlings are doing unbelievably well. I have high hopes for the future. It’s just going to take more time. Yes, I know that’s not what you want to hear.

Question: Continuing off from the COBRA topic, what are your opinions and/or what information do you know on the so-called “Toplet Bombs” and other such “exotic weaponries” by the Forces aligned with Entropy (what common folk calls the Cabal, Reptilians, Khazarian Mafias, “Dark Forces” etc.), that are, according to COBRA, one of the main reasons why “The Event, Mass Disclosure and Public Extraterrestrial Contact etc., cannot happen yet until those are cleared (as those are supposed to be one of the weapons that are keeping “humanity hostage”?

Answer: The channeler is getting tired, so I’ll try to keep this brief in order not to tire him out too much.

Frankly, a very few of you have a direct role to play in either helping in a scientific or military capacity to disarm the weapons of the cabal. We’ll make sure that those people have the information they need. The vast majority of you do not, and it is my personal perspective that it does not particularly benefit you to know exactly what weapons the cabal has. It is my perspective that whether you’re interested in helping the world or interested in personal development, there are more effective things to do than study cabal weaponry. Hence I am personally not going to share a lot about cabal weaponry.

Of course, you’re completely free to disagree here. If you do, you can indeed read Cobra’s site and ask your soul / higher self to what extent those things are true (as we described in the reply to Paveen). Ot you can ask another channeler (this channeler sees things the same way) to channel a being who is interested in giving that information.

Hakann is asking me to add: “from a military perspective, the situation on Earth is well in hand. The dark ones are very predictable and we are well ahead of them.”

Question: According to what you know, what are the factors preventing and/or delaying the humans of this planet from having first public Extraterrestrial Contact, and other things such as presentations of undeniable proof of what truly is happening on this “Matrix”; something to truly “wake” the whole population up?

Because as some of us already might know, these whole charades are just there to help majority of humanity wake up (but some of them just WON’T wake up), but the issue is, some of those who are already awake/aware on what is happening, are growing impatient, mad, angry, or even starting to lose hope that they will experience the so-called “Event” on their lifetime.

Answer: The primary factor is that average Earthlings can evolve only so quickly (lightworkers are exceptional – not everyone can grow as fast as you do, you are not the norm). The current situation is already pushing against the limits of how quickly average Earthlings can grow. And if you want to build a blissful 5d society for not just lightworkers but also lots of other Earthlings, then you need to give average Earthlings some more time to evolve. Because right now the average Earthling is not yet compatible with a blissful 5d society.

To give an idea: the average Earthling is growing as much every single week, as your average Pleiadian grows in a year (if you had him or her live on an average Pleiadian planet). You’re already growing at an unbelievable pace, including in invisble ways such as vibrationally and ability to deal with higher energies.

To be clear, we are not saying that 100% of Earthlings need to wake up. That is neither going to happen, nor required.

Also, the amount of correct rational knowledge that people have is actually not one of the most important factors in this process. The most important things is your level of consciousness / your vibration. That is growing nicely in over 99% of humans, including via rising background energies. For most people in this situation specifically, they first need a higher level of consciousness and only then will they need and be able to absorb rational knowledge.

This is also why I sort of brushed off question B and why I am primarily focused on spreading love and Hakann is primarily focused on empowering people. Those things are more crucial to Earthlings right now than intel, from our perspectives. The more you can get out of your mind and into your heart, the more you are able to help this process along. Intel usually just puts your head in charge. However, your intellect is an amazing servant but a terrible master. Serving it by seeking out information is generally not the most important thing you could do right now (from our perspective, you’re free to disagree of course).

You are not powerless in this situation. There are lots of things that either Lightworkers or counterforces (people who oppose the cabal) could do to speed up the situation. For example, work on yourself, help the people around you, et cetera.

That said, I do agree that this situation is absolutely merciless and completely unfair towards lightworkers. You are working very hard and are in a sense the best of humanity, yet you’re getting called crazy and gaslit from all sides. It hurts my heart to see that you are in this situation.

I do wish that I could take your hand, invite you into a big hug, take you towards our healers and then show you all the rest and entertainment facilities we have. I imagine you must be exhausted.

That said, you are also incredibly strong. From my perspective, you’re not given challenges that you cannot either overcome or learn from. Yes, it’s incredibly harsh and difficult, I know. But you are also incredibly strong.

It is really hard to predict the future because the situation is so chaotic and Earthlings have a free will. If I had to guess, most light workers will very likely be able to physically meet ETs within one month to 20 years. Yes, I know that’s a very wide range – we very much hope that it’s on the shorter end of that range. But to put it in another way, there will come a time when most light workers are safe, healed, rested, freely able to interact with us and freed from the shackles of your current society.

We too are very much looking forward to that day.

Question: What do you think of the individual who lived on this planet named Neville Lancelot Goddard, and his teachings?

Answer: In general, we see every being as a facet of God. When the channeler gets annoyed at someone in his daily life, he often thinks “wait, that person is actually God” and usually that puts him in a more compassionate and tolerant mindset.

We also see every teachings as being a perspective. Some have greater usefulness and some have lesser usefulness, but the wise can get pearls of wisdom from (nearly) any perspective.

So first and foremost, we see Neville Goddard as a facet of God, and his teachings as one more brilliant part of the majesty of God’s glory.

We are tempted to say “what’s more important than what we think, is what you think of Neville Goddard. Or if you’re not sure, feel free to ask your soul / higher self.”

But we will share a more practical perspective.

We like that he teaches not to let assumptions harden into facts. We like that he teaches to focus on working on yourself.

We think Goddard’s teachings are more useful than the traditional strategy of “if you want to manifest something, visualize it repeatedly.” A theme of today is that your energy / heart / emotions are more important than your rational mind, so yes, working via your emotions too is more useful than purely consciously visualizing something.

In general, if your mind and emotions and body and energy are all aligned towards one goal, you will likely manifest it. So if your body and energy are aligned towards a goal, and you use Goddard’s teachings and you decide to align your emotions too towards a goal, then yes, you may succeed at manifesting whatever you wanted.

That said, whether your energy is aligned towards a goal depends in large part on what your soul wants. What your soul wants may be quite different from what you consciously want. For example, maybe your soul wants to put you in a difficult situation where you can experience soul growth or learn a valuable lesson. In such a case, your energy might not be aligned with manifesting a more comfortable situation.

Or suppose you struggle with dating because subconsciously you feel unloveable. Well, just consciously trying to visualize a situation where you’re loved and trying to emotionally feel that love, may not be enough. Your subconsious feeling of being unloveable may still be there, no matter how much you consciously try to feel loveable.

In that case, you may actually need to directly heal your feelings of being unloveable (see the reply to Paveen for some suggestions). Just directly trying to feel something, without healing the opposite emotion in your subconsious, might not work.

Or think of a baby. Is any Earthling more pure than a baby? Yet we absolutely know that bad and even horrible things can happen to babies. Did they manifest that by feeling the wrong emotions or thinking wrong thoughts? If yes, what hope is there for the average Earthling? If no, apparently there’s other factors at play than just what you’re thinking and feeling.

So his techniques may work in some situations and have merit, but we don’t think that they would work 100% of the time for everyone.

There’s also the question of: which is the better approach, trying to improve your life or trying to appreciate your current life more? Of course it depends on the situation and the preferences of the person, but in certain situations, the proper answer is not “try to manifest a different reality.” Sometimes the proper answer is “you’re here to do something or learn something or experience something, try to find out what the lesson here is.”

As an anecdote, the channeler has used the technique of “visualize + feel something” once to manifest a relationship, and within a month he had met a woman to be in a relationship with. He used it once more for a job, and the next day someone pointed him to a job ad and he had an excellent job within a month. Then some time later he was single again and he tried to manifest a relationship again, but this time it simply did not work because his soul decided that it would benefit him more to be single for a time. So do Goddard’s teachings work? Sometimes. There’s absolutely some value to be had in them, but you can’t manifest your way out of every situation.


Question: Hello Hakann and Tunia. I’m in Louisiana and I’ve been experiencing ringing, buzzing in my ears for a couple of years now. It doesn’t hurt or bother me just wondering is this a higher frequency coming in? When I meditate or just remain quiet it really amps up. On 8-08 the lions gate it was stronger than usual. It is constantly there. Why is this always with me? Thank you.

Answer: Dear questioner,

This is Tunia speaking. I appreciate the opportunity to connect with you today. I love you very much.

When Light workers ask about ringing in their ears, this is generally related to their body adjusting to higher energies. You can think of it as leveling up spiritually.

In the previous Q&A we received a similar question and we told that person that no action on their part was needed. In this case however, we are going to gently advise you to find a spiritual healer. You do not need to be concerned, we just think you would benefit from this.

As a disclaimer to protect the channeler, this is not medical advice. If you feel you need medical attention, go to a doctor. If you have received advice from a medical professional, follow that – spiritual healers are not a substitute for medical treatment.

With that disclaimer out of the way, let us continue. If you know of a spiritual healer whom you resonate with, great. We advise you to go there. We are always in favor of people following their intuition.

If you have no idea what kind of spiritual healer to look for, then we will offer two suggestions. The first is a quantum touch practitioner. You can google “quantum touch” and find one near you, or find a quantum touch practitioner who offers online healing. Quantum Touch is a bit like Reiki.

The second option is to go to the website completionprocess.com and to find a practitioner there. The completion process was developed by Teal Swan, who is a controversial figure. We do not personally agree with certain things she says or does, but we do think that some of her teachings and methods are excellent and way ahead of where most of Earth is. We wholeheartedly recommend her completion process. It is a bit more intense than quantum touch but can also potentially offer deeper healing.

If you can afford neither of these options, feel free to send us another email and we will offer a budget alternative.

Finally, suppose you are not the questioner, but you also have ringing in your ears and you wonder if you should undertake some kind of action. Well, you’re always free to ask us, but you may also be able to answer your own question. Hakann has an excellent piece called “Hakann: How do I know what is true?” that gives some suggestions on this.

We hope this helps. Despite the harshness of Earth, you are doing amazingly well. We love you very much and long for the day when we can physically offer you a hug. Keep up the good work!

With all my love,

**Channel: A.S.

**If you wish to share this, please include EraofLight.com as the source.

49 Replies to “Tunia: Q & A On Various Topics”

  1. harrrrrie

    Yes, there are beings in the future that know what date we are all fully in 5D. But the way it works is that if they tell us that date some Earth human will cause something to happen which will prevent it from happening on that date. That’s how it works. It can’t be helped.

  2. harrrrrie

    This is excellent. Thank you very much for this article.

    As for ringing in the ears. There is an article regarding relieving the ringing and regain hearing using acupressure on the back of the head and around the ears using your fingers. This article is in Epoch News. This article might be for subscribers only, but information can be found on the internet too.
    The doctor in the article stated to do the finger pressure maneuvers many times a day. But I have received relief of the ringing and regained some hearing by doing the pressure only 4 times. I’m unusual in that I have good communication with my body and can see results quickly sometimes.

    For starters I would definitely press and massage the occipital bone behind the ear and all the tissues around the ear, extending about 2 inches in each direction to encompass the entire ear region at least once a day, more often if you can. Just press and then massage, press and massage. Love your ears and think positively as you do it.

    Hope this helps. Love and Light to you all and many blessings.

  3. jakesey

    Actually it All made sense to me Tunia, but I have the ‘habit’ of taking what is most relevant, in this case, the whereabouts of my Mother. My shortcoming.

  4. jakesey

    Thank You Tunia for answering my question. I made the mistake of not recording the most pertinent part then, but that has been rectified now. I went with my actual name then, John, not my nickname from my Mother.

    I agree with Raksha on the former picture of ‘you’.

    Love, to All.

  5. Charis

    Hello A.S. & Tunia,

    When Tunia stated these remarks I’ve referenced below from Question #3 in the Q&A, why is it the perpetrators of darkness have been able to infiltrate Earth for so long? Now, somehow reversing the effects of this infiltration is a violation of the free will of Earthlings when the free will of Earthlings has already been violated eons ago and currently by those who spread darkness, untruths, wars, and enslavement. Please explain, thank you.

    “Would you just have us take over the media, announce our presence to the world and then broadcast truth on a continual loop on all mainstream channels? Well, first of all that would violate Earthling’s free will. Third, imposing any kind of structure or worldview on another society or power over another society is something that sounds appealing, but actually can backfire tremendously.”

    1. Raksha


      Since the Ra material was mentionned. It gives some good explanations about that.
      Basically, the collective consciousness pulls the strings. Both the Dark and Light sides respond to a « Calling » (whether conscious or not).

      So if the Dark had such a layway, it was probably because that what resonnated most with the collective. Now that is changing. And the « Calling » for the Light is gaining momentum. There are also some others reasons. What I am saying is a very short summary, I would suggest you to consult the Ra material if you are inclined.

      Also, I will let A.S answers more if he so chooses, But Tunia did say it was not just some theorical « law of free will », but from very real experiences, direct intervention could lead to some unfortunate consequences. RA said the same thing. Galactics did try it in the past with not so good results.

      1. jakesey

        Thanks for that helpful link.
        Inspired channel; Bjorn bull Hansen; Infinite Waters; Ismael Perez are my go to’s on y.tube.

    2. harrrrrie

      The perpetrators of darkness were not sent away when they came to Earth eons ago. Our ancestors used these dark forces to their advantage to become rulers and have power over the rest of humanity, just as the dark forces have power over the rulers and humanity as well. Everything that has happened here is because some of us wanted lives as rulers and the rest of humanity abided by this. Our souls will say that we loved humanity so much that we agreed to suffer and to let some of us be rulers and by whatever means was needed, even using the ET dark forces to accomplish the rulers goals. It needed to be really bad here on Earth to learn every lesson (using the four negative energies) because eventually all of Earth humanity is going to meld together and become a creator. The reason we are going to become a creator is because we are going to create using a tiny bit of negativity which will help everyone to ascend (by creating compassion). The dark forces played a big part in our learning but it was needed.

  6. crlreb

    Tunia thankyou for your Q+A, it was quite enlightening and entertaining, you and Hakann are my “go to’s”😀

  7. gaffer

    In these comments, people either cry or pretend to be galactic heroes and the most intelligent people. Their questions, especially on personal topics, are selfishness. In general, one water. My question is that I want to understand, to separate the wheat from the chaff. some say – there will be liberation, there will be an Event, there will be resettlement to other planets, there will be a Pole Shift.
    Others say that we need to wake up more people, be patient. DO YOU UNDERSTAND THAT PATIENCE IS OUT??? WE DO NOT WANT TO WAIT FOR BEGINNING SHEEP.
    We are also told that the situation will be resolved AT ANY COST. That is, your task is to destroy the hotbed of evil on Earth!!! At any cost! wing.

  8. Arthur

    I will ask a questions that has already been asked, but no one has given a specific answer.
    There must be two significant transition events on Earth.
    3D->4D (Lifting the Veil).
    4D->5D Actually, the transition itself (three days of darkness).
    Every time at the end of the year, dozens, hundreds of messages appear that the first event will definitely happen at the beginning of the next year (January-March). But for 10 years now they have turned out to be false.
    1. Question, you can name the date for each event, after which they will occur with 100% probability? And it doesn’t matter, within a year or in 100 years. Only the date of the absolute inevitability of events is important.
    2. Who are these informants, constantly promising events that do not come true. And what is their purpose?



  10. scotth9510

    I found out after this q&a was originally posted I probably don’t have 3 twin flames which is ok but I’d be either in heaven or hell if I actually did have 3 tfs that look like tunia. 🙂

    1. David

      You only have one. For most of us, our twin flame is on the other side (not incarnated). Hope that helps. Ask away if you’d like to know more. Happy to help.
      Love & Light

  11. AzureLeaves

    I see some of my questions here a few months ago along with the answers. It’s good to have them back on the latest posts at this time. Thank you Kejraj and A.S., hopefully those who read it at this time have learned something helpful that they can use in their everyday life.

    A question to A.S.:

    -Are you able to receive telepathic prompts, messages, and such from Tunia and Hakann or even other Pleiadians/nonphysical entities even if you are not in a meditative state/a bodily state conducive to Channeling, e.g., while doing menial tasks, or even taking a shower, riding (not driving) a vehicle or before/after going to sleep?

    Like if someone they know, or they themselves, have a message for you or request-to-channel topic for you to broadcast publicly, will you be able to be made aware of it by them anytime or do you have to be in a meditative state and consciously connect to them to receive their telepathic messages?

    1. A.S.

      You’re welcome. Thanks for the question.

      I am able to receive telepathic prompts and messages even if I’m not in a meditative state. (I was not yet able to do so two years ago.)

      Those are more short messages or suggestions (“it would be healthy for you personally to do x”) or in some cases requests (“can you do this kind of lightwork for the collective, preferably right now”) than in-depth communication.

      It’s not like I take a walk and when I come home, I know the complete contents of another Tunia channeling to upload. At most I’ll know “next time I sit down, get in the space and start to channel, Tunia will want to communicate a message to me about topic x with y as its main thesis.”

      I’ve said that I only agreed to be contacted by “wise and benevolent beings, forces and aspects of existence.” I asked those same wise and benevolent beings, forces and aspects of existence to help me with this, in accordance with the highest divine blueprint. So sometimes a benevolent galactic contacts me, sometimes an ascended master, sometimes an angel, sometimes a being that we would associate with Hinduism.

      To answer your question: yes, theoretically it is possible that during the middle of a day, suddenly I get a message that says: “please put message X as soon as possible on your youtube channel and also send it to EraOfLight.” That hasn’t happened yet, and that may very well never happen, but it’s not impossible either.

      1. AzureLeaves

        I see, that’s reassuring to know. Thank you for confirming that to me and adding more details.

        Similar things also happen to me, I just label them “spiritual downloads” for lack of better term, as I don’t really “channel” any sort of entity, but more on receiving wisdom and answers to my questions during times when my mind is relaxed, such as in the 3B times (Bed, Bath, Bus).

        Anyway thank you again for all you do here.

        Oh and

        “That hasn’t happened yet, and that may very well never happen, but it’s not impossible either.”

        Of course, there’s always that possibility, especially if a major spiritual event happened.

        1. A.S.

          You’re welcome. Thanks for your questions and it’s great that you’re also getting spiritual downloads.

          True. I guess we’ll see. Of course, if I get a request to pass along a message, I will.

  12. AzureLeaves

    I see some of my questions here a few months ago along with the answers. It’s good to have them back on the latest posts at this time. Thank you Kejraj and A.S.

    A question to A.S.:

    -Are you able to receive telepathic prompts, messages, and such from Tunia and Hakann or even other Pleiadians/nonphysical entities even if you are not in a meditative state/a bodily state conducive to Channeling, e.g., while doing menial tasks, or even taking a shower, riding (not driving) a vehicle or before/after going to sleep?

    Like if someone they know, or they themselves, have a message for you or request-to-channel topic for you to broadcast publicly, will you be able to be made aware of it by them anytime or do you have to be in a meditative state and consciously connect to them to receive their telepathic messages?

  13. Ben

    I have a ringing in my ears but unfortunately it doesn’t have to do with spirituality. It’s called tinnitus. 🙁

    1. A.S.

      Yeah, that was an answer to a particular person, as well as some people who suddenly have a ringing in their ears, for no discernible reason.

      For other people, it’s unfortunately indeed tinnitus and not a spiritual leveling up.

      I wish you the best.

  14. Denise G

    Out of all the issues popping up on this journey the Event is still the one thing I’ve never had doubts over, I’m fully aware that it’s when o will be woken up completely as I was told I. The beginning, it is when the “brick wall” in my psyche will be removed, I’ve known this for 3 years now.
    What I do t know or even worry about is if that is when I will leave the planet or continue on in a more Awake state here, I’ll find that out then, either way I’m good with both options. So I’ve never even worried over that part.
    Much as I’ve never had problems accepting deaths of my loved ones since I lost my Father in 1991. Yes o grieve for what IVE lost for a short time but then I let it go, the only exception being when my 13 year old nephew killed himself in early 2000’s, on that one I had much fear and traded my soul to God to ensure he wasn’t suffering for his suicide. It meant I no longer had that option of it became too much on this planet but that religion stuff had me believing he was eternally doomed so i fixed it.
    Of course I was informed my soul was still my own when I first started waking up and my nephew was already happy and that was a huge relief but other than that my grief disappears quick once releasing it.
    I don’t even feel the need or want to visit grave sights as I never feel they’re there when I go.
    I always thought something was wrong with me due to the trauma caused from my Dads death in 91 but maybe that’s not the case, maybe it’s what my HS knew that was filtering through even then. 🤷‍♂️
    If we love them we have to let them follow their own paths and happiness, even when it takes them away from us I guess.
    Love and Peace to All and One
    Denise G

  15. Mike Ohira



    1. EraOfLight Post author

      I resonate a lot with the image myself. It isn’t just about the beauty. It is about the appearance and facial features, how I imagine Tunia to look.

    2. Raksha

      I actually did prefer the previous one. More poetic. And there was more room for my imagination. But it’s not important at all. Just saying.

  16. khann61

    Wow the new Tunia is hot, way hotter than the purple Tunia. If I did not already have my own beautiful Earth bound Pleiadean she could have her way with me.

    I know she does not have extramarital heterosexual affairs. Maybe if I tell her I identify as a woman…then I could get it on!😊

    I’m joking Kejraj and all the Love Bunnies.

    I actually read all of Tunia’s responses. The only thing I didn’t like was the obligatory seek medical advice. Doctors are killers. Stay away from them.

  17. Silvia S.

    Dear  Tunia, Hakann and galactic friends, I have read your post about twin flames and soul mates. I would like to ask you more details about  this topic. My name is Silvia, from Italy. Since I was a kid till 16 years old I used to go to the seaside to spend my holydays.  When I was 6/7 years old I met a little boy  and we used to meet there since my family sold the apartment at the seaside.  Then grown up to a little young man has often tried to approach me but I have always refused to befriend him, I have always felt strange sensation to him, not very positive to be honest even though he has not done anything wrong to me  in this life. One day he sat down with my friends and me and I stood up in panic, sitting down with my parents and friends, it was not very polite but I did it, then I had no more contacts with him. I started thinking  again of him in the year 2003, after a lifetime of forgetfullness , I couldn’t get rid of him in my mind for over 17 years. I dreamt of him many times, once I asked my guardian angels to let me know in dreams whether he was my soul mate (I didn’t know anything about twin flames) but the reply was  a young red haired man, walking with me in a mine full of  copper and gold, saying that they belonged to a hebrew family of ukranian origin. it was the year 2007. I had a lot of dreams of him, at the  seaside, and he was always looking at me in aggressive ways, the most powerful dreams of him were those in which  we  were standing and hugging and he asked me “Will we get free?” In the last one he was the owner of a big castle, with a lot of people who where taken to their rooms  as guests but I was taken by him to a room full of light. In one dream he said I was his wife and in the very last dream he was going to eat me. I am not sure whether  he is a twin flame or a Karmic sosia , my Animus or a test for me. In this strange psychical and oniric situation I have always been the runner saying no no no. I have been awaken of the ongoing situation for 10 years and I read that some hebrews of ukranian origin can be Ashkenazi, that news upset me regarding my dreams. I would be very happy if you could  give  me some explanations  and I hope my dream can also  be interesting to the readers of ERA OF LIGHT.
    A big hug from Silvia

    1. A.S.

      Thanks for sharing, Silvia.

      Unfortunately, at the moment and for the foreseeable future I don’t have the energy to do personal readings, except possibly for personal questions that very clearly would benefit a lot of people if I were to answer them. And I already have a backlog of potentially-widely-useful questions in my inbox (sent to me via Kejraj).

      Maybe someone else can answer your question. Or perhaps by going inside you will be able to find an answer.

      I hope that you’ll be able to find the answer you seek.

    2. Raksha

      Hello Silvia,

      I am not a channeler and I cannot see your previous lives. But as an astrologer, I probably could see what aspect of you was triggered by him. But I doubt you have his birth data on hand, and I would need that (and yours also of course).

      Also, it would be more conveniant for us if you could just add some tabs in your comments.

      1. Silvia

        Hi Raksha, thank you very much. I do not know his birth date, I only know that he was born in December because a she friend in 1981 told me so and he should be 4 years older than me, so born in 1963. I think I have to trust myself, I ran away years ago in panic that means I was afraid of him for something in a previous life.

        1. A.S.

          I haven’t done any channeling or anything similar about your specific case, but usually people do have the answers inside them already.

          It’s often a matter of people daring to listen to what arises spontaneously and immediately in them, and then not doubting that or trying to use logic to arrive at some other conclusion.

          1. Silvia

            Thank you very much for your comment A.S, I am mental enough so I am not able yet to understand clearly whether some inner responses are true intuitions or my mind which says what I’d like to hear, I happened tI had good intuition with good results but also mind chatter.. I hope for improvements of my intuition, I am mental but also experienced mind reading sometimes and I dreamt future events twice. I will follow your suggestion. Hugs. Silvia

      2. A.S.

        Raksha was kind enough to do a partial reading for me, A.S., and I found that his reading was quite accurate.

    3. David

      Hi Silvia, I’m personally very doubtful that he is your twin flame. There’s a level of comfort, as well as intensity that comes when meeting your tf. It should be a difficult, but positive experience between the two of you, since as twin flames you would be two halves of the same soul. Two twin flames will understand each other at such a deep and profound level. Also, even though we all have twin flames, very very very few of us are actually incarnated together, at the same time w our twin flames right now on this planet. Also, before twin flames meet they often if not always, to the best of my knowledge, will meet a false flame. Someone who has a similar intense energy as your twin flame and that you initially are drawn to, who you have things in common but you later realize that they are not the one. Things do not line up, unravel and it becomes clear that they are only there to prepare you to meet your actual twin flame. I and my beloved both had this experience prior to us meeting. As they’ve said on EraofLight before if you’d like you can send me your condolences. Meeting your tf is one of the most beautiful and incredibly HEARTBREAKING experiences ever. My tf is living her life without me, but I understand that to respect her free will is what’s most important and my love for her should be *unconditional* because as humans throw around the word love loosely but when we “feel” we love someone so much that, we can’t live without them, or we need to control them that is not love but a false 3d interpretation of love. I hope my words have helped. I’m here to help more if you’d like. I don’t desire compensation, only to help if needed as I was once helped when I started my whirlwind twin flame journey and had no idea what was going on. Here’s my email, d1ehl@protonmail.com
      Love & Light

      1. popgoestheweazle

        Phewww… much potent energy emanating from this one comment. 🙏
        Mind sharing your thoughts on how the “Three-fold Flame” that humans actually are/have relates to the twin flame concept?

        1. David

          Sorry I misread that initially.. It seems they both have a connection to ascension but as far as them being tied together, right now there’s nothing that i can think of that puts them together. If you want to hear me rant for a moment.. Tf’s are said to embody Christ Consciousness. Jesus doesn’t actually return himself but his spirit returns through us, his humility through the 144,000. If you were actually to meet him, it might be easy to overlook him. Because he is love w no ego, humble. I have feelings like that. Essentially we are all one. We are all God. I’m here to help, learn and bring as many woke fokes as I can to New Earth. I look at that the best I can w no ego even though it’s hard to love the world we look at. This is what it is for me. It’s very difficult but I understand that we’re all connected, from the Arcturians, Andromedans, Angels, Pleiadians, who are waiting in the wings to help, to all the souls who have been caught up in this karmic merry go round. Anyway just babbling haha. Have a beautiful day and thank you for the warm wishes & complements ✨
          Love & Light

      2. Silvia

        Hi David, thank you for your reply. I wish you can join your twin flame again. Your reply is exaustive and interesting,I didn’t know much about twin flames, only read something and I have never experienced that, I think you are right, there must be a kind of mutual recognization and well being, closer to what one feels with one’s best friend but with love too. Feeling panic is a bad sign. Thank you again.


        1. David

          I might’ve went to deep haha. Thank you for the warm wishes. I think you won’t have to worry about that guy, the universe will take care of you.
          Love & Light

  18. Bianca Mihaela Mocanu

    Dragă Tunia as dori sa știu cum să procedez ca să îmi găsesc un loc de muncă care să mă ajute să fiu împlinită sufletește și să ajut cât mai mulți oameni.

  19. unionylibertad

    Thank you dear Tunia for the advice…I wait too for the day I meet you and all the others…Some years ago I had a dream where I was in NYC and hundreds of ships where hovering above Manhattan…Everyone was noticing them without being afraid…I am patiently waiting for that day to come…. Meanwhile I keep learning and growing….Many blessings and much love to you, Hakann and A.S.

    1. Helen

      Hello Tunia,

      I have a question about depression. I have had periods in my life when I suffered from depression. And now I tried to stop the medication/antidepressants, which I took for 28 years, but now the depression came back. My question is, can you provide information about depression and about antidressiva? How does it work? Are there lessons to be learned and how can a person generally resolve a depression?

      Thank you,