Archangel Michael: Getting Closer

I am Michael, and I serve God and the holy energy of love.

You have certainly walked a long way, for eons of time to be here just now in this lifetime.

In this particular cycle of Mother Earths great expansion that is awaited since before a long time ago.

You know this, you do this because you love.

You would do this over and over again because you ARE love.

You have done it many times before, and you never give up.

And I know some of you are really tired now.

Some of you work in a special way.

Firstly you work at night, when you sleep. So when you awaken you can feel tired, like you can not wake up properly.

Some of you gain extra weight because of this too.

Some of you, work in a network of Faith, Hope and Love, that means that you SHARE energy around you.

It means that you can get tired. And it also means that you are a lifegiver, you are a true healer. You give your life energy to others so they stay in this world.

So if you feel tired, breath! Love your breathing and your tiredness fades away faster.


And why? Love is in the ether too, as your angel is. So you breath WITH your angel.

When you love each breath you make an invite to your angel to participate, and you feel invigorated in an instance.

Angels are attracted to love. And you ARE love. But sometimes something as “easy” as breathing love comes in second place in your life.

But you would gain so much by really loving all about you, all that you do, not only your breathing.

Love everything and you will be accompanied by your angel.

By loving all that you do is as I said an invite for living in

the love dimension.

Togetherness is all there is. There is no lonelieness, nor separation.

The wonderful moment of now IS LOVE when you decide that it is. When you love, use your love to anything that you do.

The glorious future IS love too, when you choose love, the way of love.

We are all one in the love energy, there are no division, no separation, no loneliness.

And in this wonderful love vibration we help each other out, always.

And you who has come here to live on earth today, you ARE love, and you know about this already, but many times you forget about it.

I am giving you a reminder!

Please remember who you are!

You are an angel on Earth!

And I must say it is obligatory for you to love each breath you take.

Otherwise you do no give yourself what is your true birthright.

A loving reminder, that you are not alone, that you are here to love, and to give healing, but do not forget that you need to constantly remind yourself about who you are, an angel on a mission on Earth.

I love you,


**Channel: Kerstin Eriksson


4 Replies to “Archangel Michael: Getting Closer”



  2. InLovingService

    Many thanks Kerstin Eriksson and Archangel Michael.

    You have just confirmed what I have thought. I wake really tired and drained and I have been thinking that I have been working or doing ‘something’ when I am supposed to be sleeping. In addition, in the day I get drained as well because I absorb everyone’s karma (apparently) and participate as a lighthouse. But, it’s no problem as I have started noticing that when I am running on empty and can’t find the energy someone (or many) sends me strength and encouragement and I am topped up. It’s the ole what you give out comes back—the collective working as one. I recognise and send thanks to all for this care and assistance.

    I know in my heart there is no loneliness or separation but as I walk a solo path on this Earth it sure does make me feel that way. It would be nice to have others to talk to—at the very least. Sometimes I feel like I’ll forget how to speak because I rarely get to converse anymore; it’s as if I’m on a desert island. But enough whinging about me, I can cope, there are more important things to address.

    With much love.

    1. Raksha

      I don’t think you are whinning. And I am not sure that there are more importants matters to discuss than what we feel in this process (at least for us who are not into military stuff etc). I for one, appreciate very much when someone here shares his feelings and vulnerability. And I think many can identify with your experience here. Take care.

      1. InLovingService

        Hi Raksha

        Thank you for your kind words and support, and for appreciating me expressing things that we are typically programmed to hold within. I can’t be any other way, it is my truth and I prefer being open and raw. I don’t care to fit in just to be real. Usually this makes people uncomfortable so it’s nice to get understanding and acceptance 🙏💜. Agree, many here would experience the same/similar.

        I write enough of my whinging because it is very trivial in comparison to what others are going through so I like to remind myself of that (not play the victim). I chose this path for a reason so, as challenging as it is, I do believe it serves me best to be isolated. Who needs to speak anyway soon we’ll all be communicating telepathically and all vulnerabilities will be on display 😁

        Soooo not into military stuff, born a pacifist.