Archangel Uriel: Creating Miracles

Greetings dearest ones, I AM Archangel Uriel. You may know me as Yuriel, Light of God, Angel of Light. Angel of Silver Light. I come to thee today to bring you this Light, to help you remember that it is always within thee and you may use it in any way that you wish.

And can it be used for that which is not aligned with the higher will? It is only activated if that is what it is meant to be used for. There have been times, many times, throughout the eons of what you think of as history, that the light has not been used in a way that is of the higher will. But this was allowed from free will and so you could learn of what your powers really are.

But you are living in a time now where you have learned that those creations are not what you wish and they have done much to cover the light, to bring the darkness and this is not what you want to be for the world, to be in your lives. For this is not holy, this is not God.

For you beloved have the silver light now to see, to see what it is you wish to create. And if you wonder what it can be used for, it can be used to create that which brings you joy, that which brings you healing, that which brings you love.

And when you bring this light to yourself, you bring it to the all, and yes as your hearts expand, you understand this is so and you wish that this is for all because what is for one is for all.

With many of these creations throughout the eons that have been used to heal, to change, to bring joy, to bring love, you have termed miracles. And we smile in the heavenly realms with joy that you have come up with this name. And we chuckle because a miracle is that of your divine right. You are meant and you are designed to create miracles. You are designed to be miracles.

Is not every breath a miracle? Is not the joy in tasting a soup made with Love a miracle? Is not a flower growing in the desert where it seems nothing should grow a miracle? And you, growing and learning of who you are – is that not a miracle?

Use my Light. Use my Light that is within thee and that I remind you that is your gift. Use it to see the miracles around you and use it to help you discern what are the miracles that you wish to create.

Is it to heal the sick? Is it to have a child smile? Is it to come together in Peace, in Love? Is it to see clearly?

All of this can be done with the Light. Align with it, connect to it. It is not just the Silver Light that is within thee. It is the Light of all the colors, more than you can even imagine. For there are variations upon variations.

I leave you now that you may create miracles, that you remember that you are a miracle.

I leave you with much Love, farewell.

Archangel Uriel

**Channel: Lee Degani

**Received via email