Mother Mary: Let Go of Time

Dear friends,

I am Mary. I am here to bring the energy of joy and lightness that belongs to the very heart of you. Remember what it was like to be a child. Your brain had not yet evolved that much, so it was more natural for you to be in the center of your feelings, and flow with them. Your energy was much less focused in your head, and much more in your body and your limbs. A child literally needs to move and play because it has so much energy in its body.

As I speak to you, allow the focus of your attention and your energy to go down into your heart, into your arms and legs, and connect with Earth. Feel how the energies of nature want to support you, because you are part of nature. Through your body, you are part of the animal kingdom and the plant kingdom. Remember the wisdom of your body, which is simple and clear.

Right in the middle of your body is a source of life – the life energy. Connect with it now.  Allow your breath to simply touch it every time you breathe in. As a child, you were naturally in touch with this source.

It is your essential purpose, your spiritual purpose, to connect again with that child part of you. Life on Earth is meant to be joyful, and I would like to now speak to you about how it is possible to both carry heavy burdens and have joy and lightness in your life.

The first key is to let go of time. You often put pressure on yourself because you feel you have to accomplish some spiritual or other goals within a certain time span. But this is a very human thought and as you actually get closer to your soul, time becomes less important; it tends to evaporate. Remember as a child, when you would have fun or play, you would lose yourself in it; there was no time in your consciousness. So, when you live in this way, when you live in the moment, you go much more with the natural flow of life.

There are times in life in which you have to face deep inner emotions, such as fear or anger, resistance or sadness. If you would simply stay present with the emotion, without thinking too much about it, you will notice that it will have a beginning and an end, and that after you have a deep encounter with these old layers of pain, there will be a time of lightness and wanting to live life playfully.

Dare to be like a child again and feel that for yourself right now. What do I need in my life to feel more joy, in a very simple way? And do not be afraid to give it to yourself, to spoil yourself a bit. Your inner child often wants to take you by the hand and lead you into the now, into the present. You so often get caught in thoughts about the past, or problems you need to solve, but life is here and now.

As souls, you are near the end of a cycle of lifetimes. And as we have mentioned before, this is both a time of transition and a time of completion – you are birthing a new you. It is true that the wounds and the trauma of past lives need to revisit you in order for them to be healed and set free, but by reaching out to the new you that is being birthed, you can also reach out to the joy and lightness of the future. And I would like to invite you to do just that.

Imagine that the New Earth has manifested itself more clearly on this planet. There will be openness from heart to heart; it will be easier to trust other people and to openly show your trust and love to them. There will be more joy and cooperation between people. There will still be energies that need to be resolved and balanced, but the heaviness and the pain from the past will have been transformed into wisdom and compassion. Feel the energy of this future right now; feel how that future invites you to come closer; feel the energy of the living Earth beneath your feet; and feel her joy and her passion for the future.

See yourself standing there on the New Earth. Your heart is open and your feet are firmly rooted to the ground. Now follow your first impulse – what do you love to do in that place? Is there some kind of work or art that is appealing to you? Do you love to work with children, with other people, or rather do something by yourself? Everything is possible there.

And most of all, feel the love of Earth welcoming you. She recognises you as the teacher and healer that you are, and at the same time she wants to nurture the child part of you, the playful and joyous part.

Thank you for being here today, and always remember that the joy of the heavenly realms is close by.

**Channel: Pamela Kribbe