Hakann: One Reptilian’s Journey

My dearest brothers and sisters,

The channeler would like to share another story. Again this story is fictional and written by the channeler. Tunia and I gave him some supportive energies, but the story is not channeled.

That said, while this story is fiction, it is pretty close to the truth. I think this story is an excellent way to illustrate how reptilians act and think. It may also create some empathy in people for the pain that reptilians themselves go through when they are young.

That said, this is a dark story that involves lots of heavy, heavy misogyny, because unfortunately most reptilians think and act in a misogynist way. This story involves trauma and violence as well as sexual violence. If you don’t want to read or listen to this, I completely understand. In that case, feel free to skip this message. There is not any critical intel in this message.

In past lives some of you have been reptilians, or have suffered at the hands of reptilians. I think this story may bring up some past life pain in some of you that could be healthy to observe and integrate, for those who have the capacity right now to do integration work. If you already feel overwhelmed, it is no problem to skip this.

This is a bonus message, in the sense that this week I will have two messages – this one and a regular channeling. Also, next week we will go back to regular channelings.

Your star brother,


I broke out of my egg before the others did.

I slowly gained awareness of a very big being looking at me. I instinctively recognized it as my mother. She was not satisfied. Her entire energy seemed to be unhappy with me. She was waiting on me to do something, to prove that I had value, to prove that I deserved life.

I knew what she wanted.

My body wanted to lie down and rest, but I forced it to move. I started pushing the other eggs out of the nest. I did not like the sound that they made when they splattered on the floor below, but as my brothers and sisters died, I did feel my mother’s energy become more accepting of me.

So I continued.

And I continued.

Eventually my work was done. I was panting and lied down.

But the telepathic transmission of my mother shook me. “Get up. you are not finished yet.”

She was right. I looked around and saw that one of my brothers had crawled out of his egg before I pushed the egg out of the nest.

I took a deep breath and tried to bite his neck. He hissed and clawed at me. We started fighting, trying to kill each other, me to win our mother’s approval and my brother just to survive.

Eventually our mom smiled, took both of us in a separate hand and embraced us both.

Bleeding, I could finally rest and enjoy my mother’s approval.

Well, I could enjoy my mother’s approval for a time. As always, it only lasted so long before she became cold again, and I had to once again earn my right to life.


Growing up, the lessons that I learned were simple.

The first was that if I did not do what stronger reptilians told me, they would hurt me.

The second lesson was how to hurt people, and how to kill.

The third was that nothing was personal. When a reptilian forcibly took my breeding female, he didn’t do that to hurt me specifically. He just happened to want intercourse, and she just happened to be nearby, and I just happened to be somewhere else. And that was it. It wasn’t personal.

It also wasn’t personal when I murdered him afterwards. I did not even know him. All I knew was that my reputation would be ruined if I let someone have a go at my breeding female without killing him afterwards. So I did. I underwent the punishment for breaking order, and that was it. My reputation was restored.

See? As I said, simple lessons. Life was simple back then.


Everything up till this point made perfect sense to me.

However, I still remember the first day that things stopped being logical.

I’m not talking about when my mother accepted money so that the grays could use me as they wished, for a certain period of time. That made sense. The strong always do as they will to the weak. That is just the nature of the universe. It is as things should be.

What really did not make sense is that my brother freed me, accepting personal pain and cost in the process. And he did not seek to immediately use me or profit from me afterwards.

Why would he do that?

I almost felt angry at him for destabilizing the pristine and pure and logical world that I lived in. But to be completely honest, I was happy to be away from the grays.


What made even less sense is that as my mother died, she said nauseating words to me, and even apologized to me. Apparently the disease must have infected her brain.

Still, I cannot deny that I felt something that day. I… don’t know quite how to describe it. It was not logical.


My mother’s illogical words continued to play over and over again in my mind.

So I was happy when I got a new assignment. I could use the distraction. Apparently a man and his breeding female had been captured. They were from the pretender race, of the Pleiadian variety. My boss knew that all relevant information had already been squeezed out of them, but my boss’s boss wanted to impress his boss, and so I had been ordered to make it look like I was interrogating them some more. At least for a time, until the attention of my boss’s boss’s boss moved to other matters. After that, I could do with them as I wanted.

Initially it was fun. It was always energetically energizing to make people suffer and drink their blood. Thriving off the suffering of the weak – such was our birthright.

It is the natural order of the universe for the strong to do what they will, and the weak suffer as they must. This was logical. This made sense.

What was less pleasing to me was that they both tried to protect the other, even if that meant more pain for themselves. This annoyed me. I guess it was to the man’s credit that he had apparently trained the breeding female well enough that she was willing to sacrifice herself to spare him some pain. However, why would the male take on pain just to protect one lowly breeding female?

Eventually the man expired and the breeding female screamed and cried for days. Her suffering was one of the most delicious energetic meals I ever had. And the male’s body did not taste half bad either.

That’s what they get for thinking that the universe revolves around them. Us reptilians were here long before those pretenders.

Then a portal opened. Before I could raise an alarm or wonder why security had apparently failed, I fell to the floor face-down.

I felt rage at the pretender who had captured me and was now sitting across from me. I felt rage that I could not move anything other than my face. But most of all, I felt rage at myself that I had been disabled that easily.

If that pretender had fought me in a fair claw-to-hand fight, he would never have won. I would just have ripped him to shreds. But I guess it wouldn’t have been logical for them to fight me that way, because my body was so very obviously superior to his.

The pretender seemed angry too, and I felt some satisfaction that I had at least gotten the male. But no doubt the breeding female would be getting patched up right now. I shouldn’t have played around with her so much and just eaten her.

“Alright”, the pretender said. “As much as I do not like you, technically we are brothers, for we are both part of Source.” He took a deep breath and continued: “you are under arrest for torture, assault and murder. You have two choices. One is to defend yourself in court or let someone argue in court on your behalf, but I guarantee you that you will lose and will then be executed. The evidence against you is overwhelming. Both I and Hannah, the woman you brutalized, will testify against you.”

He paused. I unsuccessfully kept trying to move my limbs.

“Your other choice is to confront your own inner pain and inner darkness. If you truly do this and sincerely repent and change your ways, you will be allowed to live among us, as a citizen of the galactic confederation. Who knows, you might even be able to do something productive with your life. This path will be incredibly psychologically painful and difficult for you. However, succeed and you will live.”

I hissed. Well, I guess this was just one more situation in which more powerful people forced me to obey them. I had played this game before. And I guess this too wasn’t personal – this pretender was just working for the interests of his clan, no doubt kept on a tight leash by his boss.

When this pretender finally let his guard down, I would drink his blood too. And then I would find the breeding female and finish what I had started.

“That is not even a question, pretender. I choose to live.”

I wish they’d just beat me up, like civilized beings.

Instead they had this… technology… that would make me re-experience any so-called emotional pain and turmoil I had previously experienced.

It wasn’t so bad the first time. But when they kept applying it, especially aimed at my youth and my time with the grays and my mother’s death, it did begin to get grating.

The first time that they sent some breeding female to offer her so-called healing services to me, I got furious. They must not even respect me enough to send me a male who was a so-called healer.

But then it was back to one more round experiencing my mother’s death, and that wasn’t pleasant either.

They were maddeningly vague with how often they were going to make me go through that. “Until you feel your feelings”, they said. What did that even mean? I pointed out their obvious logical fallacy: things that I am not feeling are by definition not feelings. However, they did not seem to care or even acknowledge that I had just proven my intellect to be superior to theirs.


After they repeated their trick over and over and over and over, I finally had one embarrassing episode.

I really tried very hard to escape that night, but failed again.

The next day they were apparently happy to have humiliated me, so they went on to their next torture method.

This time, they used their technology to make me experience what I had done to other beings.

I chuckled when I first heard this. “Wait, you’re planning to flatter me and make me relive my greatest moments? You pretenders are not even trying anymore.”

That said, for some reason it became less and less fun to watch, every time they made me re-experience what I had done to others.

It became downright uncomfortable when the eaten male’s family showed up.

If they had just beaten me to a pulp, that would have been logical. It would have made sense. But somehow they insisted on sharing what they called their feelings, of how much they so-called “loved” that male, et cetera.

When the breeding female healer came in again, I roared at her. She said that she would take that as another refusal or her services and told me good night.

She was lying. I did not have a good night. I tried to free myself all night, again, but it was no use.

The next day the family came back, and I wished these pretenders would have the decency to start beating me to a bloody pulp already.


I really started disliking it when the breeding female whose male I had eaten, came to see me.

At least I could see the anger in her. Which made sense. But again she and her family just talked to me. And her family seemed strangely supportive of each other. It was like her family was treating her like my brother had treated me. Neither of which were logical.

My statements that things were or weren’t logical, seemed to grow more hollow by the day. Somehow logic didn’t seem to be the most important thing anymore.


Eventually they started rolling me through their cities. They kept me paralyzed but able to see.

It was… unbelievable. If someone had described it to me before I got captured, I would have thought that they were on some kind of drugs.

Breeding females seemed to be treated the same as males for some baffling reason. Males did not seem to claim breeding females, nor use force to keep these breeding females in their place. And yet somehow breeding females spent time with those males anyway, without being forced to.

Everyone shared, without there being any trace of force or violence being used.

People laughed openly, even though no one was suffering.

People cooperated, without there being overseers who directed them.

There were even some reptilians living among these pretenders, seemingly being treated as equals.

I thought the three rules from my youth were simple. This way of living seemed even simpler. Everything just seemed to flow and happen effortlessly.

This way of living almost seemed… logical.

When I got back, I had a truly embarrassing episode.

But that night, I did finally allow the healer woman to start working with me.

And that decision is what eventually led to me becoming a citizen of the galactic confederation.

The end

For Era of Light

**Channel: A.S.


**These channelings are exclusively submitted to EraofLight.com by the channeler. If you wish to share them elsewhere, please include a link back to this original post.

27 Replies to “Hakann: One Reptilian’s Journey”

  1. WK

    Dear Hakann and chaneller,

    An interesting story, but to me, narrating the evil in which they (the Reptilians) grew, and then inflicted on others is nothing new — we have those same stories right here on Earth. More important than words are actions, so I would be more interested in hearing what Kind and Benevolent actions did the repented Reptilian took to bring Love and Peace to those he made suffer. What suffering did he ended? At great personal risk, what Pleiadian lives did he save from certain death? How many thousands of years did he worked hard to build a new city of Light for those he tortured? Without this, saying that “this is how I became a Galactic Confederated citizen” is absolutely hollow and worthless (and so is the story). Saying that “I killed, but now I repented” is bluntly not enough, and are just but words that anybody can say, and that only true few ones can actually PROVE.

    Your Brother in Light,

  2. unionylibertad

    Thank you for this story Hakann…It feels good to be able to understand their world better…Compassion plays a big role here…Their way of life is normal to them until they discover a better way of existence out of darkness…

  3. Arthur

    As far as I know, reptiles are not divine creations and do not have a higher self.
    Interesting to know:
    1. Who is their creator and why was he allowed to create deliberately destructive entities?
    2. Many fantasy books and films are channeled. Curious, did the events
    from the book/film – “Enemy Mine” actually ever happen?
    3. The national mentality of the Chechens almost completely corresponds to the reptilian one. Are they related?

  4. harrrrrie

    I was uncomfortable with the negativity but it was good, almost as if the author had been a reptilian.

    1. EraOfLight Post author

      Many of us have been reptilians in past lifetimes. I know I have. In the orion star system. Just a few lifetimes.

  5. Svetlana

    Dear Commander Hakann! I beg you to help my mother heal, she is very ill with lungs and paralyzed legs, she is crying, she is suffocating, she wants to be healed. Please send a healing ship to cure my mother, I beg you. I wrote you an email to the AU channeller at the address of the site I asked you in the topic of Tunya’s recent article. Help.

    1. Devon Seamoor

      “Svetlana, I’m afraid it doesn’t work that way, allowing others to save us from our own suffering, self inflicted. This may sound harsh, but a Universal truth rules everywhere, that each human being creates the reality he or she desires or wishes for, even when it means suffering.

      As in cause and effect. Your mother is ill, but her path of healing is the realisation that she created her condition herself. I’m not speaking as a judge, for I’m not cold and detached, as if I can’t understand your plea. There’s a huge cabinet of remedies, like MMS, Ayurvedic, Homoeopathic, Holistic, present online.

      Contact the American Frontline Doctors, and ask for a consultation. Or get in touch with Andreas Kalcker, who works in Bollivia, educating hospital staff in the use of MMS also called Chlorine Dioxide. They’re the ones outside the Pharmaceutical Industry, assisting many who suffer like your mom. Good luck!

      1. Svetlana

        Dear Devon Moore! I live in Belarus, I don’t have a penny of money, what advanced American doctors and Bolivia are you kidding me? Mom is 85 years old, a severe bed patient without movement. All pharmaceuticals available to me gave nothing. only medbed capsules are capable of healing.
        if you don’t have compassion, don’t bother with your stupid advice about American doctors, it’s better to keep silent. I didn’t ask you for anything, and I also asked for help from Hakann and not from you.

        1. khann61

          Svetlana the last thing any elderly person needs is an American “doctor”…and I use that term loosely. During the fake pandemic American doctors ruthlessly murdered the elderly; they are monsters. I feel for your mom, but this Hakann won’t be coming to help. I love Belarus and Belarusian people.

        2. Devon Seamoor

          @Svetlana. I’m afraid you haven’t looked into the American Frontline Doctors, jumping to conclusions. You must be desperate, seeking refuge in the wrong places almost.

          This group of doctors has separated itself from the mainstream pharma-industry, offering consulations online, and prescribing helpful remedies, such as Ivermectine and Hydroxychloroquine.

          They’ve saved many patients from dying, during the pandemic. I told you, my comment isn’t coming from harshness. If I was a doctor in an holistic practice, I would help your mom.

          To my knowledgde, waiting for a medbed treatment, is equal to accepting nano-technology in the body, changing the system, but creating a robotic state at the same time. No true healing takes place, see?

          All offers of physical medbeds are to be distrusted.
          And saviours from outer space exist in SciFi movies.
          Natural remedies, that strengthen the immune system, plus a healthy diet are the best treatment, in our present time.

          When you allow a survival mode, with desperation and anger, to rule your days of living, your mom’s condition won’t improve much. You will be living your emotions entirely, without the use of common sense.

  6. Star_struck

    Thank you A.S. for the story there is truth to it. The reptilians didn’t know any better they were mind control just as many people are here in earth are mind controlled and don’t know any better. It’s really amazing how they have such a strong influence in our society today and people don’t even know that they exist. The ones who are awakened despised the reptilians but little do they know some are already healed and helping with earth’s liberation. I am just taking this all in. It is important for all of us to transmute the reptilian brain and active our higher dna for us to remain on earth.

    1. Karen

      I agree with you Star_Struck . I always feel so so much love well up from my soul whenever I think of a reptilian overcome the rage inside themselves to see the Light . Then to be brave enough to taste it, then finally embrace source. Breathtaking. To me. . They are true Masters of this duality game of life. Much love to all .

  7. David

    Hakann, thank you so much. We are all one, we must never stop striving to open doors with each other. If one of us right now observed a different world across this galaxy, we would see things very differently. May we all hold the light for each other, always, to see clearly and give an opportunity to another, no matter how lost they may be on the path. Selatherin a al ajarten 🙏

  8. Matteo

    Thank You Hakann for this. Very good story, well writteln, straight to my mondo, heart and emotions.. I lived every part of It and felt anger and desperation togheter. This Is a benediction to me cause It helped me ti remember a lot of things. Why i had these emotions inside and deep compassion for reptiles. I feel like i had a very similar story. So this afternoon I have a lot to work on. I send You all my love and my light. Matteo

  9. Xere

    Una ilustración para empatizar con el lado oscuro en el tablero de la Gran Obra. Sobre todo para comprender que desde que nacen no parecen tener mejor elección que absorber la enseñanza oscura… Agradezco la historia por la luz que aporta.
    A título personal, creo o intuyo, no se si alguien más lo pensará, es solo una opinión, que ya ha habido lo suficiente de lado oscuro , digamos “extremo” para que la Fuente, que somos todos, pudiera experimentar y conocer. Para mí este lado ya ha sido trillado, y no creo necesario redundar. Vería más interesante expandirse ahora hacia arriba, aún tomando como memoria todo lo vivido con el lado oscuro extremo para lo que haga falta contrastar. Creo, en mi opinión terrícola, que ahora tocaría jugar al equilibrio cósmico de ese modo. Pero supongo que no tengo todas las cartas, solo la Fuente sabe, y las Almas, incluídas las mías, así que será bueno lo que se decida en conjunto colectivo de almas de la Gran Familia Estelar en Uno con el Creador. Pero mi voto en este caso en principio, y a lo que juzgo, sé e intuyo, sería ese. Adonaí. Un abrazo a tod@s! Sigamos expandiéndonos del mejor modo.

  10. cata

    The best spiritual story ive ever heard so far on this earth, just amazing , the flow and the words are perfect. Waw , i hope that my friends reptilians are doing good and heal more , as i do, as a son of God

  11. Charlene

    Excellent story. I pray for peace daily and hold a vision for a better world. May humanity be swiftly lifted to a higher consciousness.

  12. Geoff Turner

    I don’t see any difference between the story and the “channeled” messages. They are all made up by A.S.

    1. Gwendolyn

      I agree. Yes, there is Unity in all but discernment is also necessary. Who is A.S. I wonder?

  13. AzureLeaves

    And gleaning the lessons here:

    One of the lessons we teach to the Entropic ones is that we are all ONE, what we do to others we do to ourselves and vice-versa (i.e. “The Egg” short story by Andy Weir)–we all are aspects of the Divine Source.

    One of the lessons the Entropic ones teaches us is to never let our guard down, be complacent and be careless, to be brave, courageous, ready and capable to defend, heal and protect those we love and the innocent ones, while not being controlled by negative emotions and thoughts such as hatred and revenge, yet able to fight just as well without such heavy baggage dulling our “blades” as capable warriors in our own right. (Cue Eastern Martial Arts Philosophies)

    And being powerful to protect ourselves and loved ones and capable of helping the Entropic ones to learn their lessons through their own choices after “defeating” them like what the Pleiadian psychic did to disable the reptilian in the story and allowed him to choose his fate.

    That cannot be done if one does not have sufficient power to do so, as well as (healthily, not obsessively and greedily) strive to attain great power and use it to protect loved ones and help the Entropic ones in their lessons.

    The Entropic ones such as the Reptilians obey those who are more powerful than them; use this dynamic to attain great power yourself while having A GOOD HEART and you can be of service to others such as the Reptilians and helping them like the Pleiadian who subjugated that Reptilian in the story did.

    All in all, it is all about Balance between Power, Heart and Wisdom, Creation and Destruction. “Good” and “Evil” concepts can only get you so far for not everything is “black” or “white”. “Only a Sith deals in absolutes”.

    This dynamic will always be there and it is through a good heart and wisdom to do the right actions and decisions at the right time and place AND having sufficient power to enact that, that facilitates greater growth and expansion of consciousness, energy, frequency and vibration to all, Service to Self AND Service to Others.

    Be BALANCED, friends.

    1. Devon Seamoor

      To have power means often very different things to human beings. One thinks it’s an overruling force, suppressing others. One thinks it’s an ability to manifest, whatever it is, for better or for worse. One thinks that power needs to be avoided, when a New Age program has entered this person’s mind, that only love and light in a most fluffy marshmallow pink cloud wrapping is allowed.

      Those “love and lighters” are the evaders of inner shadow. It’s a program deliberately designed in order to make people walk away of that potential, the inner source of power, covered up by issues or trauma, the best recipe for victimhood. Reptilian consciousness feeds on it gladly. Maurice Strong, who designed his BACA commune in Colorado, invented this New Age religion.

      What made me shake my head, while reading this fictional story, is the sudden jump this reptilian creature made, moving from predator role to victim role, without any understanding of a heart connection, of a self-reflective conscience that knows of creation and destruction both, nor an understanding of what the higher self is and represents.

      To me, when a creature has lost the capacity of living from a level above the first 3 chakras, it can’t be transported into a world where the qualities of heart and wisdom are alive.

      By forcing this reptilian into a world that is alien to him, in the same manner as a 6th dimensional world would be alien to us in 3D conditions on planet Earth, an abomination occurs. For this reptilian will not have realised the nature of a higher level of consciousness from within, walking that path of discovery. Which, to me, is essential in exercising free will, learning from experience

      That part of the story sounds like a mistake, for the reptilian is treated in exactly the same way as how his mom treated him just after his birth from the egg, by means of pain inflicted, so that he grew strong in inflicting pain on and feeding off of other beings’ pain.

      Showing him the ropes of how to be a cold logical reptilian. The second showing of the ropes involved compassionate qualities, but the enforcement of it is the same, in that he suffers also.
      It’s what I call a contradictio in terminus. And that’s where the story is off key, as I perceive it.

  14. AzureLeaves

    Anyway, I long for the day where other Source’s fractals such as the Reptilians to awaken, to finally graduate in their lessons.

    Granted another race might take their place in terms of the antagonist roles in this Grand Play to keep it from stagnation, but that doesn’t matter as Source has already integrated the lessons and experiences, and that it’s not really as beneficial if a Source fractal were to experience something they, as an individual expression of the Divine, did not consent to.

  15. AzureLeaves

    Pretty good story. Illustrates the malevolent reptilians’ thinking process succintly.

    A little constructive critique however is it would be nice to know more about his realizations as he is being healed, meeting his mother’s soul and understanding her last words, the soul of the male he killed and such. But again, this was a pretty nice illustration.

    1. Devon Seamoor

      Keep in mind that this story is fictional, close to a fairy tale. I expect that such deep reflections, such as the realizations you’d like to hear about, aren’t present, due to this story being fictional.
      We can think of stories, invent them, but they’re not, by nature, the same as real life experiences, memorized in heart and soul.

      We human beings may have existed as reptilians, in other realities, once upon a long time ago. Many reptilian beings exist in the astral plane, without a physical body. They connect often with members of corrupted governments, and church institutes.

      Causing suffering and feeding off that pain are the 2 sides of 1 hand. I guess there’s plenty of evidence, in our present time.
      To me, it’s the most significant challenge of our time, the choice to obey our reptilian brain, or the choice to transmute instinctive reactions. The choice to exist in a survival mode is presented to humanity in a petri dish, held up by an iron fist in a velvet glove, with the initials WEF embroidered on it.